how to play baba yaga smite

But Nika says she’ll probably be fine against gods like Amaterasu and Vamana, since they struggle to punish gods directly and only do well at farming quickly. While Baba can escape from some situations, she’s easily locked down once she’s used her Blast Off ability, be that via more CC or just lots of follow-up damage. Fixed an issue where the wrong icon would be displayed when selecting or unlocking her Voice Pack. Learn how to play a new god, or fine tune your favorite SMITE gods’s build and strategy. Increased Base Damage from 85/135/185/235/185 to 100/150/200/250/300. To ensure a mixture of defensive items with power ones, you can pick up Jade Emperor’s Crown, Tyrannical Plate Helm, Celestial Legion Helm, or Void Stone. If you are brave enough to pass through the fence and enter the house you will see her stretched out across the interior, looming over her stove, or reaching out from one corner to another. The next one will be Baba Yaga. And be sure to catch them in the SMITE Pro League happening every Friday/Saturday/Sunday at 3:00 PM ET! According to the developers, Baba Yaga was added to Smite due to community support, with the character being the most highly requested god in Smite history. Enemies near the Mortar when it explodes take damage. that can keep enemies out of your backline, Baba Yaga will fit in nicely! SmiteFire is a community that lives to help every Smite player take their game to the next level by having open access to all our tools and resources.

Baba Yaga Smite is a game that revolves around a character with supernatural abilities. Items with a low stack count take more energy. The magic will travel in the path of a random shape (Left Corner, Right Corner, Split, or Oval) and leave behind a random magical field on the ground it flew over for 4s. If you’re bold enough to have Baba Yaga as a supporting character, you can also go with Stone of Fal to gain some of the magical protections of your allies. When taking Baba into the solo lane, you’ll need a few more protections than a standard mage build can provide. Baba Yaga crawls inside her Mortar for protection. Baba Yaga is one of the playable Gods in SMITE. Fixed an issue where the wrong god icon would be displayed in notifications after unlocking Baba Yaga. Walmart, Best Buy only allowing online orders for next-gen consoles at launch, How to avoid taking damage while using a Trident in Apex Legends Season 7: Ascension, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season One starting December 10, Nuketown ’84 to be first DLC map. Copyright © 2019 SMITEFire | All Rights Reserved, Baba Yaga - [The Fearsome Witch in the Woods] (S7, Patch 7.6), Yaga FULL PEN AND LIFE STEAL - All you need (7.5), She's a Brick House! The Elder Scrolls metaphysics & philosophy, You may also consider picking up Gem of Isolation, Typhon’s Fang, or Doom Orb. Her third item after obtaining boots should lean towards making her abilities far more destructive and to use them more often. However, most of them feed on her being an opportunistic character, giving you the chance to wait for the perfect opportunity to strike her ultimate or knowing when to toss a potion to weaken a foe for an ally player to engage them. Was one of the only beings aware of the existence of Cthulhu and was able to deduce that his awakening was the cause of the weakening of the gods's magic as well as her own. It is said that Baba Yaga waits for travellers in her house atop its gnarled chicken legs, behind a fence made of human bones. Increased Magical Power scaling from 60% to 70%.

She’s a bit less flexible than other mages, so you’ll need to pay extra attention to your team’s draft to make sure you can leverage her effectively. The gamers are waiting eagerly to find out what Baba … You can support us ad-free for less than $1 a month! Because of her passive, Creeping Cabin, she can use the essence her home gains overtime to acquire item stacks for equipment that can evolve. Compare that to something like a Kumbha who has plenty of cc, set-up, and lockdown and you can see why people would much rather see you play a traditional support. Whenever possible, rotate with your team so that you have some extra setup for your damage and you aren’t as vulnerable to enemy attacks. But if you’re still looking for a few more tips on how to master the Witch of the Woods, be sure to watch Nika or Sheento on Twitch to get some extra insight.

Each Eye of Newt increases the Potion's Damage by 7.5%. Sometimes she is cruel and sometimes, kind. And be sure to catch them in the SMITE Pro League happening every Friday/Saturday/Sunday at 3:00 PM ET. Nika warns that players shouldn’t get baited into building stacking items just because of Baba’s passive.

For the most part these builds are the same, but your starting items will make a big difference between them. Fixed Elder Djinn Baba Yaga using base FX on basic attacks. She can pull it out at any time to throw it. If you are brave enough to pass through the fence and enter the house you will see her stretched out across the interior, looming over her stove, or reaching out from one corner to another. Join the leading SMITE community.Create and share God Guides and Builds. Baba Yaga's chaotic spells and their side effects may be a reference to her behaviour in slavic folklore, how she helped the good (Her team) and punished the bad (The enemy team). When you need to choose between the two boot choices, you want to give her more magical penetration and power, so go with Shoes of the Magi. Baba’s first ability, Wild Witchcraft, is a damaging ability that fires in a random shape and can also apply various buff/debuff effects that might boost ally protections, boost ally movement speed, reduce enemy movement speed, or silence enemies altogether.
If your team has a lot of hard CC and a solid frontline presence (think Hercules, Sobek, etc.) Regardless, she is an ugly creature with a long nose and cruel, iron teeth, and her eyes gleam with malice. SMITE’s most recent patch introduced a brand new goddess for the Slavic pantheon — the Witch of the Woods herself, Baba Yaga! This page was last edited on 13 September 2020, at 05:22. Baba Yaga has arrived to SMITE, where she has plenty of brews and magic ready to use against the other gods in the fearsome arena.She’s a mage with plenty of … Baba’s ult is very slow to cast, much slower than other mages you may be used to — so keep this in mind when you’re trying to hit your Witchfire bolts. But if you don’t have a lot of hard CC on your side, Sheento warns that you may not want to choose Bab, as the lack of hard CC in her kit can make it really difficult for her to be effective if there’s no other CC available to set her up.

Your options include Soul Gem, Stone of Fal, Spear of Desolation, Chronos’ Pendant, and Staff of Myrddin. Now, as the world shudders on its axis and new horrors rise, Baba Yaga stirs in her long isolation. Want to support SmiteFire with an ad-free experience? Decreased Cooldown from 16/16/15/15/14s to 14s at all Ranks.
Has an extremely extended knowledge about magic and supernatural forces and beings, including gods. Increased damage from 65/105/145/185/225 to 85/120/155/190/225. Intelligence: Very High. First time time commenter and player of the game.. this may seem like such a dumb question but the example builds; alot of them look pretty similar and i was wondering what would be the benefits of using build 1 rather than 2? Paul has seen too many Baba players fire without thinking, only for the oval shape to appear and completely miss the target. Each Dragon Scale adds a 12.5% slow to enemies hit for 2.5s. "Control the wild magics and craft volatile potions. And sometimes, very rarely, she helps without harm. As we go further into the video, we get to see the army of clay, with a special appearance and that’s all. Thanks in advance! Find top Baba Yaga build guides by Smite players. Tier: At least High 4-C, possibly Low 2-C, Age: Unknown (Is older than many gods and it's implied that she's actually older than almost all of them, as her magic is described as older than theirs), Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (At least Type 1), Magic (Advanced), Telekinesis, Elemental Manipulation (Of the Fire, Earth, Ice and Wind variety), Explosion Manipulation (Via Blast Off), Absorption (Can absorb the essence of her enemies), Healing (Via Creeping Cabin and Absorption), Life Manipulation (Granted life to her cabin), Smoke Manipulation (Can generate smoke from her mortar), Illusion Creation (Can use smoke to see images and can also make images appear from her mortar within the smoke it produces), Necromancy (Can communicate with the dead), Summoning (Can summon her cabin to assist her in battle), Dimensional Storage (With her Mortar), likely others, Attack Potency: At least Large Star level, possibly Universe level+ (Is an extremely powerful witch with her magic being strong enough to make regular gods somehow afraid of her), Speed: Massively FTL+ (Can keep up with most gods), Lifting Strength: At least Stellar (Comparable to regular gods), Striking Strength: At least Large Star Class, possibly Universal+ (Can fight and harm regular gods), Durability: At least Large Star level, possibly Universe level+ (Can take hits from regular gods), Range: Standard melee range, extended melee range with her staff, dozens of meters via Magic and powers, Standard Equipment: Her Staff, Her Mortar, Her Cabin, Various potions, Starter/Core Items. If Baba Yaga has no stacking item this essence heals Baba Yaga for 0.8% max health per tick. Decreased minimum firing range from 10 to 4. Last but not least, make sure you don’t let your size in Baba Yaga’s ultimate give you a false sense of confidence about how well you can frontline. Increased Burst Damage scaling from 30% to 35%. However, given she’s a mage, you rarely want to do this unless you’re struggling in your lane and having trouble not being able to withstand ganks from the jungle player, or you’re using her in a unique role. Create, share and explore a wide variety of Smite god guides, builds and general strategy in a friendly community.


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