how to recognize an earth angel
The second main feature of Earth Angels is they do not expect a reward for their good deeds. Having said that, they also love to engage with others for short periods. An earth angel is something more substantial and something, wait for it… more down to earth. 4. As a survivor of childhood trauma and multiple types of abuse, she is an advocate for mental health awareness. Rigas Bountouris, Earth Angel, you are not alone, you never are alone, work on you, meditate, work on your chakras, heal your past, love you first, protect your energy, ground yourself, live in the now, avoid negative thoughts and situations, purge all toxic people and habits, don’t judge, live in unconditional love, pray to God, God will send to you what God feels you need, we are and have been here to help the collective, God will show you the way, live in your true self, live in your light, enjoy your life, fear is an illusion, spread love (in a clean manner) share your light, say I AM and know you are Earth Angel. You may get clairvoyant glimpses into the future, but to all intents and purposes, they have already happened. You don’t need a collection of material possessions, but when someone gifts you a little something, you are happy and appreciative. Bev G (author) from Wales, UK on December 06, 2017: It is, Nancy. I was raised to never do so. Weird, huh? I wanna know more! This possibility of being an earth angel is an interesting and profound thing to wrap my head around. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. My dad never comforted me in any way the day I was escorted to my car by the principal who informed him of the situation that happened that day when the girl who bullied me had taken her belt off in the girls bathroom and started whipping girls with it while she laughed. She couldn’t really understand why what she thought was important in life barely touched them at all. I am also what people consider to be a targeted individual and desperately need help! Needless to say, I was shaken. So, the question is again, what to do with all those gifts.. And yes, until now I’ve always struggled to accept and understand this “being tight to 3D-body”. Everyone always thought I was weird growing up and I always tried to be everyones friend. I am wondering if anyone has gone through a *wing activation process* as I just experienced this last night and was quite shocked to be honest. I reluctantly told him and he walked up to the bus driver, told the driver to stop at my stop, then he grabbed his groceries and walked away. I think those signs are great ideals to have for life. Answer: Of course. Well, what it isn’t is some sort of divine, mystical being with wings. I’m not a normal angel, so what I know might not be true to you. You understand that you are your own best friend and you don’t need anyone to reflect your divinity back to you. Question: Can earth angels feel the same emotions as others? I have recently started an anti anxiety because I started trying to drown out the overwhelming emotions I get from all the energy around me…! When my brother was born my parents took me out of theater and dance because they didnt want to give me the rides anymore. But yeah, I guess it’s very interesting times we’re living through corona-virus caranteen. You are thrilled by the smallest things in life. Debris and glass flew everywhere and I couldn’t help notice that if I had taken one more step across that road I probably would not be alive telling this story. Her friends didn’t pay any attention as they gossiped about boys, and constantly checked their phones. Answer: No, it's not possible that you are still under a curse from a past life. I want to help, anyi, everyone, but I need some help myself, Hey this is me too well lol i feel your pain. What feelings and thoughts do you have about life and who you truly are? These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Hi is there a way we can all join a group maybe on Facebook a private group.. may I also ask if any of use felt God started awakening you an made it clear to you that you were an earth angel with in the past two years ? He then opened up his groceries that he was carrying and pulled out a slice of bread. I’ve had my wings since I was a little kid. " "Ariel and her earth angels can help us understand the natural rhythms of the earth and to experience the magical healing properties of rocks, trees, and Unfortunately, earth angels have to be prepared to go through the fires of transformation and recognize that karma always plays a part in the development of the earth angel's abilities. Not that I hate it, no, it’s beautiful and very functional, but.. yeah.. i just can stand the feeling of limitations it brings.. like that it gets tired, hungry or need some sleep.. Its very hard to take care for this body, when my angelic mind is usually busy creating something or searching for the ways to help.. I thanked him and took the bread, uncertain if I should eat it or not. I have been “wandering around in my dead brother”. When you think of this word, you might envision human-like creatures, draped in white linen and floating above the clouds. It shouldn’t matter either. If there is anyone out there who needs a friend it is me! As she grew older, she began to understand that she was different. Peace wraps around you. Thank you Universe. “Carbohydrates are good for shock”, he said as he ripped a slice in half. Help the people you feel like need help, and if someone ended in a bad spot, help them a bit, and let them go. An earth angel, in a more factual representation, is a human being.This is a human being who feels like they are alien to this world – they tend to never fit into any group, clique, or society.On the flip side, they feel like they have been sent here for a higher purpose.. Now, I don’t speak in religious terms, either. I have all of these traits definitely, some stronger than others. In the name of God the creator the father and Jesus son of God and Holy spirit. In fact, they are quite likely to feel their emotions very deeply as they are sensitive. It’s important to pay attention to your actions on a daily basis, and instead of criticizing yourself for being difficult or strange, maybe considering the possibility that you could just be of a different kind. Sherrie Hurd is a professional writer and artist with over 20 years of experience. After all, art, in its many forms is a great form of expression when words just don’t suffice. They need to learn. Many will be drawn to the pure energies of the earth angel. Stop that cold turkey. You may start slow, but as you grow older you become adept at guiding your thoughts to wherever they will do the most good. Beautiful Earth Angels. ... and this can only be done by understanding and acknowledging the numerous signs of angels. An earth angel will look much younger than they really are. I was named other one of my family members that I never got to met and neither did my mother she pasted away a very long time ago…yes I do feel hate AND love I just hate people who bullied me and I have never forgiven theses 3 girls who I hated since year 1 or kindergarten and i’m in year 4 one of them moved when I was in year 2 I was quit happy then one moved when we where all about to go in year 4 but sadly 1 of them are still at my school… yes I am a deep believer in everything people say aren’t real like PEOPLE SAY UNICORNS AREN’T REAL there’s a possible chance of mermaids and all of the other myths to remain alive cause we haven’t exported the whole earth and I have learned heaven isn’t clouds it’s actually out of the universe and there’s not really clouds there’s a bright golden floor out of the galaxy/universe. Earth angels are said to have the ability to quickly tell the difference between negative and positive situations. Question: Thank you for your beautiful messages. You love to explore your relationship with your Source, and you love the connection you feel to the universe. What can be hard, though, is identifying oneself as an earth angel. What Is an Earth Angel, According to New Age Beliefs? You are possibly clairvoyant; it's just a question of learning how to interpret the symbols, etc. I am and I send to you love, light, strength, and hope, I AM, I AM, I AM, and I shall prevail. Question: Do Earth Angels receive visions? And thank you all for sharing the light and emotional stories of how being into this 3D body and on this planet make you feel. Just relax, live in the present, and enjoy your life. I just recently found out that I’m an earth angle and want to fulfill my divine purpose but I want to reach out to others who have discovered themselves also.


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