ice breakers mints side effects
At first I thought it was food poisoning, but later remembered that a dr. Common artificial sweeteners include aspartame, saccharin and sucralose 1.Such sweeteners are chemically processed and can have side effects, however 1.Another natural sweetener is stevia, which carries risks of its own. I believe it also gave me digestive distress and shakiness. I wonder what the difference is. I had non-stop diarrhea for 6 days. Performance Anxiety and the Fujifilm FinePix F30. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Vomiting, diarrhea, gas and burping. There can be some side effects if you overconsume mint. I cried laughing reading your post. Chronic bad breath, called halitosis, is a sign of a problem with bacteria and possible gum disease. These mints have given me dizzyness, a feeling of tension in my head, and fatigue. Sugar does not actually hurt the teeth or gums directly, but it feeds bacteria, allowing the harmful bacteria to breed. Poor you, that sounds awful! Trying to knock of the fags i came accross these hady little tins of mr Wrigley;s goodies i love all the flavours and got stuck in to them no fun - switching to peanuts but having the odd Cinnamon ( harder to give up than the fags ). It helped me phenomenally. This is why dentists recommend sugar-free gum, but with breath mints, there are not many sugar-free options available. I think all this dicking around with sweeteners would cease if they'd just go back to saccharine or cyclamates. Subscribe, By Anthony Myers vOut +=', '; where does it say on the packet dont drive while eatings mints? “We want to be cognizant and respectful to what consumers are going through and what their needs are​,” says Riess. Bottled breath sprays, like mints, are a temporary cover that may contain sugar and do no particular good for your teeth or gums. Since I've stopped using the gum and mints with Sorbitol the thrush has cleared up. var aTags = gptValue.split(','); P.S. When you are out on a date and you want to have good breath, you don't want the side effect to be have a gassy stomach. I blew a pack with my friends is that ok? I downed a 49 mint tin.. I can confirm this is true. Tell your taste buds to chill out with ICE BREAKERS FROST. So glad you shared your experience. Many people carry breath mints in their pockets or purses as they are a quick and convenient way to ease the issue. Not fun. Sadly, I saw this right after I devoured a 53 pack. } The majority of breath mints are high in sugar. However I though I had some type of food poisoning.. Iv never had this type of diarrhea before... My farts have never been so loud! My god you are perfection. { O.o we only ate like... 3-8 each O.O, Is it just me or a all of you fucking retards for eating a whole pack.Yours sincerely,Jamie"You just went full retard.You never go full retard", Lukily i saw this before i ate 10 mints a day. It happens to other people I know. Even with the wide use of natural, organic mint, it is best used for short periods and in small doses. Anyone who calls themselves an expert in social media is either mistaken or a liar. Interesting. Hes 2!!! Ice Breakers mints are also now included in all product donations. I was in the hospital for 2 days very ill. I have ersion and bad infection in my small intestines. - Last updated on While sugar-free gum or disposable toothbrushes are safe and reasonably effective at concealing bad breath, if you find yourself reaching for them frequently, it may indicate that you have a problem that needs to be treated. I'm totally addicted. I have been through blood tests, ultra-sound, cat-scan and xrays to try to determine what rare dasease or condition I had developed just to find out My body is completely intolerant to sorbitol and I can no longer eat two tins a day of eclipse peppermint. I am addicted to the Myntz and last night my stomack was hurting me very bad, thanks God I find out about the sorbitol and I will return 3 bags to Trader Joe next time. Microwave Popcorn is another poison we have been sold. i have no problems with eating so many eclipse mints in a day. It took me a while to realize what was zapping my energy. I think realized the only other thing I ate was sugar free candies. Sugar free candy is attractive to many people because it can satisfy a sweet tooth with fewer calories than sugar-sweetened candy. I just had an afternoon of 'fun' with eclipse mints by accident. Though mint is a widely used herb, it is safe only when consumed in small amount and for a short duration. I go through one to two tins a day. You have no idea how you have helped me with this post. Currently suffering from eating a tin today. The Perils of Standardized Keyboard Commands. I ate a whole tin of a similar mint and I got a free 20 minutes on the toilet when it was time for me to go to sleep. you can buy them at wal-mart. I caught part of a House rerun last night -- a flight attendant (male, as it was) was in the clinic saying that his quitting smoking was causing him intestinal problems. While sugar-free gum or disposable toothbrushes are safe and reasonably effective at concealing bad breath, if you find yourself reaching for them frequently, it may indicate that you have a problem that needs to be treated. THANK YOU! They should just cut out the middleman and market it as toilet bowl cleaner. Ditto on the cinnamon flavor. Maybe they are worse. I eat them all day,.. everyday,.. and suffer no ill effects at all,... my only criticism is that the ingredients are not listed on the tin which I would think was against the law. Why does this happen? 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