ig farben rothschild
[1] BASF was the nominal survivor; all shares were exchanged for BASF shares. Paul Warburg was probably the most important person at the 1913 Federal Reserve establishment meeting on Jekyll Island because of his knowledge of banking as it was practiced in Europe. Interessengemeinschaft Farbenindustrie AG (German for ''Dye industry syndicate corporation''), commonly known as IG Farben, was a German chemical and pharmaceutical conglomerate. The nymph was moved to the, This article incorporates translated material from the German Wikipedia page. [citation needed], Although IG Farben was officially put into liquidation in 1952, this did not end the company's legal existence. Otto Bayer discovered the polyaddition for the synthesis of polyurethane in 1937. [22] In 1904, after returning to Germany, he proposed a nationwide merger of the producers of dye and pharmaceuticals in a memorandum to Gustav von Brüning, the senior manager at Hoechst. We would kindly request that you send us another group of women to the same number and at the same price. IG, lit. http://www.counter-currents.com/2013/10/wall-street-and-the-november-1917-bolshevik-revolution/, Recognition of Bolsheviks Pushed by Bankers. [87] Each year, the company's annual meeting in Frankfurt was the site of demonstrations by hundreds of protesters. [64][2] The division of property followed the division of Germany into four zones: American, British, French and Soviet. [9] Described as "the most notorious German industrial concern during the Third Reich",[10] IG Farben relied in the 1940s on slave labour from concentration camps, including 30,000 from Auschwitz. The meetings were headed by the corporate lawyer Elihu Root, who had served as Secretary of State under President Theodore Roosevelt, and attended by 108 “high-ranking officers of banking, manufacturing, trading and finance companies, together with many lawyers.” The members were proponents of Wilson’s internationalism, but were particularly concerned about “the effect that the war and the treaty of peace might have on postwar business.”, [3]:6–7 The scholars from the inquiry saw an opportunity here to create an organization that brought diplomats, high-level government officials and academics together with lawyers, bankers, and industrialists to engineer government policy. [3][11] Consequently, the publicly accessible adjoining park became part of a restricted military zone which also included the military living quarters and work areas at the rear of the building. Although IG Farben had been reviled on the far right and accused of being an "international capitalist Jewish company",[10] the company nonetheless remained a large government contractor under Nazi Party rule. [11] One of its subsidiaries supplied the poison gas, Zyklon B, that killed over one million people in gas chambers during the Holocaust. Hitler’s main source of economic power was from the IG Farben chemical cartel, who in turn were controlled by the Illuminati. So there you have it. IG Farben did not want a specifically 'Bauhaus' styled building—it wanted: The 250-metre long and 35-metre tall building has nine floors, but the height of the ground floor varies (4.6–4.2 m). Note this entry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_IG. It is also notable for its paternoster elevators. (Monowitz came to be known as Auschwitz III; Auschwitz I was the administrative centre and Auschwitz II-Birkenau the extermination camp.) Archived from the original on 14 March 2007. It forms a clear building conclusion. Farben, that fueled Hitler’s war machine. As almost all its assets and all its activities had been transferred to the original constituent companies, IG Farben was from 1952 largely a shell company with no real activity.


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