ikea gladom hack

The Gladom table is adorable as is, but with this easy IKEA decor hack, we were able to turn a budget-friendly side table into a chic and expensive-looking piece without the hefty price tag. Lots of people are surprised that they hadn’t thought about swapping out the tray on the GLADOM themselves. Right now, it’s littered with laundry and features a very large, hand-me-down dog kennel that takes up most of the back left corner of the room.

IKEA says: Let us introduce a modern-looking side table that’s small and flexible enough to be placed anywhere in the home. Until this hack I’d been using other people’s designs for my hacks, but this was the first part I designed myself. It seems so obvious in hindsight, but I haven’t seen anyone else do this yet.

Ikea Hack Gladom.

Also when ordering the self-adhesive contact paper the length cover the entire tray (17 1/2 “), this step is optional but I just felt safer adding protective clear dots to the inside of the top part of the poles of the table so the tray would be safe in place. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Ikea Möbel Hacks Diy … At its base it’s a simple tray swap for the IKEA tray table to give it a midcentury vibe.I bought the GLADOM as a nightstand, but replaced it a year later with an IKEA SELJE so I could have a drawer to stash things in. And on sale for just $19.99 each, they were quite the steal. I’ve probably been to our local Ikea three times in the last two months to shop for things for the nurs… Get the tray table trend - without paying the price. IKEA Gladom Tray Table Hack. It may not be the dreamy escape I’ve been envisioning just yet, but it does have a pretty blue rug I scored on sale at Overstock, bedding I paid $7.99 for at Bed, Bath and Beyond and a gorgeous gold circle mirror I bought in Iowa City off Facebook Marketplace. I like using 3D-printed parts for IKEA hacking, it perfectly combines two of my hobbies. cut out the circle and carefully transfer contact paper to the outside/ bottom part of the tray, use your smoothing tool or a credit card to get rig of any bubbles. The IKEA GLADOM’s metal serving tray is not attached to the frame. For example, you could also: Use contact paper in the tray to create a faux marble effect, Use a different metallic - silver, copper, rose gold, etc. This simple hack but I thought you guys may appreciate it.

put tray back on table and voila – you’re finishes with your one of a kind chic gold and marble side table for under $25. Diy Möbel Bauen Kleine Küche Einrichten Kunstgewerbe Ikea Möbel Inneneinrichtung Zuhause Gebraucht Katzenklo Kaminzimmer. Many cities have MakerSpaces or FabLabs that have 3D printers which can be used for a small fee. I half-assed it by hand and got lucky that most damage is hidden behind the frame. ( Log Out /  What type of content do you plan to share with your subscribers?

Let me know if you enjoy this Ikea hack and I can’t wait to finish up Baby girl’s nursery to show you guys where the table found it’s place in her room! ( Log Out /  If you do not have one, you can use an online service like 3DHubs to custom order the parts online. Thankfully, we received our matching nightstands from Ikea and armed with a can of gold spray paint, I turned them into the metallic beauties I wanted them to be. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. I designed a simple clip that can be 3D-printed that lets you reuse the original tray on the bottom of the frame, turning the GLADOM into a two-tier side table. I've probably been to our local Ikea three times in the last two months to shop for things for the nursery and little bits and pieces for our living room after taking down our Christmas decor. The accessories on top of the table are also all from Ikea and are linke here: two-tone vase, tropical leaves, boxes with lid set of 3. Ikea Gladom Tray Table (however many you would like – in whatever color you like) OR try this similar table on Amazon! Ikea Inspired Living Room. (For my own version of this hack I bought a wood serving tray at a local kitchen supply store that was slightly larger at 45cm. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I love myself a good Ikea hack and haven't really made the move to create my own.


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