imr 8208 xbr 338 federal
As for length, it's a mixed bag. I have a Hawkeye and was wondering what problems people ran into with this model? L6: 2.820 inch = 71.63 mm Barrel Length : 22.0 inch = 558.8 mm Powder : IMR 8208 XBR Predicted data by increasing and decreasing the given charge, I have some more 200 Hot Cors loaded up with 8208 I need to run through the chrono tomorrow. I noticed Ramshot listed the Fed 215 Magnum primer for TAC. • powdr. No signs of pressure. Also tried some 200 SSTs with H4895 and 210 primers. See, you can get 11 pounds of [bleep] in a 5 pound sack.... You have to admit it does "look" accurate. Bwana, I can't afford one anymore. The Barnes show less pressure than others I've found (I.e. To keep the recoil down, I have wanted to use a light bullet. Although, all my ballistic nonsense charts (I like to over analyze) tell me the 185 TTSX ought to put as much smack (official effectiveness term defined however I want at the moment) on the target as the 200 given my projected 200 velocities of 2620-2650. Been scouring the site for 338 Fed loads and found a few, but the one year search limit hinders things. Both shoot well. Velocities, powders, barrel lengths, etc. I love the rifle. Another bullet that has pleasantly surprised me is the 200 Hot Cor. If I just 'have' to use a heavier bullet I have a load with the 210 Scirocco II that shoots VERY well at ~2560. I am new to reloading, only been doin it a year or so. .338 Federal - Manufacturer Loading Data. I've lightened the trigger up substantially, and I bear hug the piss out of it to keep it from wiggling in the sand bags. This has been made difficult because the cartridge never became popular, and most rifle manufacturers have dropped it from their product lines. IMPRESSIVE! Are we looking at a relatively narrow window of opportunity between optimal near max performance and spikes? Just necked up another batch of Win .308 brass last night. Finally shot my Remington 700 LVSF that was rebored and rechambered from 22-250 to 338 Federal on Saturday. I now have a m77 Hawkeye SS, haven't done much loading for it but picked up a box of 185gr TTSX today. Which is okay I guess since it is now discontinued. It's great to have choices! They seemed to be he only factory stuff I can get anyways. Ramshot's book max for a 200 Hornady is 48.7. What's in a name? Looking for what has worked for you, or not. Now that the heat wave is over and fall is almost here I've been working on a new .338 Federal hunting load again. The TSX/TTSX sounds like a good way to go to me. • I don't know about the others, but I am always looking for a little more accuracy, ie, smaller groups, smaller standard deviation etc. I made a bad shot. I started with the 338 Fed, so the -06 bullets had a bit easier time as the books started to get beat up. He owns no firearms, and he wasn’t going to keep one in the house. Ought to shoot well, pictures required! [/quote]Nope but here is what a 185gr TTSX did to a hog at 170ish yard from a .338-06 this past weekend...never took a step pole axed. Lever is a ball powder, the temps were at 28 degrees and I used standard Win. Against the wishes of many, my W-W brass is now on it's sixth firing. Ok, got the RCBS dies and went to work with my once shot 338 fed brass. average out of my Sako. Still the most accurate load I've found in this rifle is 160 TTSXs with AA2230 at .6" and they were clocked at 3010 for the three shot average. What accuracy differences did you notice over mutiple groups VS the current loads you use? I tried 2.84 and the groups were much larger again. Federal 308's have worked great for me. The Sirocco is on my list of bullets to try, wish they made a swift A-frame in 200 gr weight. All Rights Reserved. With the 210 partition I can safely get 2575fps with 8208 and 2625fps with LVL and I don't think any animal is going to notice 75fps. I think the 200-210s may be better suited to the 2000MR. Maybe I had developed the most accurate load the particular powder I was using was going to afford me. Hit the last rib and came out between his legs. 8208 and RL-15 are on the 'have-on-hand list, if not up to snuff ...LVR next, at least for the 210 PT. If anyone can help I'd appreciate it. If you don't have to carry it a lot I see nothing wrong with being heavy. Think I need to order some 210 TTSX and/or 210 Scirocco IIs to test in addition to the 185 TTSX. I have used IMR 8208 XBR in two 6 BRs and a 30 BR. Shot some IMR 8208 XBR in the 338 Fed yesterday. And, maybe not for this thread, I like seeing how actual loads perform on actual game. One of the gun shops near me has a single box of 338 Fed Fusion Ammo and they want something like $58. Love those Barnes! I'd call it sleek enough for what I want to do. All in all, very impressed with the TTSX, Accubond and Scirocco. 47gr was as high as I went with the 210s. Have been buying the 200gr Fusion's for 28.00 to 31.00 dollars. I survived, but I now have an 84M for that. Curious to see what it does. I use it in a match gun with 75gn and and 77gn bullets. Although, it was 95 degrees out. The 185 TTSX shoots great at 2.88, which is mag length in my Ruger, and equates to .053 off. 2725 without even the slightest hint of pressure. All rounds for the Kimber are at 2.815ish for magazine considerations. It is an excellent choice – especially for possible elk or moose in the future. Irregardless they shoot well in the Montana behind IMR 8208. In some powders there are lot to lot variances. I've got a good pile of Nosler 180 gr. The 46 TAC with the 210 TTSX isn't compressed much. Ballistic Tip back. Unable to test for accuracy as range was in use for training, will do that sun. Also, I haven't had time to chrono this load and wanted to know if someone had a fps on LVR powder of any charge/bullet combo. Food for thought. Also going to try the Scirocco IIs. Personally, I would stay away from the 215 Gameking. And I have a shell holder. Federal claimed the performance of a 7mm Remington Magnum but with notably lower recoil. Maybe this was shooter error but that was my first impression. If 2000MR is going to be really good, it must be at the higher bullet weights. I have a T/C that luv's the 200gr and I'd like to stick with a very similar bullet. I started out with 50 grains and worked up to 52 grains of Alliant 2000 MR. No pressure signs with any load. Was originally supposed to be out last month. The trigger had some serious trigger creep. Or, just rebarrel it like you said and be done with it. Can't wait to try some of these loads out. Will shoot for groups next timeout with the 180 BTs. That is one tough bullet. Since they were my go-to bullets anyway I'm pleased. I have a couple hundred rounds of AE 185gr ammo to burn which will give me fire formed brass for it which will hopefully work well in the AR10. Food for thought. I think I can get some TAC at the range. I tried the 200 sst on deer. Normal extraction, rounded primers - could probably push it some more (I don't want to!). H4895 works great with 200s! I switched from BR2 primers to a 215M primer just to try things and it now shoots consistently .5" groups. 2lbs of Alliant Power Pro 2000MR (and some more RL-17 for the 338-06). FYI, latest from Federal is that the availability 338 Fed stamped brass has slid to September. For feral hogs I like to use this load. Admittedly I have not fiddled with seating depths to see if I can make them better. Just tossing this out there to see if anyone has found anything similar. But even without the chronograph I can tell that Lever is something special. It is 2000MR, and he said they don't have any loads for the 338 Fed and are working on getting it to market. Necking up .308? Power Pro 2000MR was not impressive. you save 13%. VS the new powder? Gave up on the 215 grain sierra's on the advice from Scott in the post above. I am about to embark on my first reloading venture and have chosen to reload for my DPMS LR 338 Federal which has only digested Federal Fusion 200's and with superb accuracy however, ammo around here is as scarce as hens teeth so I suppose I need to roll my own. Ballistic Tips so I might give those a try this year. But the the 185 TTSXs were still solid, the 200 Hot Cor the best on average (.9" to 1.2") with some okay (considering conditions) groups from the others (1" to 1.3"). If it's big enough to mount it's big enough to worry about the sst. Pistol; Rifle; Cowboy; GR. Just realized I had the Scirocco II and Accubond reversed in the picture above, and the retained weight. I've been shooting the 185 ttsx on top of imr8208 with good luck. Win .358 Win brass (found this works better than necking up, and almost 2 gr. Shot 185 TTSXs, 200 Hot Cors and 210 Scirocco IIs with TAC today. "Weatherby was too long so I nicknamed it "Bee"". Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot], Majestic-12 [Bot] and 2 guests, Nosler Inc  |  Privacy  Use  Order Processing. Not sure what price you saw, Midway lists the 200gn Trophy Bonded Tips (bullets only) for $29.99 for a box of 50. I keep going between the 160 TTSX, 185 TTSX, and the 200gr Speer hot core. Plan is to try H4895 and TAC initially. Rifle is REM 600 with a 21" barrel. When sizing, the die seems to drag in the case on the way out. I've got a Kimber 84M in 338 Federal on the way and hope to add to the discussion where I can.


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