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0000006192 00000 n %PDF-1.5 (For more information, see the Sentence Structure Basics handout.) WRAC Handout #264 Independent and Dependent Clauses More about Subordinators and Dependent Clauses Subordinators such as “if,” “when,” “since,” “because,” and “although,” start adverb dependent clauses. x��Z[o�~7��@�/�"by�C����� ���"�dI�N$�a����wfHj/�j�E���;�΍�}C�����o�I���W� �'�\(�r�rx����+~����K�F�a�����c��x��p]p��%�c$e�y4�*��4�g��J~���d7g�?J�8�G�FE���Fy���yox���l�m]kY�mޖ��H���̓g��t��nc�L�i��1�,����4�q���Hz+�8bߣ��}ٮ��Ǯ�Jk�\=������ �-�(�No��d��P�g�eq}��k� �Mi�~���Y!q�e��l������|d�����uir���TO#��h�b�'�s�5Eo�y]���M!BE�u$E�B������H'�X�@,�{V�}+�a�VS�#��*�E�{H����~����G��acu�xj��Yz&���ho �E{�א�/p͆562�Ll��{46J��H�L5���F�5q�*���� stream %PDF-1.5 Let’s find out. 3 0 obj x�b```b``�g`e`ued@ A�+��k���� ( ����pS�C�[s��^ `qqq ���2]. 2 0 obj 0000007126 00000 n Do you know the difference between them? endobj Independent and Dependent Clauses Below there are Sentences. An independent, or coordinate, clause is a clause that expresses a complete thought and can stand alone. 0000002365 00000 n <>>> <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S>> 0000011926 00000 n 0000010231 00000 n <> endobj Independent and Subordinate Clauses Independent (main) clause – expresses a complete thought. 1 0 obj make an independent clause into a dependent clause. 0000015410 00000 n 0000003111 00000 n 0000012629 00000 n DEPENDENT CLAUSES All sentences consist of one or more clauses. Dependent clauses, in case you are unaware, are groups of words containing a subject and verb, but which do not express a complete thought. Curt called his father who was still at work. <>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> 0000009196 00000 n 0000107887 00000 n <> In this quiz, we’ll be learning about independent and dependent clauses. 4 0 obj 0000000976 00000 n endobj A sentence can be 2 0 obj ��VL?i����p�����%;�b��:��u��4d�T���WSb�g�5�w���4 $���K�y����1�=�W���gu�� ^��;��:����T���8�h���(�6� ����S.&E���&��"e*y����I#���F�,���=O�vX)͍����8�Ǟ�_��)@fRÕs�=jK� ��Wк��z�5#s�w�t{j�����xn|eB���19WS�7���_� ��1�F�_�_f�J���D� }4��eMIt� U)W�#�>И%}�ag-���� �uA��;��ճW��٬�8|"����#�� 0000004910 00000 n x��Z[o�~���G�X3�M�b`7�)P�= ��}pl%Qa[�-��f��$J��mqΦ�Eg�3�|��î.�˚����˗bž\}����q������u�\nuYm�~?./���=���cK�Tƍ��a�~�=e��ˋ�=�S��@�_���_K��L���T2�y�ٮ���������PG���)�e&z��V�&4�r ����F�g�~�a��Wt�/7��,�y� 4Rr0Y���݀y��"�x 0000001219 00000 n 0000007715 00000 n Each sentence has both, and independent clause and a dependent clause. 0000004267 00000 n A subject is typically a noun—the person, place, thing, or idea that the sentence is about. %PDF-1.4 %���� 0000007632 00000 n 0000009584 00000 n 0000003357 00000 n 0000001848 00000 n I smashed my car into an oak tree after I went to the store. %���� ;��;��^�i�׋��w���̶ϛ����@P�5g���B�e������P�m�x ��C��aJ�E����5+�ڡ�Q�޺�,��%:�7�5T.t/�Z�]@ +���*�;6��V�,հ����(X�,��HK�d��M��j�6��_2���� �����վbG,)h��� ��ܦq��e�C�d��2���*kN����O�����Dʍm�������-�a!v%�W��l��ℷ���'N�2U�#޽�;�}�0ΜM6�5#5�ٖf䘒��!�/��`ws�{g.��2��� �g�ɝ�[S�wI&7. 0000001737 00000 n 0000002937 00000 n 0000059570 00000 n 0000008156 00000 n A dependent, or subordinate, clause is a clause that does not express a complete thought and cannot stand alone. By using either highlighters or pens, highlight or underline the dependent clause with one color and the independent clause with another in each sentence. 0000005561 00000 n 0000002971 00000 n 10 November 30, 2014 . endobj A clause is a group of words that contains a subject and a verb. 1 Figure 1 The Writing Center and Academic Resource Center logo Clauses I: Independent and Dependent Clauses A clause is a group of words that contains both a subject and a verb. Test your student's knowledge of ela with Turtle Diary's Identifying Words as 0000008560 00000 n <> endobj trailer <]>> startxref 0 %%EOF 39 0 obj<>stream ��V0s.g��L��6.+���L��=Ld�����N`���}�?Kxn�IY�&�7x[�⏜��P� nשYN>Y�Sv��.7B���\�FjĤ�� ��i�]�i7��b�FD��*7�r&�q�������V��H���R�<3lؾ����|��~���[ps_ۏ�}�v��!�ڴXR z�qT�7/�-�+ ��ʨ ��FP�.D�&��Y7+��h��~JfK�v���GqFyݷ��� 0000006856 00000 n Sandy likes to read mysteries because she wants to be a detective. I'll take a walk because the weather is beautiful. 0000006444 00000 n The subordinating conjunction makes the clause unable to express a complete thought. ��AL������ӗ$�~ɳ�5���sty6|��y�8�X�p��S��ZQyP�� ��[��h��e����dXB�Z/3��S* �B+}>���"��*�0��� !�D�mc&�?Z�;���Iz�L�Jx� O�0����.KO�7M��JÔ���In��(����SJ9�Tª�. 4 0 obj A verb expresses the action or condition of the subject. Is It an Independent Clause or a Dependent Clause? Some clauses are independent while others are dependent, and for a sentence to be complete, it must contain at least one independent clause. �Ș�F�]4׳����Ԭ���[�����.����2/ohH��.�7��%��$0k��>G�d��@˺���l��{�4�ïjx�� 8��.� _�����l�����"Jg�U.����A�{��:�kI�h���_y��j���O�r�"��j`�՝o�֊K��h����r�o %���� Sandy likes to read mysteries because she wants to be a detective. 1 0 obj English 1100 Dr. Gillian Bright Adapted from Independent & Dependent Clauses Quiz - ANSWERS NOTE: The red answers below show possible options for corrected clauses. 6 0 obj <> endobj xref 6 34 0000000016 00000 n <> 0000011154 00000 n 1) I've applied for three jobs, hoping to get one. 0000002475 00000 n Examples: Since the cat is meowing, the dog is barking. If <> stream You will have used your own clauses/ideas/words, so just make sure you use the right kind of connection (such as adding an independent clause). 0000001314 00000 n 0000110534 00000 n 0000009855 00000 n Conjunctions and Clauses The reason why a dependent clause cannot stand on its own is that it begins with a subordinating conjunction. endobj 3 0 obj Subordinate (dependent) clause – doesn’t express a complete thought and cannot stand alone as a sentence. �����G�4�N#��\q�b) 1����Y�r�Id�_�S'�A��H$.�&`�Lx�9�I��yci�0�i�w�� �}����m.��h�-G-jQ@ @�RX�ȶH*�ӁZhS�4\�n�����p�4���H�$��,���kan�h8ѧeC��{: K:�.


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