injustice 2 epic gear farming
Why are arena transitions not working for me? Arrowverse x Injustice 2. ├ Chapter 5 - Sea of Troubles Epic gear is the rarest kind of item in Injustice 2. Netherrealm Studios Logo, WB GAMES Logo, WB SHIELD: ™ & © WARNER BROS. ENTERTAINMENT INC. (S17) Resistance is futile. You have common, which is better than what you start with but offers minimal stat boosts and usually no perks. I have played both Bat and Supermans side. Epic gear is the rarest kind of item in Injustice 2. This is going to be the stop for all things Injustice 2 mobile-related topics. Injustice 2 adds a number of different gameplay features, and perhaps the most notable new addition is that of different Gear.. Gar added to a particular character can obviously change how they look, but there’s also the potential for stat boosts, so it all stands to be fairly beneficial and a worthwhile thing for you to work towards. Starfire All Epic Gear Sets 40:30 I typically get about 6-7k in gear. At the end of the week you'd have roughly 78,000 in gear. Then, when something drops a higher level I shatter the high one and leave the Silver with level one. These include the games modes and methods to use to obtain the best gear in the game. ... A injustice 2 reference in MK11. How do I unlock the final chapter and finish 100%? I'm a free player so don't have endless gems to splash around. Since each chapter focuses on specific characters you’ll get something for the ones you use. Platinum and Diamond Mother Boxes – These are much harder to get than the lower versions, requiring that players complete difficult challenges and prove their skill either alone or as part of a Guild. I only care about gear materials. Captain Cold All Epic Gear Sets 13:13 Darkseid All Epic Gear Sets 19:35 Miscellaneous. I can spend 400 gems per day if required. ├ Hero Characters Joker All Epic Gear Sets 33:14 As more DLC is released I will update Injustice 2 All Epic Gear Sets / All Character Epic Gear Sets, to Injustice 2 All Epic Gear Sets / All Character Epic Gear Sets Including All Downloadable Content (DLC). Finally, you’ve got epic which is the best of the best. DC logo and all characters, their distinctive likenesses, and related elements are trademarks of DC COMICS © 2017. Catwoman All Epic Gear Sets 14:50 Luck – You can randomly get this tier of gear just by playing the game. Opening Mother Boxes is one of the most common ways of obtaining various types and rarities of gear in the game. A few like Batman, Supergirl and Wonder Woman have a few extra. Daily Challenges will also net you Mother Boxes of different rarities. └ Chapter 12 - Absolute Justice / Power, ■ Game Modes Injustice 2 FARM EPIC gear and XP LVL 20 in 2 hrs - Duration: 2:57. I … Some are even parts of sets which grant more bonuses depending on how many set pieces your fighter has equipped.


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