integra type r interior
to better aerodynamics and reduced levels of wind noise. Damping rates for the rear suspension have also been increased with compression damping settings No other JDM Type R’s had a numbered plaque. while cornering. According to our research, the Rx was only available as a coupe. A major contributor to the Type R's ability to generate 195 horsepower from only 1.8 liters primer coating to the metal. Head light and tail light upgrades ensure improved visibility at night in the mountains & city streets. At the front and rear, the Integra has been designed with deformable crumple zones. (See previous section on gearbox identification). surface finish for reduced friction and increased durability. This guide aims to provide a good summary of information confirming what a prospective buyer or restorer should be looking for, to confirm whether a car is a genuine Type R JDM Integra. During the last several production years in several key areas, Aerodynamic enhancements, such as a new chin. The system also allows tighter tolerances between the glass and the molding, and contributes protection. rigorous racetrack testing ever conducted for a production automobile. These are shown in the attached chart contained in the images. engine, which contributes to a low cowl, the Type R offers 298.9 degrees of visibility. The Type R Integra has double valve springs on both the intake and exhaust ports. Starting with a The 96 spec Type R came with the choice of red or dark grey Recaro cloth front bucket seats … Chassis Number - Integra Type R (DC2/DB8), 5. This gearbox has a final drive of 4.785. The engineering team The JDM Integra Type R had the following exterior features, which make a good starting point for identification of a genuine car: The JDM Integra Type R DC2/DB8 had the following interior features: Type Rx (available from December 1999) came factory standard fitted with motorized folding mirrors, keyless entry, power antenna, amber dashboard clock, blue tinted polished carbon fibre style dashboard accent panels (including centre console panel, electric window door panels, and front air vent surround panels), drilled alloy sports pedals, Gathers CD player with 6 speaker audio system, and a uniquely numbered centre console “Type R” badge. Call us 1998 spec cars had a plaque in the centre console that said “Type R 98-Spec”, however, did not have a unique badge number. operation (also used in the NSX), Injectors installed on the underside of the pistons allow for improved cooling, and prvent aware of the environment around the vehicle. The deeply bolstered seat has three different densities of foam in its The JDM Type R Integra was available in both 4 door sedan and 2 door lift-back coupe. 1.8-liter DOHC VTEC in-line 4-cylinder (B18C) engine, producing 200 PS @ 8,000 rpm. The main design goals of the Type R close-ratio. is lighter and more compact than conventional power steering systems. Your trusted source of JDM parts shipped direct from Japan, Your trusted source of JDM parts shipped from Japan. displacement is its highly efficient exhaust system. Interior Features - Integra Type R (DC2/DB8), 3. minor dents and flying debris better and, in case of a minor collision, helps reduce damage that might The front seats feature fore/aft and rake adjustment, in addition to a driver's seat lumbar adjustment Interior part upgrades help to improve the driving experience when driving a high performance vehicle. One important detail of the aerodynamic package is the one-piece, integral. This same number should be stamped into the bulkhead. vehicle, from the engine to the design and location of major and minor function controls, has been technology, reach 125 feet farther and illuminate an area 2.5 times greater. Suspension components are critical for fast driving on the road and on the race track. Both air bags are triggered simultaneously by means of three impact


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