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The very characteristics that have propelled Rudin to the top — anger, ferocity, obsessiveness — are the ones some executives fear. “I tried very hard to understand it, and I don’t think I ever really did. What Rudin has achieved is enormous. The seagrass-covered walls are bare, the furniture modern without being modernist. So I said, ‘Charles Nolte,’ and landed the job.”, One week before leaving for Brown University, Rudin, just 16 years old, changed his mind. That began “with Miramax, and Miramax couldn’t make a deal. Sometimes I think I [have], and many times I think I haven’t. “There was an opening [with Whitehead, and Rudin went for an interview],” he says. “A lot of the lucky things that happened for me early in my life really couldn’t happen now,” he says. A la edad de quince años obtuvo su primer trabajo como asistente para un reputado productor de teatro, Kermit Boolmgarten; para después trabajar para conocidos productores de cine como Robert Whitehead y Emanuel Azenberg. These people were unbelievably generous. Was it his own decision to leave Fox? There is no data accessible about his origin and date when he was conceived. Curiously, it was with the former head of Miramax, Harvey Weinstein, that Rudin had one of his most celebrated conflicts over The Reader, the Holocaust drama starring Kate Winslet and directed by Stephen Daldry. [4]​ En junio de 2011 fue considerado por The New York Observer como uno de los homosexuales más influyentes, ocupando el tercer puesto en un ranking de 50 personas. His personal life has not come to the media yet. “I don’t think I am now. “I’m scarily like him,” he says. Scott Rudin, in his first one-on-one in years, opens up about his career, ... saying that his longtime relationship with theater publicist John Barlow has mellowed him. Shortly after Lansing left Paramount, however, Rudin left too, signing another lucrative deal with Disney in 2005 for $8.75 million a year, sources say. “[Schrage explained] he’s a code writer and fundamentally a hacker-turned-CEO. “There was not just the size of her talent but also [how she kept] coming back. He also notes that he’s “not that social.” “I don’t particularly have a wide social circle,” he says. There’s the time Scott Rudin was driving an assistant and became so angry he slammed on the brakes, allegedly sending the young man careening into the windshield. In the end, that meant Rooney Mara, who has a small but significant role in Social Network. They spoke to all “the usual suspects” but, like Sony, preferred to go with an unknown. I used to think everything needed me, and when I was confronted with the reality [that this wasn’t the case], it used to really bother me. Temperamental. His executive experience didn’t last long. Scott, apart from being a media person he hasn't revealed much of facts about his boyfriend. “He’s a sensational script editor who brings out the very best in writers; he gets the movie made and at a sane budget; and there’s no one you’d rather have in the quarterback position in the weeks leading up to the release.”. He says he was unaware that two other producers were attached. Asked how many assistants he has fired this year — he’s notorious for plowing through dozens at a time — he answers none. “But it took a long time for them to say that. [1]​ Ha producido películas como Regarding Henry (1991), Sister Act (1992), The Firm (1993), The Truman Show (1998), Sleepy Hollow (1999), Las horas (2002), Closer (2007), Notes on a Scandal (2006), No Country for Old Men (2007) o Revolutionary Road (2008) o The Social Network (2010), entre otras. They frequently saw in different events, parties and look so ravishing together. The hacking stuff — the pure, anarchic, f*** off, anti-authoritarian thing that’s at the center of him — [he was] very helpful in making us understand [that].”, He adds, “One of my favorite lines in the movie came from Schrage, which is, ‘Creation myths need a devil,’ which I think is the best defense of Zuckerberg in the entire film.”, Rudin tried to meet the 26-year-old Zuckerberg “for a long time, and he refused. Are you in or not?’ And that’s when he said, ‘Not if it’s called Facebook.’ And I said, ‘Well, I think we’re done.’ ”, Throughout, Rudin was trying to obtain Facebook’s support, holding off on signing Sorkin. Weinstein, head of the Weinstein Co., already had clashed with Rudin over 2002’s The Hours and issues like whether Nicole Kidman should have a prosthetic nose for her role as Virginia Woolf. “You can look at it as a show of strength or a show of weakness — I’m not sure which. Other than the obligatory posters of past films that line his hallway, the only distinguishing thing about it is the code Rudin punches to enter his space. Then, after a period of time, I said: ‘We’re ready to start. Rudin sparked to the underlying material, a book proposal for Ben Mezrich’s The Accidental Billionaires, when an agent sent it to him. “I’m very lucky: I get to more or less make what I want. We had months of meetings and conversations. I got taken seriously with no reason to be taken seriously. “There was an enormous amount written about Zuckerberg, but no one had ever really described what it is he does,” Rudin reflects. “He was reading at our house, and I said, ‘Do you want to go get some lunch?’ And he said, ‘Yes — in a week!’ ”, “We started what was almost two years of trying to get [them],” Rudin says. So it comes as a shock to discover — meeting him in person for the first time — that Rudin is utterly, almost dazzlingly charming. That’s the whole job. Scott and John both of them look so much in love and complement each other so well. It was definitely the most precious day of their life when they got married. TWITTER Scott Rudin (born July 14, 1958) is an American film, TV and theater producer.. His films … [1]​ Además ha sido candidato a los Premios BAFTA. Once in an interview, Scott said that his partner is a bit of a shy person and doesn't like be in the limelight. “He sat in [my] conference room and took very copious notes over many hours,” he says. But every aspect of the negotiation was complicated, from the money to the differences between American and Swedish copyright law. A moment later, he admits there may have been two or three pushed out of his company, though not necessarily by him.


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