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The defendant says her ex-roommate often brought random drunk men to their apartment. Don’t miss a minute! Judge Mathis deals with a case involving a thieving girlfriend. A woman sues her daughter's ex-girlfriend for repayment of a loan and emotional distress, saying that after her daughter went to prison, the ex kidnapped her granddaughter. Watch all 52 Judge Mathis episodes from season 1,view pictures, get episode information and more. Woman sues ex boyfriend for $1,500 The plaintiff says the defendant wrote her a check for $1,500, but it bounced, so she's suing for the money owed to her. A woman sues her former friend for breach of contract after he, she says, sent her naked pictures of himself because he wanted to date her; he counter-sues for services rendered, defamation and harassment. Judge Mathis deals with a case involving a car accident. Woman is suing her former friend because she claims she sold a picture of her to a pornographic website without her permission. A man says his sister's ex-husband and her current boyfriend robbed their father's house; he sues her for repayment of a loan. A woman sues her mother and her cousin, saying that after a falling-out, they killed her dog. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The plaintiff sues for medical bills and pain and suffering after a fellow youth-football coach attacked him. Season 1 (1999-00) Prod# Airdate: Names: 1001: 9/29/99 : Season 2 (2000-01) Prod# Airdate: Names: 210? Judge Mathis deals with a case involving a money dispute. Judge Mathis deals with a case involving a petty disputes that ruined a friendship. A woman sues her cousin for repayment of a loan after having a falling-out; her cousin countersues, saying she was defamed. Syndication. Episode Recap Judge Mathis on TV.com. The plaintiff says she put her 12-year-old daughter in a group home for acting out, but the girl ran away to the defendant's home. A woman says she and the defendant started out as friends with benefits and decided to move in together and start a business, but the relationship failed and she is suing him for unpaid rent and late fees. Judge Mathis deals with a case involving a custody battle. The plaintiff suspects that the defendant may be her biological granddaughter, so she has petitioned the court for a DNA test to find out the truth. A man says he recently got emergency custody of his granddaughter due to her mother's drug use, and sues for unpaid rent. The plaintiff says her daughter's best friend's dog damaged her property. The plaintiff says her husband has four children with his ex, the defendant, but after he and the plaintiff married, the defendant started calling CPS on them; she has filed a restraining order against her and now sues her for defamation. The plaintiff says her brother got nearly $6,000 worth of traffic tickets in her name. Plaintiff sues her former friend for half of a collections bill. Judge Mathis deals with a case involving a adulterous affair. Judge Mathis season 1 episode guide on TV.com. Otherwise they will be shown using the series' origin language. A woman sues her daughter for repayment of a loan and says the daughter's abusive ex-boyfriend came between them. The plaintiff admits that he and his wife split due to his drug use, and has petitioned the court for a DNA test to prove that her child is not his son. A woman says that, after she allowed her friends to move in with her, they threatened to attack her, so she's suing for an unpaid electric bill and harassment; they say they were the ones who were attacked and are countersuing for pain and suffering. Name First Aired Runtime Image Certified; S21E01: Episode 1 September 9, 2019. The plaintiff sues her daughter, a drug addict whose children are in foster care, for repayment of a loan and cellphone bills. Judge Mathis deals with a case involving a honeymoon that never happened. What does he say? A plaintiff sues for impound fees, a loan and emotional distress; the defendant says the plaintiff started stalking and harassing him on social media. The Judge Mathis website gives fans all the latest news and information about the Judge, his book, Inner City Miracle, as well as job opportunities for court researchers all across the country. The man the plaintiff says is her child's father passed away before he could take a paternity test. After meeting online, the plaintiff started dating the defendant, who she claims is a pathological liar with eight children; she sues him for three unpaid loans. A woman sues her son and daughter-in-law for repayment of a loan and airline tickets, saying their relationship is toxic and that her son gave up custody of his child to stay with his wife. Suing his baby-mama for unreturned property, a man finds himself being counter-sued for unpaid child support. A woman who ended her relationship with her boyfriend because of his trust issues sues him for the balance due on a cellphone bill. Judge Mathis deals with a case involving a damaged car. Plaintiff is suing her former best friend for unpaid rent; the defendant claims she baby-sat the plaintiff's kids in exchange for rent. © 2020 TheTVDB.com, A Whip Media Group Company. Plaintiff became a ward of the state at age 4 and at age 12, ran away to become a prostitute; she says she turned her life around and started dating the defendant, but he was unfaithful and also a cocaine abuser; she claims he vandalized her car. A woman sues her ex-boyfriend for repayment of a loan and late fees, saying she caught him cheating. Judge Mathis deals with a case involving a DNA test. A man sues his birth mother for repayment of a loan, saying she gave him up for adoption at the age of 10 because she was a drug addict. Judge Mathis deals with a case involving stalkers. The plaintiff says his child's mother called the police and falsely accused him of kidnapping their son. The plaintiff insists the defendant is her 16-year-old son's father, but he has his doubts, so she has petitioned the court for a paternity test; the defendant countersues for emotional distress. The plaintiff sues the defendant for a cable bill and emotional distress because she badmouthed her on social media. The plaintiff says her son dated the defendant, but after they broke up, the defendant vandalized her home and defamed her online by calling her a prostitute. A woman sues her baby-daddy for child support, saying he won a court settlement, started throwing money around at the clubs and went to jail for abusing drugs; he says she cheated on him with his cousin while he was in prison. Judge Mathis deals with a case involving an unwanted guest. A woman says her sister assaulted her several times and sues her for repayment of a phone bill and a bail bond. A man says a woman came to his place of employment and falsely accused him of stealing her debit card information and as a result of her false accusations, he was fired. The plaintiff says that after she found out that she and the defendant were dating the same man at the same time, the defendant started harassing her and posting her personal information on Facebook. Judge Mathis deals with a case involving an Internet affair. A woman sues her cheating ex-boyfriend for repayment of a loan and the bond she had to pay to bail him out of jail. A woman says she and the defendant had a "friends with benefits" relationship, but she is confident that he is her son's father. © 2020 TV.COM, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. The plaintiff sues her cousin, who revealed her secret to the entire family, for emotional distress -- and the cost of a concert ticket. But Steve clumsily undercuts his own case by offering to help pay for the cost of having the judge's car towed. Remember: Abuse of the TV.com image system may result in you being banned from uploading images or from the entire site – so, play nice and respect the rules! A woman says her boyfriend's other girlfriend harasses her, has sent her more than 300 emails, and falsely accused her of having a sexually transmitted disease. The plaintiff says she and the defendant used to be good friends, and she helped her when she was in an abusive relationship, but is now suing her for breach of contract. A woman sues her baby daddy for back child support; he says that, when the plaintiff got pregnant, she wanted to raise the baby with her girlfriend. Man says that woman started stalking him after he ended things between the two of them, and admits that they had a 19-year-long affair. A woman is suing her ex-husband, claiming that he was an abusive cheater who made sex tapes with multiple women in their bed. Judge Mathis deals with a case involving roommates. Judge Mathis deals with a case involving a divorced couples' debts. Plaintiff says the defendant has been dating her daughter for over eight years, and she claims he has been physically abusive to her the entire time; she is suing him for the balance due on a loan plus interest and emotional distress. Struggling to overcome charges of bribery, he then calls Lydia as a surprise witness. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. A woman sues her cousin for repayment of a loan; the cousin insists the money was a gift. The plaintiff says her mother and father split up because her father is having an affair with the defendant, and accuses her of making her house blow up. Plaintiff says the defendant's son, who is a minor, took her car without permission and wrecked it. The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. Judge Mathis deals with a case involving an unstable wife paying her lover. A man sues his former friend over unpaid rental car fees and emotional distress. Judge Mathis deals with a hair-dying suit. The plaintiff sues her son for breach of contract because, she claims, she is financially supporting his son, who is abusing drugs. The plaintiff divorced the defendant after 15 years of marriage and five children and took emergency custody of the children after the defendant was caught using meth; he is now suing for overpayment of child support. A woman says her boyfriend's ex-wife assaulted her in front of her children. The plaintiff says the defendant is a drug abuser who stole money from her; the defendant counter-sues for emotional distress. A woman claims her daughter was assaulted by former friend. Judge Mathis deals with a case involving lovers and their money. Judge Mathis deals with a case involving loaned money. A woman says that after she and her boyfriend broke up, he and his wife vandalized her car and sent her harassing text messages. A woman sues her daughter for payment of a credit card bill; the daughter counter-sues for emotional distress and defamation, saying her mother refuses to believe that her stepfather sexually abused her. A woman says her ex-boyfriend assaulted her, and she sues him for damaged property and the balance due on a phone and a watch. The plaintiff sues a felon she met online for a bail bond, property and stolen money. Judge Mathis deals with a case involving someone's hard luck.


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