judy blair testimony transcript
By now it was well past dark, and as the car headed westward on I-4, retracing the route that the Rogers women had taken to their deaths in Tampa Bay, Chandler talked away with Ramey. But before you do, have a good long look at the landscape around you. But their responses were completely different. Chandler answered, "I have never killed no one in my whole life. He was a co-defendant with Marvin Francois, executed May 29, 1985. "Sexual battery." Then, early on a Thursday afternoon, one week after the surveillance units had lost Chandler in the rain, a call was placed to the house in Port Orange from Georgia. Don't you see how Jesus loves you? The boat had a V-6 engine in it and a VHF radio in it. So many people came to pay their respects, they were crowded into the church's basement and fellowship hall. "I don't have an answer for the court," said Zinober. Don't you see how Jesus loves you? He and his fiancee took out a marriage license, but broke up before they ever got around to using it. Smith was outside, waiting for her. We went over this last night with everybody present. I wouldn't put up with it from them," a nod toward the prosecutors, "and I'm not going to put up with it from you. . Obviously, our primary reason for requiring this procedure was to ensure that a defendant understood the importance of presenting mitigating testimony, discussed these issues with counsel, and confirmed in open court that he or she wished to waive presentation of mitigating evidence. Ileana Capo, the woman who owned the house where the work was taking place, had testified that she also saw Chandler around the same time. Hal was drinking too much. Although they'd dated only a few weeks, Michelle was already growing close to Jeff and had accepted his class ring as proof that they were going steady. The detectives drove up and down Dale Mabry, talking to business owners, talking to waitresses, interviewing anyone who might have seen the Rogers women or might know someone with handwriting like the directions on the brochure. He said, "'Dead people can't tell on you,' or 'can't talk.' "State may inquire." She was aware there was a $25,000 reward for Chandler's conviction but she did not consider herself "in the running for that". It was the story of her life: Christe had always been and would forever remain the little sister. They wanted to view the graves themselves, so they could know as much as possible about the Rogers family and so they would remember. The Bayliner boat did not have any carpet in it at any time that Chandler knew of. Clearly, the marine phone tolls were a critical part of the case against Chandler. A few minutes later, Judge Schaeffer called a lunch break. "That's snow, dummy." The team members had their work cut out for them. One St. Petersburg woman, for instance, phoned to say she had a sister in Tampa who had wondered for some time if a man who used to live down the street from her had something to do with the murders. How could Jo and the girls be alive one day and then sealed inside their caskets the next? Crow pushed Mrs. Chandler for details. Chandler’s Direct Appeal and 3.850 Motion each took approximately three years to complete. "It's all around us. They got onto their knees and dug through the snow with their bare hands until they uncovered the markers and the bears. Nor had her sister, Steffey says, told her about calling the police. Chandler, she believed, had caused too much pain and suffering. "This wouldn't have happened." They had something to tell them. Chandler took Rick to John's Pass on Madeira Beach. For his part, Hal sank into a depression in the months after the allegations came to light. 01/14/98 Mandate issued. [44] One of the jurors in Chandler's 1994 trial identified as Roseann Welton also commented in an interview that, "The people that he murdered did not have a choice of when they were going to die. He had too many bills to pay. Some of them, sick of the smile he had worn through so much of the trial, wanted to slap him. She had screamed for help, but the waves of the ocean had drowned out her cries. 230, 136 L.Ed.2d 161 (1996). More waiting. Each woman was naked from the waist down, arms and legs bound, and a cinder block was tied by a rope around their necks. Chandler said one of the girls was very attractive. “I was concerned by the call,” Vindman told the House inquiry. "Did your boat go out that day at all?" "Why everybody?" A month or so after the murders, Hal went out to the mailbox and found Jo's credit card bill listing a charge from the Days Inn at Rocky Point for his family's stay in Room 251. Driving by, Hal Rogers counted 12 news crews. "He's lying, Doug." Judy did not remember seeing any concrete blocks on the boat. "He absolutely adores Whitney," says Zinober. Inside the master bedroom of the home in Port Orange, they found a mint green, cotton mesh shirt. Defendant appealed. During another visit to Cincinnati in October 1990, Chandler had Rick Mays set up a drug deal. "I figure he's the cause of all this," he says. And when she showed up at the dock that evening, the man seemed happy to see her but irritated that her friend had not come along. Specifically, they wanted to show the jury Michelle's statement to the police, in which she described how her uncle had blindfolded her and tied her hands and how he had threatened to kill her if she told anyone. His house was on a canal that led straight to the bay, and until a few months ago, he'd owned a blue and white Bayliner that he liked to take out at night. On redirect, the State attempted to rehabilitate Mays by introducing her sworn statement made to the state attorney's office on October 6, 1992, before the Hard Copy appearance was negotiated. I asked him why he was in such a big hurry, and he told me he had a date with three women." Chelle Cummings and Ramey laughed. Curtsinger listened closely. "Okay," they would say, speaking over the radio to the units on the ground, "Eagle has the eyeball." "Afternoon?" Several marine operators for GTE FN2 testified to collect calls made from a caller identifying himself as Oba, Obey, Obie, or no personal name and his boat as Gypsy or Gypsy One, from March 17 to June 2, 1989. A technician quickly matched prints from the room -- including prints taken from a tube of Oral-B Sesame Street toothpaste on the vanity outside the bathroom -- with the prints taken from the bodies in the bay. Originally the detectives had thought that the person who shared the directions had merely been someone helpful who gave the Rogers women assistance and then went on his way. He had no trouble surviving in the modern, politically correct working world of the 1990s. He agreed to take a polygraph examination and was judged to have had no knowledge of the murders. "You've got to get help," Rosemary told him. "What else did he say?" Then two. The only reason Valerie was upset with Chandler at the time of the trial was because he wrote a letter to her employer telling her the things she had disclosed to the FBI and put Kristal's job in jeopardy. The tank. By this point the newspapers and TV news shows had been filled for several days with reports about the three bodies found in the bay. 04/20/98 Petition denied. Unlike her husband, she had an outgoing nature and could talk to anyone. Id. They left the Gateway Inn that morning shortly after 10 a.m. and turned the Calais back onto I-4 and headed for Tampa, where they were thinking of seeing Busch Gardens and perhaps lying on the gulf beaches. "I just don't want to know," she said. "Maybe it wouldn't have made any difference if you had gone," she said. When it was over, he told her to get dressed. More important, he knew the boat in question. Three days later, their half-nude bodies were found in the water. Nobody's going to hear you," he said. Sims died for the 1977 slaying of a volunteer deputy sheriff in a central Florida robbery. Furthermore, her obvious intelligence led the jurors to ask themselves a crucial question. Jo Rogers and her two daughters took a series of snapshots. The Mays' house was also damaged by the drug dealers. Without Judy Blair and Barbara Mottram's testimony, what jury could possibly believe [that] Mrs. Rogers and her two children would board Chandler's boat for a sunset cruise within 24 hours of having met him?


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