junkers ju 390

The Ju 390 - also known as the "New York Bomber" - was only ever completed in two working prototypes - V1 and V2.

Vollends verworren wurde die Lage durch einen Artikel von James P. Duffy im Daily Telegraph vom 2.

Despite two prototypes being built and tested the project would ultimately be terminated during the final stages of WW2. Test pilot Oberleutnant Eisermann recorded in his logbook that he flew the V2 prototype (RC+DA) as late as February 1945. Assuming there was only one aircraft in existence, Kössler and Ott note it was nowhere near France at the time when the flight was supposed to have taken place. In der Kategorie der schweren Militärflugzeuge nimmt die Junkers JU 390 einen Sonderplatz ein. The Ju 390 V1 was returned to Dessau in November 1944, where it was stripped of parts and finally destroyed in late April 1945 as the American Army approached. Die Junkers Ju 390war ein deutsches Flugzeug für den Einsatz als Schwertransportflugzeug, Seepatrouillenflugzeug und Langstreckenbomber, ein Langstrecken-Derivat der Ju 290. Different sources present different accounts of the history of the Ju 390 V2. This was achieved by adding extra fuselage bays and wing sections and two more engines, giving the Ju 390 six BMW 9-801E engines, each producing 1,970hp. The Junkers Ju 390 was a German long-range derivative of the Junkers Ju 290 aircraft, intended to be used as a heavy transport aircraft, maritime patrol aircraft and long-range bomber. The Junkers Ju 390 was a German aircraft intended to be used as a heavy transport, maritime patrol aircraft, and long-range bomber, a long-range derivative of the Ju 290. It was one of the aircraft designs submitted for the abortive Amerika Bomber project, along with the Messerschmitt Me 264, the Focke-Wulf Ta 400, the Heinkel He 277.[1][2]. Bei nur zwei flugfähigen Maschinen dürfte es doch nicht so schwer sein, die Wahrheit herauszufinden…. Diese Website verwendet Cookies. Eine Maschine, die 1944 vom NS-„Atlantikwall“ bis in die Küstengewässer vor New York geflogen sein soll?! The Junkers JU-390 was intended to be a long-range heavy bomber designed to strike far-off targets like America's East Coast during WW2. Only two prototypes were ever completed, the V1 and V2 and was quickly dubbed the "New York Bomber". Angeblich sei das ein Testflug gewesen, um Erkenntnisse für geplante Bombenangriffe auf die USA zu sammeln. Underside view of a passing Junkers Ju 390 New York Bomber in flight, Front left side view of the Junkers Ju 390 New York Bomber at rest, Underside left view of the Junkers Ju 390 New York Bomber in flight, Authored By: Staff Writer | Last Edited: Work on the Ju 390 began after Germany declared war on the United States. At this point in the war, Germany was on a defensive footing. [12][13] Author James P. Duffy has carried out extensive research into this claim, which has proved fruitless. [4] The contracts for 26 Ju 390s were cancelled on 20 June 1944 and all work ceased in September 1944. According to Kössler and Ott, the Ju 390 V2 could not have made the U.S. flight either, since they indicate that it was not completed before September/October 1944.[7]. By subscribing, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Da heißt es, eine Junkers Ju 390 sei im Januar 1944 bei einem Testflug von Frankreich aus bis auf 12 Meilen (19 Kilometer) an die US-Ostküste bei Long Island herangekommen – und unbeschadet wieder heimgekehrt. On 26 November 1943, the Ju 390 V1 - with many other new aircraft and prototypes - was shown to Adolf Hitler at Insterburg, East Prussia. [15] Aviation historian Dr. Kenneth P. Werrell states that the story of the flight originated in General Report on Aircraft Engines and Aircraft Equipment, two British intelligence reports from August 1944, which were based in part on the interrogation of prisoners. We do not sell any of the items showcased on this site. This, however, is hotly debated. The model was constructed using components from two Revell of Germany Ju 290 kits. The most interesting part about the JU-390 is that it may have actually been test-flown across the Atlantic. [1][11] This was, however, rejected just after the war by British authorities. - Cookies. The aircraft also had a service ceiling of around 19,685 feet (6000 meters). Die Autoren Karl Kössler und Günter Ott sind in ihrem Buch „Die großen Dessauer. On 29 June 1944, the Luftwaffe Quartermaster General notes RLM paid Junkers for seven completed Ju-390 aircraft. The Ju 390 was a further development of the earlier proposed multi-engine Junkers Ju 290 heavy bomber of which 65 were ultimately built. O'Donnell claimed that Albert Speer, in an early 1970s telephone interview, stated that there had been a secret Ju 390 flight to Japan "late in the war". The Junkers JU-390 V1's first recorded flight was on the 20th October 1943. Further authors then cited Green's books as their source for the claimed flight. Facts. Seitdem wurde sie – darauf aufbauend – immer regelmäßig wiederholt. Junkers JU 390 V-01 Bird Models | No. The first prototype, the V1, (bearing Stammkennzeichen code of GH+UK), was modified from the Ju 90 V6 airframe (Werknummer J4918, civil registration D-AOKD from July 1940 to April 1941, then to the Luftwaffe as KH+XC from April 1941 through April 1942, then returned to Junkers and used for Ju 390 V1 construction).


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