kam snaps vs prym

As always! Sold Out. 2. Advertising. The most I have to do is trim them KAM stem if the fabric is on the thin side, other than that they've been great. My one gripe though is that they do not come with the attachments for different applications so you have to buy one of the small packs of snaps/rivets etc.
The professional table top press (DK93) is the gold standard among our setting presses. SIGN UP FOR 10% OFF. The stand-up pro-handheld press (KX-T2) is the free-standing version of the KX8J pro-handheld. I find, as a feeble girlie, that counterintuitively a larger hammer works for me. I've just replenished my original stash of Prym jersey fasteners with. The most I have to do is trim them KAM stem if the fabric is on the thin side, other than that they've been great. If only everybody was as efficient and conscientious! The article is available in these online shops: To be able to use Prym in full range, we recommend activating Javascript in your browser. Once you've decided on plastic or metal snaps, click on a link below for further assistance on choosing the right size. Support The Sewing Place from £1 a month. FREE SHIPPING ON US ORDERS OF $49+. I love my Kam pliers for sturdy, long-lasting, regulation-compliant snaps, especially for children's stuff and things that will be laundered very often, and Prym Vario pliers for installing their mock-MOP snaps which look good on grown-up clothing. New To PR | That's what brought me to the Prym jersey snaps and the tool- I already had the pliers! £2.75. I don't have the strength to hammer but I have the strength to lift one and let it fall! The basic pliers for plastic snaps (K1 or K2) are ideally suited for occasional home use where uniform-looking results are not necessary. I have the Kam Snap Plier, and wonder if it can be adapted to suit the Prym snaps. Video tutorials on how to use your K1 K2 KAM snap pliers to install plastic snaps, from size 14, 16, 20, 22, 24 and also how to remove snaps with your pliers. Professional quality CPSIA-compliant plastic snaps, metal snap fastener buttons, grommets, rivets and clips for commercial use, manufacturers, sewing professionals, and crafters. SALE! Our professional quality plastic and metal snaps are equally strong and durable enough to last years and years. I bought them originally to set eyelets and grommets for corsetry, which they were great for.

I had to bash them so hard that they distorted, Wearing wellies in wild, wet, windy (mid) Wales. I use the vario pliers, they are so easy to use. View all promo codes and shipping discounts. These pliers work solely with plastic snaps and cannot install metal snaps, grommets, or any other types of fasteners. Perfect for sewing enthusiasts who like to be neat and tidy: With the Color Snaps Box, the popular “Color Snaps” for decorating jackets, children’s clothes, accessories and more will be right at hand!


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