kapu aloha kaniala masoe lyrics
Overwhelmed, 'Ale'a looked at Maiko. Standing is what Hawaiians do. I feel your heart in the very beat of my own and that is how I know I am home in your light. We are fighting for our lives, and yours too. As Uncle Walter Ritte said while chained to the cattle guard a few hundred yards above them... it is time to rise in UNITY. Case maintains that the philosophy of kapu aloha has always been represented through an unspoken Hawaiian cultural edict that frames cultural practices and ceremonies. The Hawaiian people know this truth. [3] The philosophy of kapu aloha was reinvigorated when Hawaiʻi State officials announced that the construction of the TMT would start again on July 15, 2019. "You give to as many people as you can, please. Native Hawaiian scholar Iokepa Salazar states that: “It is, at once, an ancestor, a portal to the Akua, an elder sibling, a primary source of water for the people, and a place of spiritual being and reflection for Kanaka ʻŌiwi. None of us can survive without these things. Because of the unmeasurable ways she has protected us, fed us, loved us? If you speak or are learning to speak the language, this fight is for you. It's nice when the artists post on the board. Your Amazon Music account is currently associated with a different marketplace. And then it sat...raw, not mixed, not mastered, not put out into the world. Business has no end to its appetite. Kapu aloha is an evolving, philosophical code of conduct that is culturally informed by Kanaka Maoli ontologies and epistemologies, being expressed politically through non-violent direct action, and ceremonially through behavioral conduct in alignment with Kanaka Maoli cultural practices and notions of the sacred. Hooheno no na puuwai haokilaNa kiai mauna, moe i ke ala, Ua lawa i ka lei o ka lau koaI pauku ia mai me ke aalii, I mai no oe e hui lokahiUa maluhia ao Puu Huluhulu, Na hulu kupuna, na wiwo oleOlioli i na mele aloha aina, He aloha kupaa ke luana neiI ka mu o na manu, ua malia, E huliamahi mai e na puaI lei hookahi o ka lanakila, Haina ka puana ua kaulanaNa puuwai haokila moe i ke ala, A dedication to the hearts of steelThe mountain protectors, lying safe in the road, All you need is your lei of koaAdorned with aalii, You tell us, “Come, be together,Puu Huluhulu is safe”, The beloved kupuna, fearless,Joyously singing songs of our aina, Steadfast aloha resides hereIn the silence of the birds, it is calm, Come together, children of this landBe of one lei, the lei of victory, Tell this story of the famoushearts of steel, lying safe in the road, I don’t expect you to speak a language that your tongue has never tasted,A language that we fought for that was stolen from my kūpuna’s lips. Although Tengan found parallels at Puʻukoholā, Kapu Aloha was not a part of the events nor was it practiced by Kuhuna John Lake. At times there seems to be confusion about what is aloha. Because in the end, that’s really the only thing that matters - people. It has been used within a Hawaiian cultural context for many years." Kapu aloha is the magic, it's the magnet, it is the magnificence coming from the mauna right to this ala and saying this is the reminder of how we conduct ourselves. When an organization is willing to trample over thousands of people to achieve their goal, that is not science, it's business. We are mountain people, people of the fog and clouds and of the pelting rains and snow! It is the recognition that our existence is inextricably linked. Some things are not for sale. Music Video. At that point, 'Ale'a saw tight, curly hair drift past the front picture window. I stand with Mauna Kea because this, the tallest mountain on earth, is calling us all to remember that we cannot live without our mountains, they sustain us and provide for us.


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