kern river backpacking
Playing next. RINCON CAMP – The Rincon Fault (an earthquake faut line) runs in a north-south direction, on the east side of Kern River. Lloyds Meadow While most people call this the Forks of the Kern Trail, the official name of this trail is Kern Flat Trail, 33E20. Any chance I could call you one of these days for some specifics on a trip? Monache Meadows (Inyo NF) Brush Creek: awesome waterfalls & pools on Brush Creek, only accessible by hiking trail. But many of the "locals" - and an increasing number of visitors - will tell you to go take a hike if you think water is the only attraction. I carried a cup of JD and he carried my fly rod. (Use this for hiking a large loop). The trail crosses the Little Kern River here, at lower summer flows. This time on the stonefly nymph dropper. But, lake fish don’t fight as hard as river fish and stripping streamers just is not as technical or difficult for that matter. Dear Tim, Required fields are marked *. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. You do a great job describing the details of your trips and fly fishing experiences. Second cast, Whack! From Parker Pass or Western Divide Hwy, take M50/Parker Pass Dr east to Lloyd Meadow Road, 22S82, just before Johnsondale. I have thoroughly enjoyed your fly fishing blog. I said, “Take my rod; it’s rigged. An overgrown hunters camp (which has been almost destroyed) is located up hill from Brush Creek falls; but accessible via unmaintained dirt road – unsigned pull out, just off Shermans’ Pass Road. In the late Spring and early Summer, one may run into a strange type of hiker - whitewater kayakers! And there was the many October trips in float tubes in Lake Crowley. One great option is Kern Flat and beyond for river lovers. Explorers will find some great fishing secret spots upriver. Lower mountain elevations 2000-4000′ means camping all year is possible on the Kern. My 70 year old knees can only take so much hiking so I have to plan my trips very efficiently. Frank Ferraris. Southern Fork of the Kern River Notify me of follow-up comments by email. From the USFS: "Fishing season on this section of river also runs from the last Saturday in April to the 15th of November. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Near the bottom of the trail in the Spring, at the Kayaker Put In on the Little Kern River. So, yea, this probably was the best 3 day stretch of fly fishing I have ever had. Numerous small lodges between Kernville & Johnsondale. The trail continues all the way up the Kern River to Nine-Mile Creek via Kern Flat. backpackers & fishing trailheads You do a great job describing the details of your trips and fly fishing experiences. GREAT HIKING TRAILS IN THE SOUTHERN SIERRAS. On the other side, the trail will follow the North Fork Kern River for almost 8 miles to the Kern Flat Bridge. Another is to do a 26 mile loop of the Little Kern River via Kern Flat Trail, Doe Meadow Trail, Lewis Camp Trail to Jerkey Meadows to Fish Creek Trail. Lower Peppermint Campground Popular and rugged RINCON, a dirt bike and mountain bike trail runs this ridge as well. 19:10. From Kern Flat at the Doe Meadow Trail intersection, trail 33E20 continues another 2.2 miles to Nine-Mile Creek and connects to other trails along the way. Golden Trout Wilderness The Forks of the Kern Trailhead, and the optional trails are depicted on the 2019 Kern River Sierra topo map, Kern River Sierra Outdoor Recreation Map, 6th, Hike Freeman Creek Trail to the Giant Sequoias, Hike the River Trail at Johnsondale Bridge, Mountain Bike the IMBA Epic Cannell Trail. A kayaker hikes his boat down to run a remote section of the Kern River. 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