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He secretly shares a relationship with Lauren, later telling everyone that they are going out in The Fall, but in Mad Dogs they decide to be "just friends". He was part of the AFA (Animal Freedom Army) but was caught when they kidnapped celebrity chef Nick Cob. He asks James to be Joshua's godfather in The Sleepwalker. Four years later he had spent the past 32 months on a mission in Belfast, enough to go straight from grey to black shirt (after Zara bent the rules slightly).

Zodiac Sign: Kerry James is a Leo. Michael Patel is an Asian policeman who was found guilty of murder and corruption. She moved to Australia to live with her brother John, got a job as a bodyguard, then began studying Marine Biology at the University of Cairns in Australia. It is also known that he hates the United States because they supplied the missile that killed his brother. Keith "Junior" Moore, Jr. is a drug addict, alcoholic, and delinquent seen in Class A. Sasha Thompson is the leader of the vicious Mad Dogs crew. People born under this sign are thought to be brave and independent. Kazakov dies in Black Friday when the warehouse in which he is being held hostage blows up. He joined CHERUB after his parents and all but one sibling, his sister Holly, were murdered by a biker gang, known as the Brigands Motorcycle Club. At the end of his CHERUB life, he returns to his "Choke" surname and switches his two forenames around, to become Robert James Choke. Rat is highly intelligent, although tests undertaken on CHERUB campus have failed to replicate the IQ of 197 that he claimed to possess while living in the Survivor's Ark. They kidnapped Nick Cob and gave him to the other activists to deal with.

He is famous for being a TV Actor. Amy was in CHERUB from 1992-2005. During the Eighties, conservative politics and Reaganomics held sway as the Berlin Wall crumbled, new computer technologies emerged and blockbuster movies and MTV reshaped pop culture. He retired from CHERUB in 1993 and went on to study Military History at the University of Western Australia. Her brother is Jake Parker, and she obtains her navy shirt at the start of The Sleepwalker. She also becomes a mission controller. In Shadow Wave Chloe marries Isaac, a red shirt carer. She reappears in Mad Dogs briefly. [1] He makes a cameo appearance in another of Muchamore's series, Rock War, as a special forces trainer who puts the contestants on the titular music competition television series through a set of physical challenges. Discover what happened on this day.

Born Rathbone Regan in 1994, Northern Territory, Australia. Kerry James was born on August 2, 1986 as Kerry James Horn.
He was adopted by former chairman Mac. For starting a relationship with an active-duty agent and doing so as a CHERUB staff member, Bruce is permanently banned from any further employment by CHERUB and exiled from the organisation for three years, a sentence he describes as "totally worth it" in the epilogue. She has an on/off boyfriend on campus, Greg "Rat" Rathbone, who she met on her second mission in Australia. She reconciles with James at the end of The General. Born Jacqueline Oxford in 1970, Telford, Shropshire, she became chairwoman of CHERUB after the retirement of Dr. McAfferty in July 2006. Kerry James Horn (born August 2, 1986) is a Canadian actor and producer, known for Aliens in America (2007), best known for his role as Caleb O'Dell on the CBC series Heartland. Nicole started basic training with James and Kerry, but dropped out on her first day, after being told she was too fat. Jake and Lauren have a long-standing rivalry, and usually Lauren threatens all sorts of things until another CHERUB member intervenes. Retiring a year later than James from CHERUB service, he returns to the series in Black Friday along with James as a temporary CHERUB staff member, instructing agents in advanced driving maneuvers. Kerry is James's basic training partner, and they share an on/off romance between Class A and The Fall. Gabrielle is Kerry Chang's best friend and was on basic training with Kerry and James. After retiring from the Russian army, Kazakov was recruited by NATO to consult on Russian military training. Originally named Fahim Bin Hassam, Fahim is the son of Hassam Bin Hassam, a suspect in the crash of a jet airliner.

In The Fall she helps James with his investigation after a failed mission and they save Ewart's life, prompting them to earn their black shirts. Unlike Gabrielle, he isn't from the Caribbean, though could pass for it, as in Mad Dogs it says he was born and grew up in England. The greatest overall compatibility with Leo is Aquarius, Gemini. Shakeel was on basic training with James and Kerry.

In Black Friday, he returns to campus to help train CHERUB agents, before helping Ethan Aramov to get information from Leonid. He is known for getting girls, having sex, and then treating them like dirt because he prefer relationships which last for a short time, not long-term, which has led to Kerry Chang labeling him a scumbag for doing so in his profile on the CHERUB website. Majority of Kerry’s money comes from being a tv actor. Canadian actor best known for his portrayal of Caleb Odell in sixty-four episodes of the television series Heartland. [[ Brian "Bungle" Evans is an American Help Earth terrorist who attempted to kill oil executives with the disease anthrax. First appears in Class A. Promoted to Mission Controller in 2006. His sentence was reduced to seven years in a medium security prison. She used blanks from her father's office to smuggle many weapons. She also appeared in Divine Madness and Shadow Wave. Falling in love with contact Natalka during the Aramov mission, Ryan pines for her even after his return to the UK, and following his retirement from CHERUB in 2017, he is helped by James Adams to find her, resuming their relationship from where they left off three years before. Born Terrence Henderson in 1941, in Ayrshire, Scotland, he is the son of Charles Henderson, CHERUB's founder. He completed the training the first time, whereas Callum dropped out because of his broken arm after the basic training compound incident. It is in Man vs Beast that she turns vegetarian, after seeing the cruelty suffered by animals used for laboratory tests.

Known mostly by his last name, he is an ex-CHERUB agent with a violent temper and colourful vocabulary. Rat is the main agent character in the story Dark Sun.

Drake Bell. She currently works for Nebraska house, recommending suitable recruits. He is the main character of all 12 CHERUB books. James was born in Mission, British Columbia.
She truly cares for Junior and Julie, her mother. Adelaide was working with Mark (aka Kennet Markussen), and James Wilson (aka James Adams). He is said to be intelligent particularly at maths but being extremely lazy in school as well. He failed CHERUB entry tests due to talking in his sleep, to Lauren Adam's disappointment. He was once a rookie member of the Zebra Alliance, a group gunning to take down Malerek Research (an animal experimentalist group) but then got into the AFA (Animal Freedom Army) with brother and friends Tom Carter, Kyle Wilson (aka Kyle Blueman) and James Wilson (aka James Adams). He was then a member of the AFA (Animal Freedom Army) with Jo (aka Rihanna Jules), Adelaide Kent, Jay Buckle, Viv Carter, Tom Carter, Kyle Wilson (aka Kyle Blueman), and James Wilson (aka James Adams). He is described as physically fit and good looking.

He often makes sexist jokes which infuriate Kerry Chang, who then takes it out on James. for head-butting a police officer. She was recruited to CHERUB after her parents died in a gas explosion. After blackmailing Lauren in Mad Dogs, threatening to kill the Chairwoman's dog and a drunken incident in The Fall, Large was forced to resign from CHERUB, after which he moved away and got a job as a security guard.


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