krux trucks vs independent
Check for prices on Ventures are really good trucks and provide greater stability. See if you can try them out, maybe a friend or even someone at a skate park. You can’t say that Thunders are better than Independent trucks or Ventures are better than Independents. Wheels on Thunder trucks have are positioned further out and Indys position wheels further in, Venture is, again, in the middle. Ventures are a bit stiffer than Indys and Thunder which also has to do with the stock bushings. The Krux IIIs with Topless System are even lighter, with special bushings that feel broken in from the start, but that also provide a faster snap back into position. Krux makes some great trucks. There’s no fix for this, you just have to buy new trucks. I think we should all take a deep breath and support the brands that actually do something to improve skateboarding technology. Both trucks offer a bit more stability than Thunders where Ventures offer the most. Now if you want more responsive trucks you probably should go with Thunders but if you prefer sharper turns go with indys. The Destructo raw series skate trucks come in low, medium and high designs and look oddly skinny. 0 0. It's been a long time coming but after a few years of testing out gear and trying new stuff, it's time to present the best skateboard wheels for every style. Independent has a lot of more meat to grind through and the axles are supposed to be the strongest. I've listed them here because they have some unique features on their trucks. This list will grow and evolve as... Hey, thanks for dropping by! if they were too low then why didnt you get risers or something that would have helped, okay thanks all i needed some help now i am sticking with krux..independent will be my 2nd choice. Find out here. I personally like the Ventures stock bushings but that’s because I don’t like loose trucks. Sort of a perfect all-around well-built skateboarding truck. Trucks are the soul of your skateboard, decks come and go but your trucks stay for a long time. Low or high doesn’t really matter to everyone, some prefer highs and some prefer lows. Venture trucks are the cheapest and Independent the most expensive, Thunder trucks are in the middle. Also, Navigator is the only truck company that pins their axles, so they can guarantee their axles will NEVER slip! Phantom 2 trucks have a low profile, are lightweight and have a nice smooth edge for grinding. Your deck will feel so different depending on the trucks you use. Still have questions? No biggie. I bought those new "cow" trucks from krux. I recently got myself a pair of titanium Indys and I absolutely love them. Indy has better turning than Krux, which is one reason I use Indy. It doesn’t really make a difference, some argue lighter trucks make flips easier but I think that has to do with confirmation bias. Independent Trucks (commonly referred to as Indys) from Santa Cruz, California are the epitome of skateboard trucks. Same for Krux trucks. Krux makes "downlows" trucks, that have a lower hanger and kingpin than even Grind King. Are you aware of what type of trucks you currently have? When your wheels are closer to each other, you’re able to make tighter turns. They were to low and not nice to skate. I was amazed how stable it felt, I wanted that exact same setup and went looking for what exactly I need. Ventures are cheaper, provide more stability but offer less turn. Try looking for a button or just email them. Why does that matter? They are all made in the same factory. Indys are great for transition skateboarding. Navigator is a newer truck company and may be hard to find (the Navigator site has a store locator that should help). I admit I got a pair of Independent Titaniums and I know it doesn’t matter. I started skateboarding 25 years ago and I'm out there whenever I can. I could’ve just bought the standards and wouldn’t notice a difference. I do love videos of Ben Degros though, one you should definitely follow. I do however also love my indys. They actually make the lightest trucks in the world, does it make a difference? The thing that sets Phantom trucks (both regular Phantoms and Phantom 2s) are their built in shock pads. I just like to support brands and go all out. I can’t figure it out as I like all of the brands and you can’t go wrong with any of them. That's not to mention Destructo's "Rail Killer" series - these light trucks have extended baseplates to reduce wheel bite, and come in some incredible color schemes (including one using 24 karat gold!). You could save some money for better wheels or bearings or that fancy deck you just need to buy. independent are better trucks then krux but i think u should get venture they are really good. Ever since I started this site I slowly began buying cruisers and tested them to the best of my abilities. Insta @skateboardershq, 11 Best Cruiser Skateboards - Bought & Tested. So which one is the best? Fury skateboarding trucks are heavier and stronger than most. Most stock bushings need to break in before they start performing as they should. Tensor trucks come in both standard and low designs and should work excellently in most skateboarding situations. There’s no standardization when it comes to sizes and hight. As for hardness or durometer, Ventures have the hardest bushings, Thunder the softest and Indys are in the middle. Ask Question + 100. The truck hangar is made from aluminum, making it softer and weaker, but better for grinding.


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