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It’s a result of the times we live in.”. Perhaps even more controversially for certain online quarters, she believes “cancel culture” is, in fact, real — and a weapon capable of being used by the powerful to smear the Left. After a mere six months, subscribers now number over 172,000. “Ultimately, though, you’ve got to be willing to fight for the things and the people you say you are fighting for, whether it’s personally comfortable or not. “We’re going to talk about impeachment and Ukraine.”. I still hate confrontation, and I hate making people uncomfortable.” She points out a tic she has on Rising — a nervous laugh to break the tension after she goes on the attack. Krystal Ball Rising has 16,193 members. Please, RISING with Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti. “Yes, they did.”. She cited inequality statistics, the decline of workers’ rights, the rise of a ruling class, and Clinton’s complicity in all of it. “It’s a very validating experience. Krystal Ball Is the Anti–Rachel Maddow Bernie Fans Have Been Waiting For, Get a discounted print subscription today. “There we are, sitting behind an anchor desk. And while that campaign was closer to Obamaism than the economic populism she would later embrace, it seems to have sparked the beginning of a leftward trajectory. “That’s one of the fun things about our show — doing it from the city. “But it’s also kind of funny that it would be so radical to just actually talk about class politics, and actually not go out of your way to smear Bernie Sanders every day.”. “Don’t run, Hillary,” she said. Rising is participating in the otherizing of protesters to get clicks, and it's super gross. What? ), But look no further than her take on Elizabeth Warren, a candidate she once gave a thumbs-up to in her MSNBC days, but who Ball now eviscerates regularly on her show as “a perfect candidate for the type of liberal that the media is,” and — even more damning in the world of Rising — the winner of “the Rachel Maddow vote.” (Maddow, despite being a former colleague, has been the target of heavy criticism on Rising for spreading what Ball calls “feverish, Russian conspiracy theories.”), Warren, for Ball, is someone “relentlessly cheerful and unflappable. “We have an amazing show for everyone today,” he replies. And with Sanders’s surging poll numbers, it seems more and more of the country is in agreement. Democracy Now! It’s as if she’s defected from the enemy, ready to spill all their secrets. “I think the most important divide in the American public is between people who are fundamentally treated as human beings in their work, the ‘creative class’ that Richard Florida named, and people who are basically disposable commodities. Because Krystal Ball is very good at what she does. He just knew how to talk to people.”. Our new issue – asking whether the US is a failed state – is out soon. Both men looked and sounded about as far from a 2010s Ivy League Democrat as one could get — at one of Ojeda’s earlier campaign BBQs, a childhood acquaintance beat him with brass knuckles, then attempted to run him over with a truck. “Ojeda is a guy who, in his community, had a ton of credibility and trust, and was a true working-class guy, and just got that to his core. “Today,” she tells me, “the thing that East Liverpool is most known for is this horrible photo that went viral of two adults who had OD’d in the front seat with a child strapped into the backseat.” A police officer, she points out, shared the photo on social media. Rising. The lives of working people literally depend on those of us with a modicum of power being willing to be uncomfortable.”. Connor Kilpatrick is the story editor at Jacobin. “Some of the wealthiest counties in the nation, the wealthiest zip codes, are right here,” Ball says, not exactly sharing my pessimism. Host, "Rising with Krystal and Buck" @krystalball. If you don’t know who we are and what we’re all about…watch this: We get so much incredible feedback from you all every day across so many different platforms we thought this might be the best way to keep in touch and let you know what we’re up to! “I grew up in rural Virginia, where I actually live now to this day, in a place that Trump won by something like thirty points.” (In a recent podcast interview, she video-chatted in from her car, apologizing because there was little broadband access in her hometown. Michael’s Chris Matthews impression alone is worth a listen and Kyle’s Bill Kristol had us nearly rolling on the floor. Welcome to Rising. Krystal Ball looks like she belongs on TV. this is not. In June, the show started off with 6,000 of them subscribing on YouTube. (“No one is going to vote for a party who looks down their nose at them.”). Whereas MSNBC celebrates the Democratic Party’s takeover by affluent moderates, Rising seems to revel in attacking anyone or anything that smacks of “PMC.” Just as liberals tune in to Rachel Maddow to have a well-dressed wonk make them feel smart, Rising fans live to roast (and troll) that very demographic. We’re recovering slowly from the Great Recession, but as we pick our heads up at where we’re heading, we don’t like what we see.”. “Many of the elite preservers of the status quo in the Democratic Party would rather see Trump re-elected than Bernie as president,” Ball said. “My natural mode is rule worshipper, pleaser. Please, RISING with Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti. Subscribe in print today! Rising with Krystal and Saagar. Now she’s one of the few mainstream media figures who gets why Bernie Sanders matters and why liberal professionals shouldn’t be allowed to dominate progressive politics. LINK:, This site uses cookies. It all looks so well-manicured and sturdy, the opposite of the disarray and distress that much of the country finds itself in today. Both Ball and Enjeti are always smartly dressed, gleaming smiles all around, with Ball’s colorful wardrobe crushing the competition. Get our print magazine for just $20 a year. Welcome to Rising. “We have an amazing show for everyone today,” he replies. In light of what is happening with Coronavirus, we’ve decided to donate all proceeds from our Live Show audio this past weekend in NYC with Kyle Kulinski and Michael Brooks to relief efforts currently underway. (Ball has more than 220,000 followers on Twitter, quickly climbing.) With Harris out, Pete Buttiegieg is now a favorite punching bag of Ball’s, calling him the candidate of “generational change, which really just means the status quo, only from a younger dude.” (Her “On My Radar” bullet point for the candidate: “OK Boomer.”), “I guess it comes from always having a foot in both worlds, so to speak,” she tells me.


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