kt tape posture correction
We’re more than just a tape company. Dropping your head forward so that it does not line up with the rest of your body is one of the main reasons for upper back pain, poor posture and misalignment. How to Fix Gorilla Posture With KT Tape. All YouTube Tapers have the same fate… They try it on a couple of clients, it doesn’t “work,” so they put the roll of tape back on the shelf and stop using it. $9.88 $ 9. Both Kinesio taping and therapeutic exercise improve forward head posture after intervention and a 2-week follow-up. When applying Posture Tape to the spine apply the tape bilaterally to prevent excessive stretch of the tissue on one side of the spine and not on the other. (2011) the beneficial effects of Functional Tape include physical corrections, fascia relaxation, space recuperation, ligament and tendon support, movement rectification, and lymphatic fluid circulation. KT Tape ® is applied along muscles, ligaments, and tendons (soft tissue) to provide a lightweight, external support that helps you remain active while recovering from injuries. Aside from proper posture and balancing your muscle groups, you should keep your running shoes updated, since running in old shoes can make your stride and posture worse. However, it seems that, for posture correction, taping provides a humbler function: It acts as a reminder to the taped person by giving a slight tug on the skin when posture starts to falter. Proper skin preparation helps ensure the tape will stay on longer and not peel off right away. Expert Application Tips: Why didn’t it work? To read the entire article, and for more articles by Jenna Morris, visit Livestrong.com. Scapular upward rotation at 0°, 60°, 90° and 120° and FHA were measured before and immediately after the taping. Unlike many other therapies that require buying a bunch of new equipment for your practice, Posture Taping is simple to implement. This is the perfect reminder to maintain proper upright posture. Posture Tape Application is Specific (Not one size fits all). While postural correction is commonly used for its treatment, efficacy of kinesiology tape (KT) has received considerable attention. Or, if you can stimulate the same effects in other ways, it requires more of your time with the client. [Read: Treat Knee Pain with KT Tape] Correct your body posture and drive out the body ache with KT tape for shoulder pain, lower back pain, and more. Both serve as an important reminder for the client to stand up or sit up straight in proper posture, instead of collapsing forward with gravity. KT Tape is helpful in relieving pain by providing support to the neck and shoulder muscles spreading the stress across a wider range of muscles. Journal of Physical Therapy Science, 25(5) p. 581-582. Posture taping provides an excellent method to wean you from a medium or heavier support posture brace back to normal. Lifted shoulders create a harder position for your arms to move forward and back, making your muscles fatigue faster. 11 Best Posture Correctors to Relieve Muscle and Joint Aches, According to Experts. Do excersizes, stretches and training to help strengthen your core muscles that will help you meet the correct posture. The step-by-step guide to getting better postural correction results with Posture Taping. This external activation of cutaneous mechanoreceptors activates modulatory mechanisms within the central nervous system demonstrated as an increase in muscle excitability and proprioception (Gomez-Soriano, 2013). The unique properties of Kinesio Tape allows it to be a perfect material for posture correction; it mimics the superficial layer of your skin and it can stretch up to 60% beyond its resting length. Overemphasizing strength exercises such as pushups, chest presses and anterior shoulder raises only encourages the rounded upper back, since these exercises strengthen and tighten the muscles in the front part of your upper body. They are wearing Functional Tape because it helps them perform at the highest level. Is it really possible to get great results, improve compliance, and make your clients happy all at the same time? Posture Corrector for Women Men - Posture Brace - Adjustable Back Straightener - Discreet Back Brace for Upper Back Pain Relief - Comfortable Posture Trainer for Spinal Alignment (Universal) ... KT Tape Original Cotton Elastic Kinesiology Therapeutic Athletic Tape. Functional Tape has many powerful benefits for your patients. Consider running on softer surfaces, like grass or a padded track, and focus on running in a forward motion rather than just up and down. Gomez-Soriano, J., Abian-Vicen, J., Aparicio-Garcia, C., Ruiz-Lazaro, P., Simon-Martinez, C., Brano-Esteman, E., & Fernandez-Rodriguez, G. (2013) The Effects of Kinesio Taping on Muscle Tone in Healthy Subjects: A double blind, placebo-controlled crossover trial. When you utilize Functional Tape for the purpose of postural correction, it’s called Posture Taping. Posture Kinesiology Tape. Recent research indicates that kinesiology tape has a greater stimulatory effect with compromised tissue (due to injury or fatigue due to poor posture). As the client collapses forward in poor posture, they can feel the tape pull. Create Tension: A lighter 20-50% tension will work best with this taping method.If the tape … Starting at one shoulder, apply the tape to the anterior aspect of the shoulder, then continue to apply the tape across the upper back to the anterior aspect of the opposite shoulder. Saavedra-Hernandez, M., Castro-Sanchez, A., Arroyo-Morales, M., Cleland, J., Lara-Polom, A., & Fernandez-de-las-Penas, C. (2012) Short-term effects of Kinesio Taping versus cervical thrust manipulation in patients with mechanical neck pain: a randomized clinical trial. support@americanpostureinstitute.com. This is your step-by-step guide to Posture Tape application so you can get started right away using this beneficial treatment with your clients. You will discover how to apply Posture Tape in this guide. Objectives: To determine the effectiveness of KT versus correction exercises on neck disability, and axioscapular muscles fatigue in MND patients. By placing the Posture Tape over the shoulders and upper back it helps your clients prevent rounding forward at the shoulders or collapsing forward with the pull of gravity. Please, Please, Please do not do your clients the disservice of being a YouTube Taper! (Kinesio tape (KT), n=6) and Group II (Rigid tape (RT), n=5). Picture on the top left is basically assisting in facilitating the LOWER Trapezius, to promote an inferior pull to the Upper Trapezius and a posterior fascial pull also. Bio feedback contributes to better posture which eases stress on the neck and shoulder. Functional Tape is completely different because it is flexible, and has a different mechanism to improve function. Simple to Implement: Posture Taping improves proprioception of the Posture System, and serves as a trigger to correct your clients’ posture when they start to slump. Work on stretching your chest, neck and shoulders to loosen up the areas that may be tight for you prior to running. For best results, use these expert application tips for the application of Posture Tape. Now to tape for forward head posture correction we use strips of tape from below the base of the hairline and down over the upper curve of the back. Kinesio Tape is also water resistant to withstand moist environments. By adding this additional modality to your clinical tool belt, you are providing patients with further healing effects that they may not have achieved any other way. Whether you're sitting or standing, in need of neck or back support, these devices could work wonders. 2020 Roundup of the Most Helpful Blogs for Volleyball, Sports Safety: Common Sports Injuries, Prevention, and Basic Treatment for Athletes, Reduction of Swelling & Bruising with KT Tape, The Keys to Crushing Your Workouts While Stuck at Home in Quarantine, The 3 Best Massage Ball Exercises for Shoulders. KT tape has become all the craze in the fitness industry today, however the way we use it is a bit different from what is traditionally seen. When strength training, be sure to include exercises for your upper back, such as rows, reverse flyes and pullups. Copyright © 2020 | KT Health LLC. KT Tape can also relieve pressure on the points of pain in the back and send correct signaling to the muscles that allow them to relax.  KT Tape increases the range of motion when recovering from inflammation and injury. This causes the tape to peel off sooner if there is tension at the tape ends, or the “anchors.”. Posture – A Learned Muscle Pattern Posture influences everything when it comes to human performance and how the body functions. Functional Tape is an easy-to-implement therapy that can benefit your clients in many different ways including pain relief from chronic pain, edema reduction from bruising or swelling, improved proprioception for better functional output, and posture habit re-education for postural correction. Kinesio tapes were created by Dr. Kenzo Kase in the 1970s, and are the original elastic therapeutic taping. Begin with one piece of tape and apply the anchor of the tape between the top of the shoulder and the base of the cervical spine. You can use KT to help but you should not rely in it by itself. When applying tension, however, make sure the tension is in the center of the tape, not at the edges of the tape. The Posture Tape should stay applied for approximately 3-5 days. Cut three long “I” strips with rounded edges, Two pieces of tape that reach from the client’s neck to their lower back, One piece of tape that goes from the anterior aspect of one shoulder to the anterior aspect of the other shoulder, Posture Tape is applied with 25-50% tape tension in the middle of the tape (not at the edges), Apply the two long “I” strips on each side of the spine with tape tension of 25-50%. Activities requiring intense concentration and limited body movement create stress that contributes to muscle pain in the neck and shoulder. Over long periods of time, your body adapts to this position, creating imbalances and losing flexibility that encourages better posture. Alternatively, kinesiology tape has some unique elastic properties that allow it to provide active support, protecting muscles or joints, while still allowing a safe and functional range of motion. Yoo, W. (2013) Effect of the Neck Retraction Taping (NRT) on Forward Head Posture and the Upper Trapezius Muscle during Computer Work. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Let your shoulders relax away from your ears instead of hunching them up. Save 5% more with Subscribe & Save. IMPROVED POSTURE – Posture Tape Upright is a pre-cut kinesiology tape especially developed to improve your posture. (2004) The Effects of Kinesio Taping on Proprioception at the Ankle. This may be the cause of your running pain and can be corrected by running upright with your ear lobes hovering above your shoulders and your shoulders above your hips. Postural Correction is the Missing Link to Prevent Chronic Pain, One Simple Solution for Top 3 Chronic Pain Conditions, Fitness Beyond the Gym: How to Achieve your New Year’s Resolution of Better Health and Fitness, Posture Therapy: Why You are the Solution to a Serious Health Crisis. Over the past 40 years, this technique has been commonly used by athletes to improve posture, relieve pain, enhance performance, and support muscles. The first of the two main theories proposed to explain the reported functional effects of Functional Tape, refers to the lifting effect allowing increased blood and lymph circulation. The following posture taping techniques are designed to support the upper back and neck, improve postural alignment and reduce stress on the spine during activity. There are several positions your spine can misalign while exercising. In this video you will see the Posture Taping protocols in action with step-by-step instruction and expert application tips. By increasing muscle excitation and proprioception, there is evidence supporting the utilization of Functional Tape for performance-based objectives, not just therapeutic.


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