lady ice game

Its no wonder this game won an award! I didn't find any issues, other than lighting up the room with a candle doing nothing and the room still being dark. It's a strong 7 to a light 8. The gamepad controls are included in the README.txt!-- The best strategy is to slowly but without stops circle around the whole room, big circle. I'm curious as to why I could never get hurt from her! - FreeGamePlanet, "Lady Ice marks another people-pleasing entry from Nyar." The difficulty, i love challenging and difficult games so it being hard is a plus. During her spell, you cannot light your candles, leaving you vulnerable and lonesome in her dark world.

Lady Ice came within the top 5 games of Asylum Jam 2016! And silly narrator is just a silly narrator for the intro. Finished it! very freaky XD good job on making all these games :D, I literally had a heart attack with her first appearance, so thank you for that!

This game is pretty goodand scary, but I feel that is way too hard. Turns out I'm a stupid poop and left a debug switch turned on. Thanks very much for alerting me to this. Nonetheless I shit myself, Thanks a lot!! Although I was scared, I believe the game encountered a glitch to where my candle couldn't go out and Lady Ice couldn't get me. In this first-person horror-survival title, which scored in the Top 5 Games in Asylum Jam 2016, you must avoid the Lady Ice as she envelopes you in darkness with nowhere to run. I personally will never make it to the end so I have no idea if there's a cut scene or a little bit of dialog at the end, but it's difficult and everytime I die I laugh instead of being pissed off, so you did good in my book ahah. Justin's mobile music studio unites people from rival postcodes. The gamepad is not supported in menus and does not have appropriate UI text, but can be used to playthrough all of the game!

Not more. - HorrorTalk. My recommendation to anyone considering this is to just PLAY IT! Might waste 5 hours trying to beat it. Yes it might seem weird but that is right, comfy. I made this game for a game jam (in under 48 hours) so that's why it's really short. I think, i am the second ever person to beat this game. The Rap Game UK: Lady Ice v J Lucia. Lady Ice #BlackLivesMatter ‘No Silence’ OUT NOW on all digital platforms | The Rap Game Uk BBC contestant. Also, the candle you're holding doesn't go out. i think you make some awesome games and this was very awesome too! Experience a bone-chilling, wild-western horror title created by the developer of Asylum Jam 2015's top 5 runner-up - The Room. In this clash, it's Lady Ice versus J Lucia - and it's no secret the two already have beef. Micahh was waiting for his big break – so why did he quit The Rap Game UK? And to be so good in being made in only 48 hours is quite an impressive accomplishment. Really glad you enjoyed it :). But be wary - she can cast her spell of darkness.

Nice job! Девушка с холодными руками! However if you wanna see me get jumpscared and rage, check this out!! Overall, great game! That issue should be fxed now (>_<). Thanks for the jumpscares Nyar and keep up the good work.. With these three scary random games.. It was pretty creepy and having monsters breathing down your neck while running away might be the most stressful thing ever :D, Click download now to get access to the following files: This Game right was more terrified than Tenome!!! Whatever you do... stay out of the dark!Lady Ice is a local myth, some say she can travel only through darkness and take away poor souls into her Great Storm.

didnt know how to keep her from getting me ll :D, The bad lady touched me! Even with her not being able to get me it was still scary as hell. I look forward to playing your other stuff. Should be fine now. THIS GAME CONTAINS BRIGHT, FLASHING SCENES, "A tense little game that will really make you fear the dark!" This game scared the hell out of me, good job hahah. Thanks for playing! Keep a look out for my new game for Asylum Jam 2017! Those extra features are just some quick silly things I threw in at the end of development. The shadowing and models were all fitting, and the game itself is very comfy.

7 mins. I'm impressed you made this in 48 hours and I think you did a great job with it, I plan on taking a look at some of your other work, it looks just as eerie :), Thanks so much for playing! Well done !!! From my knowledge only a few youtubers have completed it (can't speak for other players who don't post their progress online) but it's still a brilliant thing!

Lady Ice: Redux has limited support for the Xbox 360 PC Controller. Whatever you do... stay out of the dark! 'I shouldn't have to look sexy to be a good rapper': Meet the women of the Rap Game UK, Every question you ever had about female ejaculation, answered, Coercive control: 'I was 16 and thought it was normal'.

Lady Ice is a local myth, some say she can travel only through darkness and take away poor souls into her Great Storm.

Very good job on this game! It would be cool to incorporate a progression to beat it, like find the clues and get out of the cabin, then escape the forrest to get back with your camp or something like that while she's after you the entire time. You also unlock retro mode which pixelates everything, its really great. Congrats! Mm!!! That's certainly a unique way of describing the game :) I agree with you though, it does feel comfy!


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