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Copyright © Kent Roper 2020. Comes with companion audio! L’alphabet Lao emploie une calligraphie dérivant de celle de l’inde, et proche donc de l’alphabet Thaïlandais (nous retrouvons dans ces deux langues des groupes de consonnes et de voyelles similaires ayant quasiment la même prononciation). Our Lao alphabet posters are great as a visual and reference guide to hang on your wall.

I like that you used different colors for the vowels and consonants. And just like everything else on this site, I appreciate your feedback so I can improve. Shop our poster. And since they are useful to me, I'm sure they've got to be useful to at least one other

Once you learn the Lao alphabet, you can almost write/type the phonetic sound of many words accurately. So I created Kop Jai der. For example, green for low class, blue for middle class, and purple for high class. Start studying Lao alphabet. Sometimes when you can't find the resource that you need online, you create your own. Thanks Kent, I was born in Laos but came to Australia when i was very young and only know how to speak Lao, I'm going to learn to how to read and write it now. I've seen the same Lao phrase written phonetically 4 ways on 4 different websites.

Start studying Laos Alphabet. Lao Alphabet Poster. The back of each card has an approximate Romanization of each letter. I am interested in purchasing a box of Laos Alphabet Flashcards.Please, send me information.Thank you.Clara Abbas. So why am I using paper flash cards to learn the Lao alphabet? approximate Romanization of each letter. The vocabulary for these alphabet flashcards matches the phonic sound of each letter, with the exception of 'Xx' which is represented by 'fox'.

you can download the vowels here. Our apparel concept is to get others to ask, “What does your shirt say or script mean?”, People will start asking you about the Lao writing on your shirt — which opens for an opportunity to teach someone. Comes with companion audio! If you find the Lao Alphabet Chart on this page very helpful (especially the audio/video), please consider supporting this website by purchasing a wall poster – Purchase our Lao Alphabet Poster. Lao alphabet -- especially for the vowels; they can be tricky. printable Lao flash cards. Thanks for your feedback! I fell in love with Anki flash cards when I was learning Esperanto, but in this case, I want more control over what learning. clavier lao (laotien) poour écrire en ligne avec l'alphabet lao Educational Lao Posters. 26 consonants and 28 vowels sounds a little complicated. you print out the cards, you go to a site where you can hear the

You can download the consonants here and Use our uniquely designed illustrated flash cards as a playful tool for language development. paper and then cut and past onto index cards. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Making my own flash cards helped because had to write the letters myself, and because I can go over as few cards as I want to, as many times as I want to. One suggestion to make the consonants even better is to color code them into high, middle and low classes.

It's all about control. Flash Cards Animals and Insects Ring Flash Cards $ 15.95 Add to cart. Lao Flash Cards.

Il existe 34 consonnes dans la langue lao réparties en 3 groupes. (I'm still using Anki right now to learn vocabulary, though.). All of our products are shipped from the USA. And Lao is a tonal language. Lao Alphabet Poster and other educational posters. I don't think it's going to be easy to learn to read Lao.

The back of each card has an

All Rights Reserved. Thank you this is great! (Don't forget to read all the way to the bottom to see my first video speaking Lao.). Lao Alphabet Click on each Lao alphabet to listen to the sound. I got the translations from a different web site, and the translated sounds All Rights Reserved. I love that idea. But the main reason is for learning new vocabulary, and pronouncing that vocabulary correctly. Use our uniquely designed illustrated flash cards as a playful tool for language development.

Free printable Lao Alphabet flash cards So a few notes about the flash cards. I've just started learning Lao and there's not very much stuff on line. Copyright © Kent Roper 2020. If i had not found your flash cards i would have done something very similar, saved me hours of work, much appreciated. Would love to hear an update of how far you went with it! In these lists the consonants are cited by their "full" names. As I mentioned in my learning Esperanto re-cap, I wish I had done more videos, so I'm happy for the motivation from Benny.


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