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Upon passing a religious reform, your nation will lose 1 stability, release all of its vassals, and be reduced to a number of provinces equal to 10 + 2 per religious reform already passed (so 10 for the first one, 12 for the next, and so on). The Itza city-state of Petén was the last independent Mayan state before it fell to Spanish invaders in 1697. This puts you at a precarious position for neighboring Nahautl nation who think this is a sign of weakness. As of the 1.28 Spain update, colonisers come considerably slow into the Americas.

Although colonization is the safest method for expansion, lack of technology and the tropical terrain will significantly reduce the growth of colonies.

Invading their colonies in the region is extremely inconvenient, but can be made easier by constructing a separate Pacific fleet and stationing a few armies on the Pacific coasts of the Americas that can be quickly deployed to Asia and Oceania.

Hindering their expansion is best done by colonizing the various islands such as Hawaii, Rapanui, and the Galapagos before the Westerners can and also by preventing them from colonizing the western coasts of the American continents. The League of Mayapan achievement in Europa Universalis IV: Starting as Huastec, form Maya.

When facing stronger states, the tropical terrain in Itza and Kiche can be used to drain the enemy's manpower and hurt their morale first, best followed by hunting them down with an army later. As mentioned above, the best way to prevent this is to prevent one nation from achieving hegemony in the first place through strategic alliances with underdogs and constant attacks to prevent the rise of Nahuatl vassal empires.

The Mayan religion (as well as the Nahuatl and Inti religions) can be reformed to grant the Mayans significant, permanent bonuses as well the ability to jump forwards in technology and modernize. This will, however, only slow their progress and provide a larger window of time during which the Maya can begin to build a presence in Indonesia and the Pacific.

Or. While the names differ the pantheon and many traditions are quite similar to the Nahuatl religion.

Keep in mind however, that Nahuatl nations are less likely to accept your alliance offer so a useful Mayan ally might come in need.

Later on, my navy really saved me and developing my cocoa provinces boosted my economy. This can be mitigated by holding their conquests off as much as possible and signing a truce as soon as the enemy is willing.

Colonizing Kamchatka will provide the Mayans with same-culture, same-religion provinces that can produce troops to fight in mainland Asia. Upon reaching level 7 Administrative technology and unlocking the second idea group, Administrative points should be invested in development of the capital and other key provinces. If the Mayans have not united Mesoamerica, they will have to quickly accomplish this task through conquest, as it will no longer be possible to vassalize the remaining primitives. Do not despair at the technological gap. If there is any independent country in the enemy alliance, separate peace treaties will give the most provinces needed and open the possibility of forced conversion to the Mayan religion. Historically, the League of Mayapan was dissociated in 1441 after Ah Xiu Tutal overthrew and slaughtered the then ruling family, Cocomes. Once all five reforms have been passed, the cycles will end and the Mayans can finally expand unhindered. Right at the start, the player should focus on making allies by improving relations and royal marriages.

Another option is to force convert the Nahuatl to the Mayan religion. Keep in mind however, that Nahuatl nations are less likely to accept your alliance offer so a useful Mayan ally might come in need. Expanding to 20 cities will require annexing the other Mayan states and Zapotec, so forming an alliance with future prey also means waiting through a truce timer after dissolving the alliance.

A Mayan state with 10+ provinces can easily afford the salary of a theologian and if unrest is dangerously high, harsh treatment is not a bad idea since New World countries, who do not need to invest as much in technology, can afford to spend Military points there.

If the Mayans own provinces without foreign claims or cores, these provinces might remain in the empire but lose their cores, making it necessary to spend the administrative monarch points needed to core them again; otherwise, they may be given to a neighboring state.

If the economy is sluggish, ‘A Unified Army’ can help raise income; if the economy is fine, ‘Central Arbitration’ mitigates the constant unrest in conquered provinces. A general piece of advice that always remains true however is this: the major European empires will always remain a significant threat until destroyed.

Expansion southwards towards the Inca should not be ignored, but the Europeans will expand more slowly in South America due to the harsh tropical terrain. Later expansion into East Asia can also be a good strategy since the technologically-lagging Asian countries will not be able to offer significant resistance, with the possible exception of Ming if China has not disintegrated into civil war. Right at the start, the player should focus on making allies by improving relations and royal marriages. Colonizing down to Panama will shut the Europeans - especially the Portuguese - off from their quickest route to the Pacific. Once all Maya states of importance fought under the same banner. Trouncing now technologically inferior neighbors should not take too long, but it must be done before the Europeans decide to do it themselves.

The neighbor bonus will reduce technology costs and help the Mayans catch up. This is a compilation and strategy article for Huastec.Mechanics and flavor content are transcluded from other pages. South America, populated by the fractured Andean states that almost never unite or succeed in reforming the Inti religion and modernizing, also is open for conquest, though this is a race against the clock as the Europeans begin to settle Colombia and Brazil. After the reformation of the Mayan empire, a whole new set of problems emerges. Even after reforming, a united Aztec Empire with multiple vassals can pose a threat to the Mayan League. Therefore, everytime you pass a reform, you'll be severely weakened. It is also important to make sure that national unrest is low enough to prevent the outbreak of rebellions in conquered territories. Apparently declaring war on colonies didn't call their overlord to arms so this meant that the only wars I faced against real Europeans were defensive. The player should remain wary of the Aztecs, who start with bonuses to their military from traditions and their Nahuatl religion.

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The difficult reformation process will force a Mayan player to conquer and reconquer territory, in turn draining many Administration monarch points in coring costs.

On the plus side, the Mayan reforms are the best available, making a reformed Mayan faith one of the most powerful religions in the game. If that state attacks first and breaks the alliance, then one can invite the Nahuatl state to clear the threat and occupy it in return. the second one is to wait your turn until a neighbor declares him and then jump at him. Focusing on catching up to the Europeans in Military technology and securing a European ally should be a priority for the newly modernized Mayan league.

It is better to ally with a Nahuatl country beyond Zapotec.

If the League has founded colonies in the Pacific Islands, these will serve as useful landing pads for invasions of European territories in Asia. Mayan institutions will begin to spread to the East Asian states, though they will take a long time to become fully established.

As is always the case with Paradox games, once the empire has established itself as a power, it is up to the player to decide in which direction to advance and what specific strategies work in each war. Eventually, the Europeans will show up. The game is not using a random New World. The next biggest potential non-European adversary is to the south, the Incan empire. If Ming disintegrates into small kingdoms, there will effectively be no power in Asia that can threaten Mayan expansion. God damn beautiful.

The Maya need to sign a truce in which they give away the minimum number of regions the European attacker wants, as they will probably not accept anything else.

Becoming complacent can make it hard to finish all the reforms without breaking truces, while neglecting preparation for future cycles can push the Maya into a drawn out stalemate with a rising Nah…

Press J to jump to the feed. Taking the time to ensure the Nahuatl states are too weak to take advantage of Mayan vulnerability after passing a reform will speed up the pace of conquest in future cycles.

Find guides to this achievement here. then all its provinces are removed from the HRE. Otherwise both Mayan states will be called into the same flower war, preventing short term threat. Huastec is a Mayan country in North America, separated from the rest of their fellow Mayans by Nahuatl states. Such a situation is only likely to happen with colonized provinces. These bonus are very helpful for reforming and the Mayans might be able to retake these regions before long, even after the reformation.

The country: If the country is AI-controlled, then it: For a Mayan nation to pass a reform, they will need to be at peace, have no rebel-controlled provinces, no overextension, positive stability, and own at least 20 provinces. Successfully having all reforms passed and most of Mesoamerica under Mayan rule before the Europeans arrive demands both speed and patience. You are bordered by Chichimeca, an animist nation which usually has a hard time finding allies. The -20% coring cost modifier is also optimal, but keep in mind you're going to stack most of your admin points without spending them on technology.


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