legate lanius dialogue
VFreeformHooverDamVHDLegionLegateLaniusTopic025. I intend to use you to strike at that weakness. They will not have the luxury of such comforts this time. Then until our return... {To himself, walking away} True to Caesar. And your skull - it shall sit by my side, mute, watching as my armies march West. I hope you're not counting on the Omertas to help you. No match for the Legion. But we can speak of that later. The West shall fall as the East fell, and all the tribes that stretch to the setting sun shall bear the mark of the Legion. VFreeformHooverDamVHDLegionLegateLaniusTopic014. VFreeformHooverDamVHDLegionLegateLaniusTopic074. Towns? For now, come, we must see to the burning of the dead. VFreeformHooverDamVHDLegionLegateLaniusTopic081. Trade helped us survive the Great War, it will do so again. *Holding* it is another matter. Do this, and his cowards will retreat, leaving the dam to us. VFreeformHooverDamVHDLegionLegateLaniusTopic001. "As for wisdom... there is wisdom in your words, "My coming would have saved you, set your people free in ways they cannot see. Let us hope your skill with weapons proves greater. Upon death, he spawns a different, weaker version intended for the player. VFreeformHooverDamVHDLegionLegateLaniusTopic028. I intend to use you to strike at that weakness. Lanius is called the Monster of the East because he never, ever shows mercy." Even now, Caesar drew too much of the Legion's blood needed there for... this. It is Caesar's {emph} will this gate to the West bear the flag of the Legion. You speak with conviction, and more importantly, with honor. {starting combat} Another kill to my name! Know that I shall return East. And we shall harvest as we move West. Legate Lanius, the Monster of the East, is the military commander of all Caesar's forces in the field. Surely there are terms you would hear? I live to serve Caesar's will - and the will of the Legion. VFreeformHooverDamVHDLegionLegateLaniusTopic064. {beat} I am the East, and I will prove it this day. VFreeformHooverDamVHDLegionLegateLaniusTopic013. [SUCCEEDED] {Pauses} Vulpes... brought the touch of Caesar to such places. The Dam will fall, and the rest of the Profligate west will soon follow." Move forward? That is where Oliver hides. Caesar's will is made truth through me. Collector's Edition playing card characters, List of tribes assimilated by Caesar's Legion, https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Lanius?oldid=3342710, If the Speech or Barter checks cannot be passed, or the wrong dialogue is selected at the near-end or the beginning, he will prepare to engage combat, and the Courier will have a unique good. We shall see how brave you are when nailed to the walls of Hoover Dam, your body facing West so you may watch your world die. Maybe you'd want something more fair? My army has been ready for some time now. The Legate is designed to be a significant challenge for combat-focused characters: He moves 80% faster than normal non-player characters, capable of keeping pace with the player even with both legs crippled.


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