lionheart band f45
… Disappointing as for the price you get little more than your real time heart-rate. How do I fix this?! ​At F45 Training we strongly believe we don’t just provide you with a place to train, but a better way of life. The issue however that bothered me the most was that this HRM is a random numbers generator when it came to calories. Reports used to come on a timely matter. Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Been using it for more than a year now.Changed the battery once. Like others have said (just like scales), the figure being exact isn't as important as being able to see the changes over time. Our ‘Team Training Life Changing’ philosophy is what drives us to constantly offer you the latest in fitness technology, like our LionHeart Heart Rate Monitor.​F45 Training has expanded it's fitness technology with the introduction of it's latest App - F45 Life​.​F45 Life is the one App you need to track your training progress​ and is now available for iPhone​.You can:Create a​n​ F45 ProfileRegister your LionHeart band to get all of your LionHeart reports in one place in the convenient activity feedKeep up-to-date on your overall stats, in the ​s​tats section of the appEarn badges for reaching ​m​ilestones, making it even easier to track your progressKeep your personal details up-to-date, including weight & your studioUpload a profile picThe F45 Life ​App ​will rapidly expand into a fully fledged lifestyle App, which you will be able to use in a variety of new and exciting ways, so watch this space​!​. It’s inaccurate. In this same app it keeps a log of all of my workouts and I can even link up with my friends who I workout with so we can see each other's results and cheer each other on. Overall not a very well implemented solution and the cost of the product feels like a total rip off and is clearly aimed at the cheapest solution possible to maximize profits. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. I have heard lionheart overshoots on calories. It does what it says so I can't complain. Great value for money, so encouraging seeing your heart rate and points up on the F45 screen. I am rather fit and very lean so find it hard to burn calories even when I am absolutely dripping in sweat and almost dying - my Fitbit clocked 450 calories av 135bpm; LionHeart clocked 572 Av 153bpm. Tried changing the battery but still would not work. Reset MindBody password and F45Life passwords to match (which is a security no-no I will add). Followed all instructions and those of the trainers and have completely destroyed the back of the monitor so now have to purchase a new one. The F45 Lionheart reports that my heart rate does not go above 156 bpm even though I know when running I often sit at 160+ quite comfortably and trust me in some sessions I must be at my VO2 max! Good to see your workout craphouse to change battery. Any thoughts on which could be more accurate? This is the type of functionality I wish F45 LionHeart would incorporate into their product and then I'd use it. Have a look at some of my posts on where I put up both the LionHeart report and the Samsung Health workout report. This is ridiculous. They are truly incompetent. No. They can offer to graph a range of dates, graph your overall progress over time, or even just summarise the results you have. Companies can't alter or remove reviews from You could still earn points within the app too similar to other fitness studio apps. Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. Press J to jump to the feed. I log my Lionheart to Samsung Health at the same time F45 is gathering the exact same data, and there is definitely a discrepancy. When I try to login so I can connect my Lionheart heart rate monitor - from F45 ironically - it tells me to reset my password with MindBody password. The app is not connected properly across MindBody SSO. Lionheart* not heat... Hey, does anyone know if you can get replacement bands for your lionheart that aren’t F45? At panthers this morning lionheart says I burned 575 calories while Accurofit says 411. Rather than using it as “caloric burn” directly, use it as a trend line. This put my target of 70% at 116. I like being able to compete within the session, seeing mine and others’ readings - great idea! Usually on Resistance Days my Fitbit will clock about 350-400 calories burnt, Cardio days will be 400+ easy especially when the owner is pushing me. Orange Theory calculates calories the same way. Stick to your Garmin or Fitbit. I know you can link the hr monitor to other apps, but would be nice to have it all in one app. The Garmin and Fitbit were always similar in calories burnt but the LionHeart was always over by 100 to 150 calories, even more! I like the analytics, good measure of progress but would like to see more graph and charting options provided.


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