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Lisgar Collegiate Institute is located at 29 Lisgar Street, in Ottawa, Ontario. This technology, combined with dynamic mathematics software and hand held graphing technology, allows for a greater range in the presentation and understanding of the curriculum. The windows in the stair tower had been placed a half-way between floors to align with the landings. We would like to acknowledge that our schools are on unceded Algonquin Territory, and thank the Algonquin Nation for hosting us on their land. [21], The Lisgar Collegiate Institute erected a memorial which is dedicated to the memory of former Lisgar students who died or served during the Korean War. These groups take part in many music competitions, including the Ottawa Kiwanis Music Festival, where Lisgar has often taken home gold. Phone: 613-239-2696 Lisgar Collegiate Institute has over a 170-year-old tradition of excellence in Academics, the Arts, and Athletics.The Gifted Program (grades 9 to 12) provides an enhanced learning experience for students identified as intellectually gifted. [15] This renovation included a small westward extension to the auditorium to add fire exits which replaced external fire exits on the north side of the auditorium. We never fail to have several students place in the top 5th percentile in each of the Avogadro and Chem 13 News Chemistry Contests, the University of Toronto National Biology Exam, and the OAPT and Sir Isaac Newton Physics Contests. How do you rate the proximity of schools in Lisgar? Lisgar’s Environmental Action Force (LEAF) members spread their positive environmental message to LCI students.

Our Band and Outdoor Education programs operate outside the regular day schedule and run all year long. Address: Lisgar has also won the National and International Whiz Quiz Trivia Challenge for the past two years[8] Lisgar's Improv team is also well known for its continued excellence in the Canadian Improv Games, winning the National Tournament back to back in 1999 and 2000 and qualifying for the Canadian National tournament every year since 2004.

Elementary Education Programs (EEPs) are half-day workshops where an elementary school class visits the Space Sim facilities at 440 Albert Street and participates in activities covering a variety of space-related science subjects, such as: astronomy, life in space, Newton's laws of motion, rocketry, electrostatics, satellite design and space flight using shuttle simulators and tours of the mission facilities.

Lisgar's commitment to utilizing OVIN's "Ottawa Volunteers in Education" program resulted in the placement of 45 volunteers--mostly university students-- as teachers' aides in the 2011-2012 school year. Former students of Lisgar have donated money to purchase multimedia projectors, computers and renovations for our fifth computer lab and most recently, the renovation and painting of our auditorium and Student Services office. Thomas and W. Chesterton, was built at a cost of $26,000. There are many schools nearby. In both 2008 and 2009, Lisgar shared the title with Merivale, after question problems created unresolvable disputes in two consecutive finals. K2P 0B9 Lisgar finished 3rd after losing to Centennial CVI in the semi-finals. The year after, a second place finish after the first day led to an acceptable 4th place result. As of 2009, the team has a playoff record of 5-12. Please join us Tuesday, November 10th, 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm to discuss mental wellbeing and ways to support Indigenous students in schools. Every person at Lisgar contributes to our community and benefits from the synergy of the learning experience. The school board acquired the land on Biddy Street for $3,200 and paid a squatter $100 to give up any claims on the land. Each activity is taught by two Lisgar Space Sim club members. Students are encouraged to arrive just in time for the start of class in the morning and will leave school promptly at 1:00 pm. (Partnership for Academic Competitive Excellence) national finals, qualifying for the last 6 years. The daily schedule consists of four 75-minute classes each day. In the 1970s, a cash-strapped Ottawa Board of Education decided to close the school and sell its valuable downtown real estate. Reminder. They have qualified for the HSNCT every year since 2005. In 2011, Lisgar was invited to Nationals as the 3rd Ontario team after the Saskatchewan Provincial Champion dropped out. Many of our staff, recognized for their teaching expertise, are called upon to serve as members of provincial and board curricula writing teams and to present at national and international conference. In previous years, parents and students have camped out overnight to secure a "coveted transfer spot" to Lisgar, causing some controversy in the news. Click here to create an account…, The school test scores in Lisgar are 21% higher than the national average, There are approximately 9 public schools in Lisgar, 11.0% of people in Lisgar have no certificate, diploma or degree, 88.8% of people in Lisgar have completed high school, 37.8% of people in Lisgar have completed a bachelor's degree. For instance, they have frequently placed in the top ten amongst Canadian Mathematical Olympiad Winners.[24]. Given Lisgar’s central location, we are ideally positioned to integrate our students’ learning with the resources available in the nation’s capital. They often submit multiple teams, forming 5 teams of the 11-team field for the 2008 OQT. In 1843, a grammar school with 40 paying students was opened in the Sandy Hill area of Ottawa in a house at the corner of Waller Street and Daly Avenue. Student Council is responsible for running a variety of school-wide events and activities throughout the course of the school year, including the well-known Annual United Way Pancake Breakfast, the week-long 'Battle of the Grades', and the Canned Food Drive for the Ottawa Centretown Food Bank. Lisgar has won or shared the Richard Mageau Trophy, awarded to the Ottawa Schoolreach League champions, in 2001, 2004, 2006-2012, and 2015. The elementary class is broken into groups. They reclaimed the title in 2015 in dominant fashion, sweeping the field across both days of play. After a period of two years where Colonel By prevented them from winning any local tournaments, Lisgar returned to the top of the Ottawa Quizbowl Tournament in 2015, with Lisgar B tying for 2nd. They were defeated by Colonel By in 2014 and suffered an upset to Bell, thereby ending their streak with a 3rd place overall. All stakeholders in the school community have identified eight qualities as the focus for character development at Lisgar: Respect, Integrity, Perseverance, Acceptance, Responsibility, Optimism, Honesty, and Community. The old building and the newer building are now referred to as the North and South buildings, respectively. In recent years, Lisgar teams have placed first in Canada in the Biology and Sir Isaac Newton Contests and inpiduals often place in the top five in the country. The school test scores in Lisgar are 21% higher than the national average; There are approximately 9 public schools in Lisgar; 11.0% of people in Lisgar have no certificate, diploma or degree; 88.8% of people in Lisgar have completed high school; 37.8% of people in Lisgar … Lisgar won the Ottawa Quizbowl tournament from 2009-2012, the latter two years saw the first and second place being won by Lisgar. Staff are working with students who were previously unsuccessful on the Literacy Test as well as with students in Grades 11 or 12 who did not yet write the test, in order to help them to prepare and improve skills. Lisgar began playing Reach for the Top in the 1966-67 academic year. Lisgar's results in the provincial Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test are consistently amongst the best in the city with a 93% pass rate for students writing the test for the first time.
There have been a total of 23 fires at the school, including three major ones: 1893, 1915, and 1942. Lisgar Collegiate Institute operates on a semestered basis with a two-day rotating timetable.

In 2009, the team lost in the first round of the playoffs to Centennial Collegiate Vocational Institute. To allow time for proper cleaning protocols, students may enter the school starting at 8:45 am. In addition, we continue to identify and work with Grade 9 students who are experiencing literacy challenges. [18], Another memorial plaque is dedicated to the memory of former Lisgar students who died during the Second World War. In our Music Program, we offer both Band and String Music with opportunities for students to participate in numerous musical groups including Orchestra, Concert Band, Choir, Jazz Ensembles and various Chamber Ensembles. Though having qualified for the top ten playoff round in nine consecutive years (2001-2009), and ten out of eleven appearances all time, prior to the 2008 finals the team had won just one game. They have actively participated in numerous Board-wide professional development activities in literacy and numeracy, technology, Assessment & Evaluation and we recognize their initiative by providing and supporting opportunities for further professional growth.
Lisgar has a large athletics department. The team has regularly blamed these disappointments on the change in format between classroom-based round-robin matches and the televised playoffs. E-mail:

[9] Lisgar is also home to the student-run Ottawa-Carleton Educational Space Simulation.[10]. Superintendent of Instruction: Prince Duah

In 1908, Ottawa architect Edgar Lewis Horwood added a west wing with laboratories, an auditorium, and the main tower. Principal: Patsy Agard It also includes the texts studied, the exam and summative requirements, and the central thematic focus of each course. Jackson Secondary School

Some of the teams in attendance felt that this change disadvantaged the Lisgar high school because of a perceived increase in difficulty. Any leaves greater than one week need to be discussed with your child's Vice-Principal at least two weeks prior to departure.

In 2012, one of Lisgar’s grade eleven core French students won the first prize of the Concours de Français d'Ottawa- Carleton and most grade twelve students in both the core and extended French courses participate in the OCDSB’s pilot program for the Diplôme d'études en langue française (DELF), a certification of French-language abilities for non-native speakers of French, administered by the International Centre for French Studies for France's Ministry of Education. This year, LCI is continuing to encourage the use of student devices, and is facilitating this through its integration with the wireless board-wide internet and the use of a class set of iPod touches. Our student body of 1060 reflects a wide mix of ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds.

They narrowly beat Eric Hamber in a quarter-final game that went down to a tiebreaker, and then defeated UTS in the semis and Kennebecasis in the final to win their school's second Reach Nationals title. The continuum identifies the various forms of writing, reading, grammar, and presentation skills required in each grade. History Lisgar High School in Ottawa, Ontario had a junior team in the Ottawa Senior Interscholastic League.

Good. Excellent. Keep physically distant, wear a mask even when outdoors on school property, and stay healthy. The following year, an entirely new team of grade 11s (and one grade 10) placed 4th, nearly defeating the returning Delaware Valley team that had almost won the tournament one year prior. They won the 2008 Reach title by 5 points over UTS, and the 2015 title over Kennebecasis.

In 2015 Lisgar once again lost to Colonel By, this time in the first game of a disadvantaged final. They won the first four editions of the tournament, only losing one game in that time. To improve student learning and use available technology to greater advantage, the Mathematics department is continuing to use SmartBoards in their classrooms. Below average at best. Lisgar was also one of the original members of the now-defunct International Student Space Simulation. In November 2014, Lisgar participated in the Brainbusters Fall tournament in Ithaca, New York.


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