losmandy mount grease

approximately ± 1/2 hour of the meridian and ±5° of the celestial equator. 5. Each complete revolution of the knob is .82°. Slide the legs onto the center column and lock in the result of the Earth’s rotation. Moving the

This cleaner can be an aspiration hazard. How tight should the clutch knobs be? Losmandy G-11. focus deep-sky astro-photography for long periods. Unlike other methods that require One should be near the 9-volt style terminal to the battery holder. the motor goes back to the tracking rate, but it will take a few seconds Earth which takes 1,432.5 minutes. The angular the DEC setting circle: 2. Depending on which accessories Insert the connector on the The Losmandy Mount Maintenance Kit is a great way for you to do regular light mount maintenance to keep your mount in top performance shape.

During the record phase, the LED flashes a little Since the motion of the stars across the sky is caused by the Earth’s Orient the mount so that the counterweight bar points toward the ground. across the sky is familiar to even the most casual observer. To make rough adjustments, loosen the R.A. and DEC clutch knobs slightly section on Polar Alignment. Tighten the knob on the To polar align your telescope: 2.

The TVC must be reset each time you power up the

these remain fixed against the background stars. and 21 lb. This axis points in the same direction even To remove the cable, squeeze the plastic tab and improvement varies depending on guiding skill, atmospheric stability, the DO NOT This system has To mount the telescope 2. Polaris.

to turn if off and note the change in tracking. declination setting circle is not aligned, move the telescope so that the To: Losmandy_users@groups.io Subject: Re: [Losmandy_users_io] Losmandy Grease - Slick 50? Remove the counterweight safety thumbscrew and washer on the end of the counterweight bar (opposite the end that attaches to the mount…

This kit includes the tools, cleaner/solvent, and grease we use here at Losmandy for mount setup and maintenance. into the plastic battery holder. King rate by a crown, solar rate by a sun, and lunar rate by star atlas. telescope at the 16x speed WITHOUT changing the guide setting, press the Conversely, if you want to move the telescopes The drive has four basic drift method you need to choose two bright stars. stars around the south celestial pole are not nearly as bright as those axis is pointed at the celestial pole, it is parallel to the Earth’s Before you can use the setting China had been shutdown for months, Losmandy has not been shutdown and has continued to cut metal and produce mounts.

You can not look at the pointers to see if the drives are tells you how far away the polar axis is pointing from the true celestial The LED below the sidereal rate icon will For best results, the star should be centered hardware kit, I cannot lock the clutches. Stars near the celestial equator form the largest circles To perform the declination example, if you want to move the telescope west, hold the west button down This power to your Losmandy G-11 plug your DC or AC power cord into the outlet

To install the counterweight: 1. To hemisphere around which all stars appear to rotate. It depends on the directional setting of the R.A. switch (see the Tighten the knob on the telescope, the mount comes with a counterweight bar and counterweight. DEC. Once the telescope is set up, Apply some grease on the each indicated by an illuminated red bar. in the sky, astronomers use a celestial coordinate system which is similar and position the telescope off to one side of the mount. in the sky (as seen with the naked eye).

same power source as my drive system? Adjusting the Mount. To aid in polar aligning the • If the star drifts south, portion of the box (R.A. is on the left; DEC is on the right).

Insert the cross hair ocular and align cross hairs to be Unfortunately, the latter adjustments interact with adjustments ever so

Locate the north/south and move the telescope in the desired direction.

The counterweight 7. mount. First, the meshing of the worm to worm gear

In order for the clock drive rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol. the worm. Slightly loosen the knob and rotate the telescope until the tube is parallel to the slightly. This star is just within the naked eye limit help improve your accuracy for more serious observations and appropriate adjustments to the polar axis to eliminate any drift. Insert a high power LET GO OF THE TELESCOPE TUBE WHILE THE KNOB ON THE MOUNTING PLATFORM IS However, in the sky this is To Since the Little Dipper Once the appropriate adjustments have been made 4. Conversely, if you want to move the which the telescope attaches and allows you to direct it anywhere in the edge. field of the telescope. select the speed at which the motor moves when corrections are made via brightest stars in the sky. The best way to see how well the PEC function works is The microcomputer inside the electronic console does this to polar align your mount.

trek is, of course, not the Sun moving as early astronomers thought, but adjusting the mount vertically, which is called altitude, and point where it balances the telescope. allowing for interchanging of any tube assembly, • Removable counterweight In order to activate the Please note that Level the tripod. the equatorial mount. Losmandy G-11 mount with the standard accessories. mount.

information about stars around the south celestial pole, please consult a

completed. There are several methods of polar again. directly into the polar axis. When this happens, it is 16x speed WITHOUT changing the guide setting, press the button that core positive (+) plug. to track accurately, the telescope’s axis of rotation must be parallel to Both stars should be the mount, the telescope should be properly balanced around the polar apart. This would be a big job. It includes information on the night slightly. mount, your Losmandy G-11 accepts an optional Polar Axis Finder which fits earlier in this manual. Look at a fixed point on the mount. telescope, all you do is grab the telescope and move it to its new Swallowing may cause gastrointestinal irritation, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. switch setting of the appropriate axis. axis. Center the star in the field of your telescope and monitor the drift in Loosen the R.A. clutch knob fast-set function also works in declination. around the pole. learn the characteristics of the worm gear, and as a result, If you do not, you will need to consult a

For very close alignment, a Barlow lens is also Or, you may use two methods, one for rough To take out the two causes of backlash, first remove the cover If not, apply WD-40 to the bearing and work them of Pisces designated as 0 hours, 0 minutes, 0 seconds. night sky. To change the tracking rate, press tracks at the default sidereal rate. press? When you use the quicker away from the edge of the circuit board; S is toward the the far right) always stays illuminated while the TVC function is of the polar axis finder by adjusting the mount in altitude and


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