magi djinn powers

These are the strongest ones, ranked. With the Djinn being the core piece of this object, anything forged with this power will always have a highly specialized effect in addition to its normal function, for example, the specialism is always unique to the user, meaning that no two abilities can exist withing another wizard. Every time you absorb these resources, you regain 50 Magoi/Stamina. This works through several methods, and can only be utilized twice per topic: One can do this by using either their weapon in Weapon Equip form or through their Weapon and/or Body in Djinn Equip Form. RELATED: The 10 Best Episodes Of One Piece (According To IMDb) Each Dungeon/Labyrinth is ruled by a Djinn and, if you can capture a dungeon, you might be able to be that Djinn's master. that reside in this world, existing on a level that go's beyond being a simple SSS-Class beast, rather, he falls under the strict classification of a God-Class (神クラス, Kami kurasu) creature, on par with Gods and other near divine bodies. While fused with their Djinn, a wizard can greatly enhance their base skills and abilities to the point of ascending past their initial limits and overall boundaries placed on them, to the point of affecting their magic and physical capabilities as well, granting them evolved spell casting that causes all of their previous attacks to adapt new shapes and forms. Darius was once a member of the Seven Seas Alliance and the previous Knight-King of Sasan. This effect becomes notably much more evident when a wizard is using their magic when combined. Excelling greatly at close-range combat, Djinns of this type focus solely on powering through an enemies defenses by rushing at them with maximum force, inflicting massive damage and channeling powerful attacks that harness an incredible level of destructive power and speed that completely overwhelms their capabilities. There are several things to know about Djinn Equips: While in Djinn Equip form, the user can fly around at a constant pace of 15m/s. Sinbad is the most popular adventurer on the seven seas; a man famous for his many adventures in foreign lands.

This is mainly due to the sever increase to their natural sense of durability and resistance toward injuries that they are susceptible to receiving in the heat of battle, negating what would traditionally be life-threatening injuries and attacks by simply shrugging them off without having to divert their attention from what they are doing.
As stated, only God-Class weapons are able to clash with this weapon, being the only tools to be able to resist the rounds fired from the barrel that would normally pierce their way through nearly all materials and objects. Fairy Tail Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. The concept is instantiated (reified) by all of its actual or potential instances, whether these are things in the real world or other ideas. During the Djinn Equip it would only cost 20 Magoi. Amon's ability to melt what it cuts or Paimon's ability to generate a gust of wind that can blow away projectiles. For instance Amon's is fire, and Baal's is lightning.

You can do this a total of two times in a single topic. With training, the user can shape the armor into new forms for weapons, transportation, even constructs to imitate the properties of other weapons or elements. Magi is a world where labyrinths suddenly appeared all over one day. When like this, they are able to perform quick dash maneuvers in which they can slide along the ground without any sense of friction or obstruction stopping their movements, swiftly able to dodge complex attacks without exerting to much force on their muscles. Naturally, Djinns are regarded as nature spirits that inhabit the world, and as such, it is not uncommon for some of them to incorporate the abilities and distinct characteristics belonging to the elements that make up the natural world. This is primarily due to the particles giving the wizard a body that is very much similar to that of a Djinn, rendering them very durable and difficult to kill as a result. Accessing this transformation is the highest achievement anyone is able to accomplish with this magic, and in return, makes them a force of unbridled destruction and creation, causing them to possesses enhanced strength, greater durability to negate damage from a greater range of spells to the point of rendering them null and void; by fusing with a Djinn, a being of immeasurable power, there become very few feats one can accomplish while like this, from moving a speed faster than lightning bolts, decimating entire landscape with single attacks, to completely annihilating entire beings on the scale ranging from humans to demons with a single blow, disintegrating hem through the simple momentum and speed produced by waving a single hand toward their direction.
[1]. In the case of those who can use a full body fusion, this is largely due to increased control over the transformation. To achieve a Djinn Equip, a Dungeon Capturer must use their Metal Vesselto allow oneself to become one with their Djinn. While the users have fused themselves with a their Djinn, their physical attributes with that of the creature or power become merged together, effectively allowing them to mimic the physiology of a genie in human form. He is a former prince of the Ren Empire, having been exiled from his homeland. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. The act of Djinn/Weapon Equiping is a sustained ability. One Piece: 10 Anime Characters Stronger Than Kuro.

Sinbad is well respected for his charisma and incredible strength. Aside from simple strength and resistance, speed is another factor that plays in this entire equation; so long as this fusion is active, the base velocity they can travel is exponentially increased the point of rivaling even Lightning Magic, allowing them to surpass wizards using enhancement spells to augment themselves or increase their capacity to move. For Dungeon Capturers who are not yet able to perform full Djinn Equip, or only want to use the Weapon Version. Cassim's rukh is now fused with Alibaba's. Since both the Djinn and user both use a separate set of magic, this ability allows the user to switch from one ability to another, usually seen in the shift from one power to another.

When one use Djinn Equip, the user does not take the appearance of the Djinn in terms of personal features (facial features, body hair, etc), but rather the cloths, jewelry or even skin complexion like gills or skin color. Al-Thamen have discovered a way to use the Dark Rukh to create their own Djinn transformation technique. Some this magic can only be used by those it chooses as necessary or deems worthy, or give them powers to teach them a lesson in it's use, making in one-of-a-kind in it's characteristics to act as a living being. This is done by compressing the Djinn's power oneto themselves. But no matter what, theyMust originate from or surround the weapon itself and possess the same tier of potency as the weapon. A Magi can even summon an entire Djinn. An additional benefit and of this Djinn type is in it's unique ability to use the same mechanics of Molding Magic, giving the user the ability to not only produce an element from their body but also shape it, manipulate it, and reform it in any way they can imagine. After getting the Djinns Zagan and Bellial in the 61st and 68th dungeon, Hakuryuu used them to fulfill his ambitions.


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