mark spaeth a developer and city councilman in austin tex
I guess she figured now she wouldn’t have to tell us. Blake’s former housekeeper, Jane Price, says Blake told her she had never consummated the marriage to Spaeth. By the time he reached Italy there were 20,000 infantry, 4000 cavalry, and only a few elephants. What was her cause if death on August 16, 1989? Mark Spaeth Records. Amanda Blake portrayed the fiery, yet compassionate red headed saloon owner, "Miss Kitty" Russell, on "Gunsmoke" for the first 19 of 20 seasons. Woolf had suffered a previous nervous breakdown. Although Nishimura listed AIDS as the cause of her death, it was not made public. Finding Aid and Encoding: Kathryn Garvey/2009 October, Austin History Center, Austin Public Library, Austin (Tex.). Contesting the will, members of Blake’s family—including an aunt and two cousins—are trying to prove she was mentally incompetent. Help keep Mark Spaeth profile up to date. According to fellow city council member Charles Urdy, “They had been good friends for years. Her zodiac sign is Pisces. Mark Spaeth served as member of the Austin City Council from 1983-1985. The openly bisexual Spaeth (1939-1985), also died of complications of the disease. The openly bisexual Spaeth (1939-1985), also died of complications of the disease. The divorce was finally made official in 1794, whereupon the two married once again, but the scandal regarding their first, unlawful marriage was to dog Rachel throughout her short life. Austin City Councilman Mark Spaeth, who has been ill for a year and announced in February he would not seek another term on the council, filed the petition Friday in an Austin … Mark Spaeth was previously married to Amanda Blake (1984 - 1985). Mark Spaeth served as member of the Austin City Council from 1983-1985. He was accepted as being gay, and his close friends were known to be gay.”. Her agent, Steven Stevens, met her three weeks before she died. Texas State anti-discrimination. The records are arranged into one series, and the folders are arranged alphabetically by topic. to the quiz link under the stated answer and then click "Report error" at the bottom of that page. It was the first we’d heard,” says Pat. And of all her marriages, her union with “Gunsmoke” is the one that lasted the most – 19 years. Advertisement Continue reading the main story Developer and an Austin, Texas City Councilman, Which member of the famed Hollywood entertainers known collectively as the "Rat Pack" was the first to "meet his maker"? You probably think he died after some outlaw shot him in the back, but what, in fact, was the more mundane cause of his demise? Login His declining health kept him from seeking a second term in office. Instead she has become the first Hollywood actress of note to die of AIDS. film, Accession number: AR.2009.060. Hannibal started with 40,000 infantry, 12,000 cavalry, and 37 war-elephants. Mark Spaeth and Amanda Blake were married for 8 months. Ah, it's so good to be in the countryside: the clean air; the fresh smells; the ever-present danger. this obit mostly misspells his last name. She survived the fall, almost unbelievably. Spaeth was fairly well-off.” And, says Urdy, “He was definitely perceived as being a homosexual. He was the most feared general that the Roman hordes faced. Two to three packs every f-wording day! Spaeth's personal notes and notations can be found throughout the records. The disclosure shocked many of Blake’s friends, especially those who had seen her just before her death. Weird Ways To Meet Your Maker: Part 1. In 1960 he began working in real estate in Miami, and he continued working in real estate when he moved to California in 1961. Consult repository for more details. But he had to cross the Pyrenees and the Alps and contend with hostile tribes on the way to Italy. an error, click through Unfortunately, even more unbelievably, the motorcycle was also knocked over the edge and fell on her, killing her. Derby feared that the legal fight would cause the true circumstances of Blake’s death to be twisted, so she released the AIDS story herself. But when you die in 1989 and still make waves today, then there is something about you. The bulk of the files are from his first year in office, 1983. “Amanda just looked at the wall. Mark Spaeth was born in Madeira Beach, Florida in 1940. Unfortunately, he bit his tongue after slipping on a pavement in Chicago and died of an infection. According to fellow city council member Mark Spaeth dating history, 2020, 2019, list of Mark Spaeth relationships. “Once she knew she had it, she decided to keep it to herself,” says her closest friend, Pat Derby, who, with her husband, Ed Stewart, runs a preserve in Sacramento for unwanted performing animals. Nishimura was interviewed following a report on Sacramento TV station KRBK that quoted friends of Miss Blake as saying her death was AIDS-related. A developer and city councilman, he died of AIDS four years ago at age 45, shortly after their marriage of less than a year ended in divorce. But as he was able to win a few minor battles, other tribes joined him in his march against the Romans. photos, partner: Amanda Blake, "Miss Kitty" of "Gunsmoke" Austin City Council The records are arranged into one series and contain correspondence, creative works, financial and legal records, printed materials, photographs, clippings, and maps from his term in office. Austin (Tex.). Who was this great Carthaginian general? Austin Community Access Television, 1983, Barton Creek Portfolio, 1983-1985, undated, City Self Insurance Health Fund, 1983, undated, East Austin Chicano Economic Development Corporation, 1983, East Austin Industrial Development Plan, 1983, Lost Creek Drive-In Bank Case, 1983, undated, Northeast Library Site-Carrington, 1980-1983, undated, Round Rock – Extraterritorial Jurisdiction Annexation, 1983, undated, Social Policy Advisory Committee Final Report on Transportation for the Elderly, 1983, Texas Municipal League Legislative Report, 1983, Ullrich Water Treatment Plant, 1983, undated, Water Distribution Plan Oak Hill Annexation Study, 1983. They dated for 1 year after getting together in Apr 1983 and married on 28th Apr 1984. A strong possibility is that she received it from her last husband, Mark Spaeth of Austin, Texas. The American inventor Thomas Midgley, Jr. was born on May 18th 1889 and was the man who put lead in our petrol and greatly increased the CFCs in our atmosphere. His fame and determination were evidenced by leading his army over the Alps with the aid of elephants. I recall attending Mark Spaeth's funeral. and more from Throughout his marriage to the former Rachel Donelson Robards, Jackson and his wife were plagued by allegations of bigamy, due to questions about Rachel's divorce from her first husband, Lewis Robards. This record series is indexed under the following controlled access subject terms. (28 April 1984 - 1985) (divorced) The AIDS virus was thought to have been contracted from her last husband, Mark Spaeth, a member of the city council of Austin, Texas. This future U.S. President was nearly killed in 1806 while fighting a duel with a man who had slandered his wife. “She didn’t want to live in a goldfish bowl.”. It might have stayed that way if it hadn’t been for Blake’s will, which left her entire estate, $400,000, to PAWS. Actress Amanda Blake is best remembered for her role as saloon owner Kitty Russell on the long running television series "Gunsmoke". The Methodists. Mark Spaeth Records 1980-1985 1983 AR.2009.060.8 linear feet (2 boxes) Archives Stacks Austin History Center, Austin Public Library, 810 Guadalupe, PO Box 2287, Austin, TX 78768 Mark Spaeth served as member of the Austin City Council from 1983-1985. We never discussed it after that. She’d just finished an episode of Dragnet. 8 months later they divorced in 1985. Austin History Center, Austin Public Library, Texas. Mark Spaeth, 45, a former city councilman who filed for divorce from actress Amanda Blake earlier this month, died Monday of pneumonia. Unfortunately on November 2nd 1944, he became entangled in pulley cords and choked to death. The Austin History Center (AHC) is the owner of the physical materials in the AHC collections and makes available reproductions for research, publication, and other uses. She married Mark Edward Spaeth in 1984. They rushed at her and knocked her over the edge of a 100-foot deep quarry. Her theater commitments interrupted. I want to meet more people.’ Up to the end, she wanted to pretend everything was okay.”, —John Stark, Eleanor Hoover in Sacramento, reports from the Houston and Los Angeles bureaus, COPYRIGHT 2020 By, Stories From The Life and Times of Hollywood. Spaeth ran a successful campaign and won Place 4 on the Austin City Council in a run-off against George Humphrey in 1983. Connect any celebrity with Mark Spaeth to see how closely they are linked... romantically! Here he owned his own business, Mark E. Spaeth Co., a rental agency. FunTrivia is a collaborative community effort, where we are constantly updating questions to keep them accurate. A strong possibility is that she received it from her last husband, Mark Spaeth of Austin, Texas.


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