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We agreed that deep-pan "Chicago style" pizza wasn't worth the time of day. We were linked in a bond beyond all disputing. When we disagreed, there was incredulity; when we agreed, there was a kind of relief.

In 1975, he won the Pulitzer Prize for distinguished criticism.

Election 2020 live updates: Joe Biden wins Wisconsin, Michigan as Trump files lawsuits in three states, Pritzker warns ‘there will be cuts, and they will be painful’ after graduated-rate income tax proposal fails at the ballot box, Armed agents are allowed in ballot-counting locations around the country, Justice Dept. I don't want to rehearse the old stories about how we had a love/hate relationship, and how we dealt with television, and how we were both so scared the first time we went on Johnny Carson that, backstage, we couldn't think of the name of a single movie, although that story is absolutely true. We both knew the buttons to push on the other one, and we both made little effort to hide our feelings, warm or cold.

That was our identity. The girls were flower girls at our wedding. I asked Chaz. Backstage, they found a darkened room and a cool cloth for his eyes, and gave him some Advil. Gene had taken the pigs home with him and mastered the game. There was a statement that Gene had undergone tests and was recovering after a procedure. He told them things they should be sure to tell Will when he grew older. I would break down, or he would break down, or one of us would do something different and throw the other off, or the accumulating angst would make our exchanges seem simply bizarre. "A good coach would never do that. It was not an act. But we were aware.

Intending to be a lawyer, Siskel majored in philosophy and graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Yale University in 1967. We never played gin again. He spoke of their education, and the importance of finding a job you love. She moved to CBS in New York. I never understood it. Alone together in an elevator, we would study the numbers changing above the door. The list provided an outline of his critical choices. She was the one. Sometimes this took the form of camaraderie, sometimes shared opinions, sometimes hostility. We emceed an awards show with a dozen categories, and Gene asked me to brief him every time we went onstage. Van Gordon Sauter, the executive producer, recruited Gene on the theory, "Don't hire someone because they look good on TV; hire them because they cover a beat and are the masters of it."

It really felt like that.

He was also inducted into the Chicago Journalism Hall of Fame in 1997 and was posthumously inducted into the Illinois Broadcasters Hall of Fame in 2001.

After graduation, he joined the U.S. Army Reserve and was called for active duty the following year. This was astonishing; I knew my wallet had been in my pants during the whole party. ", After the show, Stuart Cleland, our executive producer, said, "Gene, I'm taking you to a hospital." They had two daughters, Cate and Callie, and a son, Will. Marlene is a smart woman, she worked in TV news, I wondered how it would work for her being married to Gene. That night, Gene addressed a lot of his remarks to his family, seated at a table right in front of the stage. "Together, you're an advertisement," he explained. We later found out it was Sloan-Kettering in New York. I am going to violate a confidence. A day or two later, we heard that Gene had gone into Northwestern Hospital for some tests. I want to write about our friendship. He studied philosophy, considered law school, decided to take some time off first. Gene and I were known for our rages against each other, and Steve and Garry were remarkable for their accord.


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