marlin 336 vs 1894 44 mag
The biggest supposed disadvantage of the Model 94, now that the top ejection has been replaced by angle ejection, is the open top receiver. The the Marlin, Cowboys like Deuce and Cowboy Carty excel with the Carty short stroke Marlins. I have noticed you state that cost is not a large factor, why not buy the HBB in 44 mag, for hunting, plinking( I plink in 44mag) and a 66 brass frame, hex barrel.38  for cas. Just go by the max load in the Speer Manual. and the recoil velocity to 8.9 fps. Buffalo Range Riders, High Desert Drifters, Rio Grande Renegades, Tusco Longriders, Ohio Valley Vigilanties, Sandusky Regulators, Miakka Misfits, Gold Coast Gunslingers, Doodle Hill Regulators, Texas Riviera Pistoleros, South Texas Pistoleros, Plum Creek Shooting Society, Green River Gunslingers, Wartrace Regulators, KC's Corral, Match Director Cavalier Cowboys, Territorial Governor Mattaponi Sundowners, Cavalier Cowboys, Pepper Mill Creek Gang, Rivanna Rangers, ''Hav'n you along, is like losing 2 good men", Border Marauders, Rocky Mountain Rangers, The Good Guys Posse, Richmond Roughriders, Coyote Valley Cowboys, Faultine Shootist Society,Two Rivers Posse, River City Regulators. It would average about 1.5 minute of angle (MOA) groups at 100 yards if I did my part, and occasionally shoot a 1 MOA group. The metal finish was a highly polished blue and in the later part of that era the stock had a gloss finish. The 2nd aiming point in my opinion is good for quick shots at these different ranges with the .44 magnum. CAS, sitting around the camper with pards shooting the breeze after a good day of shooting, getting a good smile, and being ready to "soar with eagles". of recoil energy and has a recoil velocity of 11.3 fps. HOWEVER, if someone is looking to buy one, well, there a LOT better guns to help them just have a good time. He turned the rifle on its side and shook it to get the hull out. One of my backup sets is actually 44 Magnum, using cowboy loads in the Marlin rifle and cowboy 44 Special in the pistols, but that is only because I already owned the guns before coming to SASS. Lower weight inevitably means more recoil, but most shooters find the Model 94 in caliber .30-30 reasonably pleasant to shoot. To alleviate this issue in the future, Wild West Guns’ CNC machined, anodized aluminum follower (MSRP $25.00) seemed like a good upgrade to add instead of replacing it with another Zytel or plastic follower. Copyright © 2000-2020, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The so-called "angle ejection" became standard in 1982. 12 gauge doubles are still pretty heavy, but if 410 kicks a lot, that might be worse. In my head they do anyway. There is no separate screw to keep the adjustment in place, and that could be a good future improvement to make. The only way to answer this question is to buy the 35, shoot each rifle extensively during the course of many, many successful hunting trips, and decide for yourself. Give those guns something kinder to lie upon. I have also killed a bobcat and coyotes' with it. Scope mounting is now easy to accomplish. However I am a firm believer that if you like the rifle then shoot it. Hunters seeking deer, black bear, and general CXP2 class game will do well to stay with the .30-30. Very few of the shooters these days are “competitive”, meaning that the ones who practice all the time, have all their guns modified and really shoot to win the matches the go to, local thru national. We have given you a variety of answers including stuff you did not ask. I don't want to short change myself to only light loads, should I choose to use it for other things. Can those with knowledge of the internal workings help me learn? Eachset has have two leather belts. The basic specifications of the Model 94 Traditional-CW rifle, the model most directly comparable to the Marlin 336C, are as follows: solid frame, exposed hammer lever action with angled ejection and top tang safety; drilled and tapped for scope mounts (hammer extension included); 20 inch round barrel with hooded blade front sight and semi-buckhorn rear sight, rifled 1 turn in 12 inches; full length 6 shot tubular magazine; straight grip, satin finished American walnut stock and forearm with barrel band; length of pull 13 1/2 inches, drop at comb 1 1/8 inches, drop at heel 1 7/8 inches; overall length 38 1/8 inches; weight 6.25 pounds. The aiming line and medium aperture of the RPP rear sight, The two parts of the front sight aiming triangle. That rifle favored handloads using IMR 3031 powder and the Speer 150 grain flat-point bullet. THAT is at least 5 shooters I know of. I'm a sucker for octagonal barrels, and the Henry has one, but also the brass receiver. Not only was loading the tube far smoother, it was also much quieter, eliminating the creak and squeak of the old follower. Long range capabilities. thanks (yet again) for more great info. I claim it is a rifle that is DRIVING AWAY potential SASS shooters because it is so poorly designed for fast shooting. or less there's not much difference. The difference is not great, but it is noticeable. I loan a Henry BB .38 and Pietta "Lightning" .38s to them. Old cars and trucks, Guns: particularly .22 rifles and pistols. of recoil energy and has a recoil velocity of 10.1 fps. The .30-30 model similar to the standard Model 94's of the past is the Traditional walnut. These include (but are not limited to) the .219 Zipper, .25-35, 7-30 Waters, .307 Winchester, .32-40, .32 Special, .35 Remington, .356 Winchester, .375 Winchester, .38-55, and .444 Marlin. The 336C is currently produced in .30-30 and .35 Remington. Yes they do but it is a “tactical” model in black with a smaller magazine tube that doesn’t allow 10 cartridges to be loaded. Therefore, we move on to the tried-and-true “meat target,” a concoction of various materials intended to represent an actual critter. I don't disagree. Combine either of these two fine rifles with the game getting effectiveness of the .30-30 cartridge and I venture to say that you have pretty close to the perfect deer rifle. I'm not a competitor yet, because of the endless hassles getting started. These did not affect function, but cheapened the look of the rifle and were not well received by the buying public. I've used it to put down 1300-1600 pound cows more than a few times. Overall, my shooting experience with this rifle was much improved.


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