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.comments input#submit { Master of the Universe I & II (Twilight fanfic that became 50 Shades of Grey) James E L. Categories: Fiction. -->, Even though I have an Olympics post pending Fanfic Fridays come first. These are not her characters. } #foxmenu ul li a{ display:block; border-top: 1px solid #3b3430; I'm trying to imagine how many chapters it would take to conclude things in a way that would feel "right." } Ipod touch + Fifty Shades = reading sheepishly in all manner of inappropriate places. } .post h2 a, .post h2 a:link, .post h2 a:visited { Gawd, I love 50 shades. a:hover { height:20px; padding: 0; Pages: 1694. font-size:14px; /* The Top */ } text-align: center; .blogname h1 a:hover { dd{ float:right; background-repeat:no-repeat; height:29px; .search input#s { .blogname { background-color:transparent; padding-left:17px; Please read our short guide how to send a book to Kindle. } /* The Attachment */ /* The Navigation */ } padding: 5px 0px 5px 5px; .del{ color:#e4e4e4; text-align:left; list-style-type: none; Any time I can draw another person down into the world of fanfic I've done my job. height:22px; } padding:0; this series is based on Twilight fanfiction (Masters of the Universe .Master of the Universe fanfiction trailer . padding-left:23px; } font-size:16px; Very peaceful :), OMG - 50 with some kids and a dog and a white picket fence is hilarity. } } margin: 0; } margin: 0 0; padding: 0px 3px 10px 3px; I feel like there are still TONS of plot points to wrap up (which I won't ruin for those who haven't read it). color:#444; background-repeat:no-repeat; } color:#ffffff; } color:#6F584C; background:transparent url(// no-repeat top left; background:url(// no-repeat; .sidebar2 ul { line-height:30px; .blogname h1 { margin-top:5px; . #foxmenucontainer{ I've mentioned Master of the Universe (MotU) before and I'm sure most of you ff diehards are already following this one. padding:0px 25px 0 14px; .post a:visited { margin: 0 0; The Olympics Have Arrived On Our Doorstep, my guitar wants to "heart" twilight but it can't. Proudly created with padding:6px 0px 0 0px; Okay, that DOES sound like wishful thinking! I only discovered ff recently, and you've enabled me to slide down the lemony slope into full-blown obsession! .comments { I hope that 17ForeverLisa is reading it :)! background-repeat:no-repeat; } } padding: 0px 0 0 23px; margin: 0 0; background:url(//; float: left; } background-repeat:no-repeat; } Somebody floves me!? name='description'/> width:1005px; font-family:Century gothic,Verdana,Helvitica,sans-serif; } This story has over 40,000 reviews! padding:1px 0 0 20px; I want it to keep going like the Energizer Bunny! text-align:center; color:#fff; padding:0px 0 0 10px; } } border-bottom:1px solid #17120F; .sidebar1 ul li a:hover { } name='description'/> float: right; } Here's the latest theme ... cross posted on Twi-Mobile You know how I love reading Master of the Universe? } .sidebar2 h2 { +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+- */ height:116px; .blogname h2 { font-weight:normal; height:60px; } background:url(; Paper Bell - you are very welcome. So last month I posted that I wasn't sure if I should go to the Official Twilight Convention Tour or TwiTour for short. /* Sucks! width:90%; } list-style-type:none; name='description'/> } height:37px; } text-decoration:none; name='description'/> margin:0 auto; .sidebar1{ name='description'/> } more chapters. padding-top:5px; Yes at least 20 more chapters of MotU would be wonderful! width:210px; } } Series: Fifty Shades . margin:5px 0 0 0 ; #foxmenu ul{ Hmmm...That would leave something like 20(?!) background:#382F2A; text-decoration:none padding:0px 0 0px 14px; font-size:40px; height:25px; width:170px; Holy crow! float:left; .sidebar2 ul li a:hover { margin: 0 0; #foxmenu ul li .current_page_item a,#foxmenu ul li .current_page_item a:hover{ color:#fff; text-align: right; font: normal 12px Verdana, Arial, sans-serif; h2.pagetitle { height:25px; .sidebar1 table { name='description'/> width: 105px; height: 19px; } color:#fff; } name='description'/> body, .body-fauxcolumn-outer { While making a card this weekend I was in the search for a good Cricut stencil font I realized there was no comprehensive list. color:#685750; /*-- (Hiding the navbar) --*/ Masters of the Universe . } margin-top:0px; She definitely gives a lot of internal monologue to Bella and she really thinks the way of the everywoman. color: #daef8e; img { margin:0px 0 0 0; border:0; .post h2 { name='description'/> Template released under the Creative Commons Atribution License, } background:url(//; padding: 0px 0px 0px 5x; As some of you probably have heard, snowsqueen icedragon, a former fanfiction author and writer of 'Master of the Universe' has taken her imitation of Stephanie Meyer's world 'Twilight' into the mainstream by publishing '50 Shades of Grey.' color: #fff; .entry { background:url(); visibility:hidden; .techno{ background:transparent url(// no-repeat top right; c1731006c4 That Twilight fan-fic has long since disappeared from . I've mentioned Master of the Universe (MotU) before and I'm sure most of you ff diehards are already following this one. float:left; Based on the pacing of the story to this point, which seems rather consistent, I don't think she will wrap it all up too soon. Get Set Of Two (2) - Romanian Crystal Glasses/Barware - Black Swirl/Stained Glass Pattern - Milano Noir Design - 16... Natural Breast Enhancements - Is it the Best Way to Go? « Last Edit: June 23, 2014, 05:49 PM by ficfangirl » Logged background-repeat:no-repeat; Converted file can differ from the original. font-family:Arial,Verdana,Helvitica,sans-serif; WARNING!!! background:#251E1B; clear:both; display:block; } name='description'/> /* The Page Title */ padding:0px 0 0 10px; background:#fff; } padding: 22px 0px 0px 23px; text-align:left; text-decoration: none; color: #CFBCB5; } font-size:20px; } margin:0 0 20px 0; } /* +-+-+-+- A Twilight FanFiction Trailer - Duration: .Master of the Universe (MotU) was a Twilight Saga fanfiction that evolved into the Fifty Shades trilogy. color:#CF9C81; It may takes up to 1-5 minutes before you received it. color: #d1cbc1; background-color:transparent; #foxmenu ul li a:hover,#foxmenu ul li.current_page_item a{ line-height:37px;


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