mazhabi sikh surnames list
Dr. B. R. Ambedkar ke rule chate h jo padai karega vo aage badega chaye chamar ho chahe tum jaise chhoti soch vale ho argue karne se achha h tum sab higher education lo apni time ko utilized karo ek duse ko nicha dikhne se kuch ni hoga……, Akal to tum logo ko hi di bhagwan ne, tabhi to insaan ko insaan nahin samajhta. You cannot argue against science. Jab bhi Tere sister (Bahan) ko lan ki jarurat ho kisi bhi chamar ke pas bhej dena. If, then, it is at all necessary to connect the Khatris with the ancient fourfold system of castes, the only group to which we can affiliate them is the Vaisyas" William Hunter gave similar opinion in The Imperial Gazetter. Clearly not a very palatable move. It just proves how literate he is. It’s lack of education and an unwillingness to see past predijuce that allows outdated and nasty behaviour to continue. We all now need to work to eradicate the system in its entirety. An. The surname Ghai is common among Punjabi Khatri and probably has its origin in a Khatri clan name. Oh bhai jyaada matt uchal apni caste(chakar) ko lekar. ja gurudev, U can add Phoondpal also. ‘Oh Brahmin if you are born of Brahma, ie God, then why were you not born differently (from us). You cannot be a Jat and also a sikh , because to call yourself a jat you are edorsing the caste system and by calling yourself as a sikh you are rejecting the caste system. The brahmins had a good reason for promoting the caste system as they were the creaters and beneficieries of the system whilst caste system was imposed on the low castes to keep them low with the concepts of karma and kismet and reincarnation. Wakchaure. So in a nut shell to you, reservation is wrong and only the jobs should be given on merit alone and thus corruption will be reduced by a threefold. Dr. B.R. Thanks. It is the name of a clan within the Arora community. (Ah! check dis frnds-, i take steroids Thank you!!!! But when I do my Nitnem All the pains go away. The surname is found in the Khatri community. Basra, Jassal, Duggal, Kainth, Sidhu, Johal, Rao also belong to other castes such as Shimbeh, Jatt, Khatri etc. Bhardwaj , Uppal , Virk , Sandhu and Gill are not Chamar gotras.. Bhradwaj are Brahmins and rest all are Jaat (Shudra) .. Dalits or Chamars are not Shudra or Brahmins so these Gotra as Misused by Chamars. Please comment back if any of you any one. I mean think about it my punjabi sikh mates tell me that today ramghriya Sikhs work on the fields and most jaats work in the steel and iron industry lol….and if a jaat brags about his caste tell him that jaats were just peasants and they didn’t even belong in the vedic system and we shouldn’t be proud of our castes because we didn’t choose them! Chawla surname is also found in Khatri and Jatt communities. Go look up the meaning of the word…I just want to know why the fuck so many Jatt last names are posted there. The truth is the truth. . Sale tu kuti de jameya, teri ma de b lun gaya tai tu gandi ulad bahar aai e, or o lun kise insan da ta lagda ni tenu dekh ke, kese gande zanbar da e ho sakda e. Chutiya Jatta Jabab Milya ta deyin…………….. . Bains, Sidhu, Atwal, Summan, Chahal, Bhatti, Hira, Heer, etc are also common chamar surnames. so sry….for this hell wordings…but you know everyone…jiski soch bakwass h rhne doo naa tum log kyu apni jubaan khrab kr rhe ho….fuck them off guyz….we all are from one religion ….and ye hum sb jante h ki hum sb ka common blood group h…biological factor common h Waheguru Ji Ke Fateh. We came from a women’s womb so did you.Do you have milk in your veins and we have blood.’ The fallacy of the caste system. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I agree with you that these surnames are not exclusively chamar or jatt. The corps of Mazhabi Sikhs became famous for their fighting reputation and discipline. your caste is a symbol of slavery for your Hindu masters, it’s nothing to be proud of. MOST OF THE BHARAMINS BHI CLEANING MEIN NHI RHTE HAIN TO KYA UNKO BHI SAME BOLEGA.AND 2ND THING HOW U SAY THAT SOMEBODY IS CAHAMAR.I M WORKING IN MODELLING INDUSTRY.JST LOOK UR FACE IN MIRROR.THERE WILL BE A LOT OF DIFF BETWEEN ME N U. CASTE CHOTI NHI HAI THIS IS UR NARROW MINDED THINKING.DHOOBH K MAR JAANA CHAHIYE TUM JAISI GHATIYA N NAROW MINDED SOCH K LOGON KO,U IDIOT.FUCK OFF. He wrote , "In Afghanistan, among a rough alien people, the Khatris are, as a rule, confined to the position of humble dealers, shopkeepers and moneylenders; but in that capacity the Pathans seem to look on them as a kind of valuable animal and a Pathan will steal another man's Khatri not only for the sake of ransom, as is sometimes done in Peshawar and the Hazara frontier, but also as he might steal a milch-cow, or Jews might, I dare say, be carried off in the middle ages with a view to render them profitable.". Singh is my last name, you must be a Chamar who follow Dera ballan or similar baba, the baba who is responsible for corrupting and brainwashing his followers to believe nonsense. You obviously do not understand Brahminism. I’ll reject the caste system cause I don’t believe anyone should be oppressed because of whatever life they were born into when they had no say in it but I won’t reject the fact that my ancestory is linked to being a Jatt. Jai Hind. On becoming a Khalsa (becoming baptized), the Sikh undertakes the obligation to wear the physical symbols of this status (the Five Ks) and takes the name "lion", usually romanized as Singh, if a man, or /kaur/ "the Crown Princess" for female, usually romanized as Kaur, if a woman. Thanks for contributing. They became scattered and the modern day romany or gypsies are the decendants of the Jatts. Jatt was consider a lower sudra class with the passage of time they manage to rule once in nearby area of Delhi. Jalandhar … So inform me if you put all due and thn why you not put our surname here .. .. not long back, recent past great jat leader sir chhoturam humbly requested the govt then that floor grinding stone n oxen of jat may not be kept as rahan by the bania lending them money while janta party prime minister desai resigned requesting the president if babu jabjivanram could manage the crisis however ch. Prove your contribution as a good citizen. Their extraordinary bravery and endurance earned them a high reputation as soldiers. but i think untill unless u people tell others that u are chamar by caste this will nt cm to end.


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