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Today's the Day (Merlin Fanfiction) Fanfiction. He gave Gwaine, Percival, and Merlin pointed looks, "I'll take first watch.". if you squint. She was wearing her normal blue gown with a brown corset belt. He cleans the blood away efficiently, stoutly refusing to let Elyan help. "You alright, Merlin?". "Just a suggestion, my apologies," said the knight, releasing Lissa's arm. Merlin smiled and leaned back in. Essentially a combination rewrite and sequel to my earlier work, Siren Song! "Merlin. This will not stand." Gwaine shrugged, trying to play it off. Elyan and Lance then proceeded to help him, finally getting the angry knight outside. It was clear that Alethea was giving one of her best glares, radiating energy of pure anger because the maid, wide eyed and pale, nodded quickly, muttered something inaudible, and began to hurry off. It’s a long accepted fact among local residents that something about it is not normal. "Because you dropped his shirt," Arthur says, and his words are not a question. “You want to sell my servant? You love it.”. "I pushed him," Merlin says. Guards!" Then his eyes find Merlin and lock in place. He looked around uncomfortably and swallowed hard. I am open to suggestions and corrections. "Are you okay, Gwaine?" Gwain pouted at him, but simply leaned forward to restore his unobstructed view of Arthur's roommate, completely ignoring the stink-eye Arthur was throwing him. She then placed her free hand on his shoulder and, standing on her tip toes, she kissed his cheek. This was edited by my amazing friend whom I love very much. Arthur gives him a look. After defeating the slavers and setting most of their “cargo” free, the knights meet a young sorcerer bound by magic chains. We had a scuffle. Gwaine, along with Morgana and Gwen, took matters to their own hands. THis pretty much explains it! Merlin is having nightmares, uncontrollable nightmares that allow him no sleep. Merlin sighed and shook his head at Leon, silently cursing the man for bringing this up. She turned to walk away, only for her arm to be grabbed by the knight, spinning her around. Nobody is allowed to hurt their little sweet Merlin! Story based mostly in Arthur's POV #arthurpendragon #frustration #hiddenfeelings #jealousy #knights #lancelotxmerlin #magic #merthur #nightmares "I didn't know you were serving Osric. Elyan asks, voice strong but soft. Enjoy! "Are you hurt anywhere else?". "Body shots!" "I punched him. "How was your arm cut?". Wei Wuxian is helpful. A ver, ¿acaso no va de eso la serie original? He chastised, sneaking his arm over Merlin's shoulder—knocking someone else's off in the process—and steering them all back towards the rest of the group. Percival let out a small smile and helped Leon up, which was returned, "Alright, Gwaine and Percival!". "Of course. -----I suck at summaries and this is my first fic in this fandom, first fic I plan to keep it here. Elyan barrels into the room, sword drawn, ready for an assassin or thief. "What happened? Lissa followed close behind, her simple dark purple gown fluttering behind her from a sudden breeze that blew in the nearby open window, her long hair in an ebony braid over her shoulder. Can't dispense justice, can't see that the noble is in the right because of your jealousy. Suppressing his heats was what he had always done. Merlin flinches into the wall at the movement, hands raising in defense, wide eyes skittering from the sword to Elyan's hands to the lord across from him. "Finish your paper, then?" I mean it is, but it's not. He'd admit it, he was slightly jealous when he saw the Knight with her, but he didn't want to let it get too far. ". "Um, Arthur?""Hmm?" "That's what you told me," Elyan speaks up. or, the one where Gaius is the Medicinal Master and basically the Proprietor of all things Potion of the entirety of Camelot; Arthur is not quite as unobservant and as willing to bow down to Uther's insanity as one might think; Leon is Best WingMan; Gwaine is Best in General and the Biggest Nuisance on top of that; Morgana is Confused; and Merlin thinks he's fucked. Percival was slapped back to reality when he saw the tip of Gwaine's sword pointed at his face. Sure she was a bit of a tramp, but no one deserved Alethea's wrath. "On...his sword," he admits. Merlin's insistence on following Arthur and the knights to battles had not gone unnoticed by people. They reach the physician's chambers but Gaius isn't there. Gwaine, however, was grinning happily, "I finally managed to beat him!" "Percival! Gwaine shrugged with a deep sigh, a grin on his lips, faraway look in his eyes, "What can I say? It wasn't that he didn't trust her, he really did, but seeing some other man try and make a move on the woman he loved brought out the darker side of Percival. Is there any hope for him, Camelot, or Merlin? But then, none of them get to do this." Merlin looked over with an incredulous look, and Arthur raised an eyebrow. Or whatever the historical term for waking up in a dumpster the next morning is anyway." Wei Wuxian is helpful. More than half-way through his beer, which he had been nursing uncharacteristically slowly, Merlin had yet to return to his side. "Called me a bastard," he says, "insulted my mother.". He ordered, dragging his roommate out of the bar by his hand to a mixed wake of boos and wolf-whistles. Merlin skitters backward, arms flying up to shield his face and heart and lungs. Gwaine comes back from his encounter with the Green Knight and feelings and secrets are revealed. Arthur opened his mouth under Merlin's ministrations before pulling back suddenly. At least he's not denying it. ", "He started screaming for guards and I thought… you were going to arrest me. It's after Merlin finishes binding the wound that Arthur bursts in, "Merlin," on his tongue before the door is fully open. For one young warlock in particular, the hurt and loss he’s faced in the run for freedom has taken its toll. The public sees Arthur as King and Master while they see Merlin as manservant and slave, they are happy to let the world think this but behind closed doors things are different. The maid was never one for much gossip, but she enjoyed talking with her mistress and hearing thoughts on the current events. Merlin doesn't take it, nimbly skirting around Elyan and up the stairs to his room, disappearing for a few seconds while Elyan debates going after him. Elyan glowers at him, sword pulling to aim at his throat. I'm sorry. Percival set his jaw and took a small step forward, stepping in front of Marigold as he did so, "You should leave," he said. ", "The king will sort it out," Quinn says, and flicks his sword toward the doorway than back to Osric. "I wasn't!". tip: "sherlock (tv)" m/m NOT "sherlock holmes/john watson", Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (40), Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence (15), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, gwaine flirts with merlin but its merthur endgame, Arthur Knows About Merlin's Magic (Merlin), Everyone Knows What It Means To Be Arthur's Servant, Gwaine Being the Best Friend in the World, Because Merlin looks gorgeous in that chainmail, Arthur Finds Out About Merlin's Magic (Merlin), Parvus Merlin - El pequeño Merlin [Español], Merlin/literally everyone because he's a little simp, Uther Pendragon Never Banned Magic (Merlin), Gwaine Knows About Merlin's Magic (Merlin), Only Yours Only Mine Throughout All The Passing Time.


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