metamorphmagus harry potter fanfiction
", "Is that your guys' natural hair color? I wasn't l-looking where I was going," Harry replied fearfully, while not fat like his uncle the man still seemed intimidating to Harry. Harry on the other hand thought this sounded nice, He always wanted friends. Teddy Lupin and the discovery of his identity. "This is not good, a very powerful Magical backlash occurred when Tom shot the Killing Curse, and somehow little Harry used it to accidentally Apparate away." His new skater friends do not expect to see the kind Yuuri show a powerful and determined side of him. He blushed when he heard that she wanted to sit with him. When Will is working with the FBI he drops Harry off with either his brother, Gomez Addams or his maternal cousin, Lily Munster. "It's eleven and three-quarter inches made from the wood of a changeling tree with a hair from the most recent metamorphmagus as it's core. "It looks like your toad is in your robes," Tonks said between giggles caused by what happened and was also happy to see Harry came out from her neck... she really needed to do something about his shyness or at least figure out what caused him to be like this. Harry was speaking so quietly everyone had to lean in to listen. While his Uncle struggles with balancing his new life Hawthorne Potter-Black-Addams stumbles upon his own mates in the de-aged werepire Jasper Whitlock and the werepire Peter Hale. tip: hetalia f/f sort:kudos. "Ted manners!" What if he was also a metamorphmagus? "What the…" One Auror shouted as he saw a baby in the holding cell. "Bradley what's the holdup, did the Wizard gotten himself splinched?" Unbeknownst to him his hair and eyes changed colors rapidly as he stared transfixed at his wand before settling back to his normal black color. The three people gasped at seeing this but the most shocked was Nymphadora. ", Harry barely heard this as he was being bombarded with images of his relatives and pain in his mind's eye. "Well I can't let that happen can I." "Healer Holly what do you mean at the moment?" this story is adopted from Ironicism. One look into their eyes showed they thought the same as her. "Just because someone was in a house doesn't mean it's the best Hermione," Tonks admonished. "Ah I remember now! "Oh Lily, I hope your sacrificed was not in vain." "Bradley take that baby to the infirmary, I want a full checkup, and get the Unspeakables here so we can at least find out where the baby came from!" "This baby got to be very powerful to be at level one now, and he would need training." Drake quickly suggested as the Witch quickly comply. She felt a change in topics was needed though, she could see he didn't like the attention he drew to himself but before she could Harry continued. "W-why would that be a bad thing N-Neville? It was then that he noticed the girl who looked to be around fifteen years old and was glaring at her mother. "Accio Trevor." He quickly squashed that feeling, freaks like him didn't deserve love, his relatives had told him that often enough. Harriet Potter finds a trunk in her Aunt and Uncle's attic and finds a book called the Marauders Compendium along with her mother's diary. Harry Potter has just found out two crucial things in his life, first of all he's a metamorphmagus and wizard, the second his mum was reincarnated as a kickass bounty hunter with her memories intact. Drake firmly spoke into the receiver. Cynthia suggested as the Auror confirm that everything be done by that night. "I don't know. She adopted a look of concentration on her face as she tried to remember the spell and the theory behind it. "S-sure. A/N; Sorry about this, but I have been too busy to work on my stories, and this one is plan to be short about ten chapters, I'm hoping this story will help my other stories along. He quickly spun around and raised his arms in front of his head. Drake sighed as he wondered what to do now. But right now she was going to take care of Harry, after all he would be hers. Thanks to Petunia Dursley's quick actions her nephew was raised by his maternal Uncle, Wilhelm Addams, better known by his alias of Will Graham. For now though go find Harry on the train and look out for him. "What the…." "I'm sorry for my husband child. "Hermione, y-you shouldn't try to be s-someone your not." And from that, she learns way too much about potions...In which, Harriet Potter is the Neville Longbottom in this universe, and she learns how to prank fantastically well. Tonks was very happy hearing this it would mean that she could spend more time with him. Harry couldn't help but stare in wonder and awe at his wand. One summer, she saves a metamorphmagus Harry Potter from some local bullies, and introduces him to her mother. What no one expects is that Harry-no Katsuki Yuuri has no urge to go back to the wizarding world just to be a symbol of power. "I have one more question, What is your wand made of? Finally she nodded ascenting to Harry's point who gave a small smile in return. Ron couldn't stand Hermione the entire series and they just got married? "Cynthia this is Drake, I need a list of potential Light Wizards couple whom want to adopt, especially a couple whom be able to help a very powerful one-year-old girl." Immediately after saying this the ten minute whistle went off. "A Level one Metamorphmagus, which would be enough to be considered a Shape shifter, am I right?" He's the son of Bellatrix Lestrange nee Black and James Potter through a surrogate pregnancy.


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