mia wallace personality
The two return to the Wallace house after the overdose. "Mia" dominated most of the film's promotional material, appearing on a bed with cigarette in hand. Tarantino has noted that he first thought of the premise and main character (The Bride) of Kill Bill during the writing and filming of Mia's final scene. Profiles for a personality type were computed by averaging together all responses from people who took the test and reported a given personality type and then this composite was matched to each of those profiles as if it was its own character (as was done above). So, he turns around and squishes Baby Tomato and says, 'Ketchup.' She likes her burgers rare, and her $5 shakes vanilla flavored. If you take one persons opinion of what a character is like and compare it to the opinion of another person about what that character is like, they could be very different. Mia: "When you little scamps get together you're worse than a sewing circle". Mia Wallace on finding someone special .. of course, she herself dated a crime kingpin, but that's besides a point . On this page, traits that had an average score below the midpoint have been reversed so they can be listed in order of most to least extreme for that character. This produces a value from +1 to -1. While listening to Urge Overkill's version of Neil Diamond's "Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon", Mia overdoses after snorting heroin she finds in Vince's coat pocket, which she was wearing, believing it to be cocaine. Alfre Woodard and Meg Tilly were also considered, but Tarantino wanted Thurman after their first meeting. With +1 implying that every trait one character is high on the other one is high on too, to an equal degree. Miramax favored Holly Hunter or Meg Ryan for the role. Vincent and Mia make small talk, wherein she recounts her experience as an actress in "Fox Force Five". He shows up at Mia's house and while waiting for her to get ready, she plays a classic song on the sound system. When Mia and Vincent return to the house to celebrate, Vincent goes to the bathroom while Mia dances to some music. Jody then remarks, "That was fuckin' trippy". Out of all of them Quentin Tarantino said he preferred Michelle Pfeiffer the most. Other. In "Vincent Vega and Marsellus Wallace's Wife", Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, "The 67th Academy Awards (1995) Nominees and Winners", Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Mia_Wallace&oldid=979960315, Fictional characters in Quentin Tarantino films, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 23 September 2020, at 19:38. Original content © 1999-2020 The Quentin Tarantino Archives. She bets Vincent that he is an "Elvis", and he confirms it. Though living on the sidelines of a very dangerous world as wife of mobster Marsellus Wallace, Pulp Fiction’s Mia Wallace is a generally easy-going person. The profile image for the character is used under the fair use doctrine of US copyright law. When Vincent goes to pick Mia up at Marcellus's lavish house, she speaks to him over the intercom as she snorts cocaine in a separate room. She is also the wife of Marcellus, and Mia takes Vincent out to dinner at Jack Rabbit Slim's, where they later win a dance trophy. In their last conversation, they agree not to tell Marcellus of the overdosing incident, both fearing what he might do to either of them. The character is considered by both fans and professionals as one of the most iconic female film roles of all time.[1][2][3]. Quentin Tarantino Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Mia then demands that Vincent dance with her in the twist contest and they dance to Chuck Berry's "You Never Can Tell". She is a world traveller, and goes to Amsterdam annually.


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