millermatic 252 problems

Sounds like a contactor problem. But as heat builds up in the production pieces, the same time, voltage and amperage (WFS) settings may produce excessive melt-through. The min. Below is our comprehensive review of the Millermatic 252.

This guide can also wear or become dirty and plugged. Question : is there anything I should check that I’m overseeing ? Tom, It’s recommended to get a qualified electricians advice before proceeding, as your requirements may differ from the advice given on this site and should be used as a guide only. This is the case unless, for example, a lap spot weld is made upon slightly warped materials. Make sure you do not have it set on stitch welding.

Adjusting drive roll pressure is another balancing act. These projects include several farm trailers that are being used for personal use. I have a 2:52 Millermatic stock number 9 07321. Deformed wire will wear grooves into the contact tip limiting electrical conductivity and also causing poor feedability. All welding power sources should be installed by a qualified electrician who has properly installed the primary power and correctly set any jumper links needed in the welding power source.

Hope this helps some of you. When I complained to Miller they told me I was the only one that complained, but every 2 years or so a new model comes out bragging about fixing the problems I complained about. The ground clamp is flimsy and has a short range, which is a common complaint about this model. We are running .035 S-7 wire and had to crank the tension knob way down to get it to stop doing it.
Inside the gun cable is a hose that contains both the liner and the shielding gas.

I have an old mig welder without a spot weld facility. Now I have to have it at 7, a smidgeon above zero movement, or else it is way too fast, even then it is sometimes faster than I want. It makes it impossible to use. If you do not have the serial numbers the service technicians will not be able to accurately troubleshoot what may be happening.

They are especially hard with a spool gun on aluminum.

Figure 116 showed some of the basic spot nozzles for different joints. 205 Lbs/93 KG. It is not a wire feeding problem,as when i pull the gun away from the metal, it will feed wire out till heck won't have it.
Good luck! Or what else could be the problem? The machine keeps giving the tip saver help code and won’t weld at all.

}, Any advice? The downsides of this welder is the weight. It could also result in a slight depression or hole in the center of the reinforcement (button). Adjusting the hub brake pressure is a balancing act in which you do not want the hub brake pressure to be too tight or too loose. A visual test can be made by looking at the back of a lap joint. 252's are a good machine. Miller Service Technicians can be reached at 920-735-4505 and follow the prompts (be sure to get to a service/warranty/repair technician). Cut wire off. Figure 113 shows an illustration of poor penetration into the bottom piece due to a gap between the pieces of metal. The electrode extension should not be too long or it may cause stubbing at the start of the weld cycle. I shortened the frame on my old truck and welded the frame very well,however welding body panels not so good. If it was our new welder it would be a phone call and then back to Miller in a heartbeat. The Vintage and lincoln would use about 1/10 the tips and other parts that the 250's would use. (For soft wire or small diameter stainless steel wire, reduce drive roll pressure on the rear roll on a 4-roll drive to half that of the front rolls.) We hope you find a solution that solves your issue. Allows you to be more productive by reducing unnecessary trips back to the welder. It sounds like something that may not be financially fun. Sounds like a contactor problem.

The gun is made in Mexico and I'm sure other parts as well. If a nugget is not consistently pulled from the bottom member, or if only a very small nugget is pulled, weld quality (fusion) may be poor. Was out of warranty too. Co. for your Spot Welding project: Merry CHRISTmas & God bless , Ken I'd say return it to the dealer before more time goes by . Started with a 250, then 250x, then 251. The wire is not bound up and we just replaced the liner recently. But that was when we were building racks for 4wheelers for Arctic Cat, Polaris and Honda. If this method is tried and good spot welds cannot be obtained, an operator should go back to the previous method of trying various volt-amp (WFS) or heat settings. Machine has run great for years. Rollers and even the trigger. Towing a Trailer – Being Equipped for Safety, Publication from U.S. Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 400 Seventh Street, SW, Washington, D.C. 20590. When the arc is established the speed increases up to the set speed. One method of testing arc spot welds is to use a shear test. Accurately troubleshooting these problems when they arise or, better yet, avoiding them before they arise, is crucial to maximizing the benefits that these processes offer. As new welder designs change , I'm not sure what all components are used nowadays . Too low of a voltage can cause improper fusion. So I moved all the way over to the other side of shop plug in and it worked fine. of 1/64 second (0% on dial) to a max.



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