mindthief enhancement guide

That’s it – 125g of upgrades – two cards. I've similarly disregard the rats.

In the process players will enhance their abilities with experience and loot, discover new locations to explore and plunder, and expand an ever-branching story fueled by the decisions they make. Because I write guides for RAW and you can't respec your class, worrying about what would be good for one or a couple specific types of scenarios would be a poor investment. Thanks, great advice.
The poison, in a 4 player party with Brute, Scoundrel, Spellweaver, Mindthief, can net more dmg per round than mind's weakness. We've been super cheating! I don't see the point in buying stuff for the sake of the life quest only. To that I added CURSE, for 75g, to the action. Empathic Assault has a fairly good top half to the card, as a powerful Range 5, Attack 4, DISARM, Frost, and experience points move. On Scurry, you can attack and then Move right? Okay, so there are disadvantages to using a ranged attack up close – namely you get disadvantage on attacks – however, the goal of using Perverse Edge in this case isn’t for the damage but rather for the STUN. The modified Submissive Affliction managed to stay in my hand for a long time, and by the time it did actually go it had definitely done its work. Feedback Loop (Bottom) +1 Move (30g) Already decent jump card, more movement makes it much better. Oh, no. }

Make sure to navigate to additional pages of the Enhancement Shaman guide … You then use the Minor Stamina Potion, to pick the combo back up, and next turn use it again against another adjacent enemy. Ultimately, every turn I was gaining an average of 2XP. : Go late initiative to dart in and hit hard in one round, then go early initiative next round to hit and get back out of range.

body#layout .hamburger-menu { Enhancements are permanent and limited by your prosperity. Absolutely, a dead enemy is the best form of damage prevention. I won’t name the other items, because…spoilers…but they are useful. Secondly, you get two experience. It was difficult to find here. I also agree that muddle is a fine CC, but if I'm attacking a monster that I can kill in 1-2 attacks with A Mind's Weakness vs the 3-4 it would take with Withering Claw then I'd rather be hit by 1-2 unmuddled attacks instead of 3-4 muddled attacks.

Also sometimes the only way to hit something with shields is to make him punch something with retaliate. The +2 (ice) cards are nice because even if you don't need the ice, someone else probably would.A recommendation for further research is a tank/support character using the heal/shield augments.

Perverse Edge gets my first enhancement, though.

Regular readers of this blog will know that I am currently in two different Gloomhaven campaigns – one as a Level 3 Cragheart and one with a now Level 6 Mindthief. I don’t think any other monsters will consider your target an enemy since the card only mentions that your target swaps enemy and ally on “its turn”. I've said before and I'll say again, I am actually planning on making alternate build guides for some classes once I'm done with making sure there is at least one "reasonable" build guide for each class. I kept trying to find ways to approve your approach and they all fell flat. In our last few scenarios I have had the ability to enhance my character cards, and have done just that, to devastating results. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Close person goes in with an invisibility option while the far person goes late with a high movement option (staggering invisibility), Go in on turn 5, using invisibility to long rest inside the next room on turn 6 - either relying on invis cloaks or using stam pots to get back invis, Hidden Daggers / Stick To The Shadows (invis), Quick Hands / Duelist's Advance (top move-attack for turn 1 or 2), Sinister Opportunity / Burning Oil (turn 2 slow card; other choices can work), Thief's Knack (turn 2 or 3 bottom attack; other choices can work), Fast Card 1 (for turn 3 - usually some flavor of throwing daggers), Fast Card 2 (for turn 4 - more daggers or movement to help attack), Power potion (major preferably, and both types eventually).
How are you generating 2-3 armor? Good crowd control is how you even the odds.

All of these cards let you mitigate damage by either disabling the enemies or creating space between you and whoever you are attacking. This makes my lvl 1 setup: Into the Night Fearsome Blade Feedback Loop The Mind’s Weakness Scurry Perverse Edge Empathetic Assault Frigid Apparition Submissive Affliction Withering Claw, Not used: Parasitic influence Gnawing Horde Posession, (On a note: i just reached lvl 2 and took Hostile Takeover - currently i´m not sure which card to cycle out for it ... maybe fearsome blade or submissive afflication or into the night ... or withering claw .. probably depending on the scenario), Has someone any input on my approach?

body#layout .navigation { Here, you will learn how to play as an Enhancement Shaman in both raids and Mythic+ dungeons: from the very beginning to maximizing your DPS. This leads to some melee classes taking damage they cannot afford to take. I almost did, until a friend (our ex-Tinkerer) pointed out the power of curses. © Valve Corporation.

At level 1 you start off with 2 non-loss stun cards (Perverse Edge and Frigid Apparition), an attack card with push 3 (Fearsome Blade), invisibility (Into the Night), and a move/attack top action (Scurry).

Then go FAST, hit them again and get out of attacking distance.

So now they don't move as far but are hitting harder this round. I feel better knowing that I've settled on mostly the same strategy after playing a few of the kickstarter campaigns on TTS. 3 Bandit Guards, a Kleptomanic and the Rock guy from Fantastic four. The Mindthief also have a fair amount of stun potential, which overrides the benefits of withering claw with a better CC ability. The damage value on Fearsome Blade is ok for us when enhanced by The Mind’s Weakness. If you are going for more of a CC kind of build instead of single target dps (which is what the guide is centered around) I think what you are doing sounds pretty good, but I would be curious to know if your damage starts to fall off as the scenario progresses and you don't have access to your combo and your team starts to be a little more spread out. In our last few scenarios I have had the ability to enhance my character cards, and have done just that, to devastating results. General strategies of doing so that I can think of (but don't necessarily know if or how MT can execute these): Disables of all sorts (stun, disarm, immobilize, etc), particularly on enemies that will end up blocking others from moving into range to attack.


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