monkey bar rungs

Maybe going a foot higher than my measurements. The options are endless! The one change /suggestion I would have /plan to do, is to assemble the bars and posts on the ground, ( no ladder needed) then set upright with husbands help. I had read that increasing the height increased the strength cubicly, so adding 2″ to the 6″ doubled the strength if my math is correct (both the premise and my math could be off). My Dad suggested to put on some diagonal cross beams from the post to the horizontal runs and that should take the sway out of it. After site selection and all materials and tools were gathered I laid out all the boards about where they would go. Free shipping. I took advantage of as many opportunities as possible on this project to get them involved. There's a problem loading this menu right now. I then measured out the distance I needed the posts to be from each other and marked out where to dig. If I had built this when Mrs. C. and I first moved in I would have only had to spend around $30. Essentially my two horizontal bars were off by about an inch, which uncorrected would leave a difficult set of monkey bars to navigate. I wanted to get this built for the kids quickly, so I started sketching out how I would build it. Overall Width - Side to Side: -21.5". C-Clamp: This is used to pull 2 pieces of wood together for a tight fit when screwing the pieces together. And what parent doesn’t want their kid to lead an active, playful lifestyle, one that’s not only fun but also safe? Drill and circular saw (and proper bits): I used my Ryobi 18V drill and circular saw. Of course I chose to do this project in the middle of a hot day,  ideally I would have done half the work in the AM and half in the afternoon after the backyard was shaded.

I would personally try the 2X8s. Thanks for sharing!! I hope you are still answering questions here! Awesome!

Next I drew a line 90 degrees around from the center of the bar at the post to the front of the post . Includes 6 powder coated 21.5 in. The steps were cut to fit evenly all the way across the 4X4 posts, Since these are on the outside of the rungs that support the monkey bars, and 4X4s are roughly 3.5″ each, this adds 7″ to the width of the monkey bars …

Using 10′ posts 30″ would be below ground and provide plenty of stability. -Rung Size (each): 21.5". Sold in packs of eight. The boys helped me with cleaning up all of the tools and equipment used on the job and then we tested out the monkey bars.
1.5″ going through the 2X6 and 2.5″ going into the 4X4. metal bars, hardware and instructions to build an 8 ft. long monkey bar set. I then filled the hole with aggregate and mixed my concrete to pour in. Awesome idea, thanks John C! I can’t wait to get started. 8-Pack Steel Monkey Bar/Ladder Rungs 1-1/4" x 41" Swing Set Hardware and Parts.


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