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[10], Mt. Fair weather hiking generally lasts from May to October while skiing is popular from January to March. The Littleton Formation is primarily a mica schist with zones containing garnet and staurolite-sillimanite. The most commonly climbed route to the summit is the Gorge Brook Trail from Ravine Lodge. While walking beside this magnificent bit of nature, it happened. Mount Moosilauke is made up of metamorphic rock called the Littleton Formation which is Lower Devonian in age. All Rights Reserved.

Of course, now it was Dave’s turn to laugh, which in turn made me laugh. There are a variety of options ranging from a $20 annual pass to a $3 daily pass as of 2001. Granted, this tree was not entirely looming over the brook, but it was slick and narrow. After making our way to the base of the mountain, there was something quite noticeable happening to the trail.

Pronunciation of mount with 2 audio pronunciations, 75 synonyms, 10 meanings, 1 antonym, 12 translations, 38 sentences and more for mount. During the winter Ravine Road is gated 1.5 miles from the lodge adding that distance to your climb. It is the farthest west of the NH 4000' peaks and it's summit is a large exposed area above treeline offering wide ranging views which many consider the best in the Whites.

Until, I realized how cold snow was on bare flesh and immediately attempted to get out of that little leg sized hole I had made. Mount Moosilauke Images : : Climbing, hiking, mountaineering We hiked Mount Moosilauke taking the Gorge Brook trail to the summit and then coming down via the Glencliff Trail to the Carriage Road to the Hurricane Trail and then out again on the Gorge Brook trail.

(88), Climber's Log Entries

One can make a loop by returning via the Carriage Road and Snapper Trail. [3], Moosilauke is ranked 9th on the New England Fifty Finest peaks, a list of summits with the highest topographic prominence. So, there I was. Trail was a fair mix of thick ice and snow near the start. Clough and westward into the Connecticut River valley and Vermont beyond. The unit also contains interbedded amphibolites. Tank top, shorts, boots, and a back pack. Mount Moosilauke, located about 8 miles west of Lincoln, NH (just south of Franconia Notch State Park), is a popular White Mountain hiking and backcountry skiing peak. "The White Mountain Four Thousand Footers List", "Moosilauke, A Mountain of Many Names and Adventures", "Charles H. Hitchcock and the Geological Survey of New Hampshire (part 2)",, Mountains of Grafton County, New Hampshire, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 26 September 2019, at 20:45. After a tough winter, it was going to be in the mid to upper 80’s in New Hampshire.

The mica schist started out as clay-rich mud in a marine basin that probably formed during the early Acadian Orogeny.

--Samuel Johnson, New Hampshire, United States, North America, Routes Moosilauke. Additionally, the 3.8 mile class 2 Beaver Brook Route (North Slope) is perhaps one of the most scenic routes up this mountain. © 2006-2020 Dave easily walked across as if he had not a care in the world. Not wanting to be left behind, I found my own way of crossing. It was such a funny sight that I snapped a photo to remember our unusual experience. The summit and surrounding area to the south and east of the peak are owned by Dartmouth College which means less red tape but no backcountry camping opportunities.

    The lodge is owned by Dartmouth College and is run by members of the Dartmouth Outing Club.

A to Z What was so helpful however, was that the majority of winter hikers (and thank goodness people were crazy enough to hike in winter) had packed down the main part of the trail. Moosilauke Region trail map.

These pegmatites are likely related to the geology to the east of the mountain which is dominated by the Kinsman quartz monzonite. Children refers to the set of objects that logically fall under a given object.

Ironically, I am slightly afraid of heights. Hiked Mt Moosilauke this past weekend.

PARKING PASS (MANDATORY AT SOME LOCATIONS): Like many US National Forests, the White Mountain National Forest now requires a parking pass to park at many of its trailheads, including the the Beaver Brook Trailhead at Kinsman Notch and parking outside the gate on Ravine Road during the winter.

No, I’m not crazy; I am adventurous.

IMG_1163 IMG_1163 IMG_1176 IMG_1176 IMG_1186 IMG_1186 IMG_1199 A year ago today, I found myself in a peculiar predicament. Mount Moosilauke, located about 8 miles west of Lincoln, NH (just south of Franconia Notch State Park), is a popular White Mountain hiking and backcountry skiing peak.

It is the tenth highest and most southwesterly of the 4,000 foot summits in the White Mountains. In reality, there was no way to cross, it was up past our waist. Box 65, Warren, NH 03279Mail: Off-Season: P.O.

For more information see the White Mountains Info Server.TRAIL MAP:Mt. This is because despite our thirst for danger and adventure, we also wanted to live to hike this mountain again. You will need a WMNF Parking Pass to park here (see Red Tape section).MOOSILAUKE RAVINE LODGE: Take I-93 to exit 32, North Woodstock, connecting with NH SR-112/118 West.

No, I’m not crazy; I am adventurous. The parking area / trailhead is about 0.5 miles west of Lost River Gorge. We also will use that as a resource when we hike the AT in three years, because despite the amazing sensation of being adventurous and trying something new, safety is a very important factor of enjoying the wild.


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