mount sill southwest slope
My poor choice of route led to some class 4 downclimbing through (the wrong part of) Jigsaw pass at sunset - I don't recommend this. Once into the glacier the slope is much milder. This didn’t exactly stop me in my tracks, as with Bronchitis, but did take the fun out of the adventure.  It also influenced my decision to not attempt Mt. Southwest slope. FA 1960 by Tom Condon and Fred Kipfelsberger. Jepson and took considerable care in transiting the Pass. First descended in 1934 by Norman CLyde, Hervey Voge and David Brower. The only obstacle was at the notch along the ridge just below the summit, where we had to climb over a large rock. This distinctive thumb-shaped peak (when viewed from the north and east) is one of the most visible of Sierra landmarks. If you have information about this route that doesn't pertain to any of the other sections, please add it here. This would be helped with two or more climbers in the team, because going solo was a logistical nightmare.  Also, August or September would be more suitable than October, in order to avoid early snowfall problems in the Western drainage. Some wind as we left from camp, climbing onto Palisade Glacier.  Met skier/snowboard mountaineers camped on higher exposed rocky ridge.  Head for Glacier Notch, proceeding roped from 12,700’. The first recorded ascent was in 1903 by Joseph LeConte, James Moffitt, James Hutchinson, and Robert Pike, who ascended the Southwest Slope . All I could think of was how much time and effort that would add to a climb in which I had no idea what to expect. Mount Sill via North Couloir (mostly traditional route) - GPX FILE Tammy Luther and Roberto Chavez - summer ascent. We took one of the chutes with reddish-brown rocks directly above the morraine below the glacier. For about a month and a half before this trip, we had planned to climb Split Mountain's St. Jean Couloir. We were essentially playing the entire trip by ear. The trailhead is located at Glacier Lodge (7,600 ft). Mount Sill is no exception. He thought we should go down chute# 4 on the way back, at least far enough to get by the more unpleasant part of upper chute #3, and I had to agree I didn't want to downclimb our upward route there. Deerhorn Mountain's Northeast Ridge via Onion Valley, Condor Peak via Trail Canyon (West Ridge), Rattlesnake Peak Loop (East Ridge Ascent), Sespe Hot Spring via Piedra Blanca Trail Head, Mount Sill via North Couloir (mostly traditional route) - GPX FILE, Mount Sill via North Couloir (personal account) - GPX FILE, Banner Peak via Ritter-Banner Saddle | TRVRS Outdoors, Mount Dade via the Hourglass Coulior | TRVRS Outdoors, Mount Williamson's West Face | TRVRS Outdoors, Deerhorn Mountain's Northeast Ridge via Onion Valley | TRVRS Outdoors, Rae Lakes Loop (in 15 hours) - Kings Canyon National Park | TRVRS Outdoors, Mount Sill via North Fork Big Pine Creek | TRVRS Outdoors, Mount Russell via the East Ridge | TRVRS Outdoors. A Ten Year Effort to Climb Mount Sill On October 19, 2002, I finally stood on the summit of Mount Sill at an elevation of 14,153 feet; a moment I'd anticipated and strived for since 1992. (13), Our Palisade Traverse: Long Day's Journey into Night, Palisade Traverse: An Unofficial SP Rendezvous, Day Hike of Mt Sill via Bishop/Knapsack/Potluck Passes, NORTH COULOIR TO MT. The views from its summit have been described as some of the best in the Sierra range most likely due to it being located on a sharp turning portion of the Sierra Crest. Strong winds were expected throughout the following day and everything we were looking at was exposed. The other option to crossing Scimitar Pass in order to reach this location is a 20 mile hike from South Lake and Bishop Pass. Turn left on South Lake Road, and follow it to the hiker parking area at the end above the dam.Below are three possible approaches starting from Glacier Lodge. Climbing it twice my routes required at least one short class 3-4 pitch (10 feet) and a few minor class 3 spots. From South Lake hike over Bishop Pass, skirt the Palisades' Western aspect over Thunderbolt Pass and Knapsack Pass to gain the Southwest slope of Mount Sill. Before they walked away, I asked the climber if he thought we could make it to the Peak. Failure of a handhold while climbing this could be most unpleasant, to say the least. Mt. We enjoyed some dinner and decided to call it an early night since we had a 3 AM wake up call. This route requires approach from Bishop Pass trail, then traversing cross-country across Dusy Basin and Palisade Basin. Campground fees are a bit steep (except for First Falls walk-in, which is free). Regional discussion and conditions reports for the Golden State. I should have come back the same route as this morning.  It was great weather all day but disappointing not getting even an attempt at a peak.  Next time I’ll camp much higher and further into the range, but not over Contact Pass if I can find another way. by Ricardo Soria Thank you for the input Romain and the followup seano! At 3 AM, after spending most of my night laying awake listening to the incessant flapping of my tent fly, I rolled over and fell back to sleep. It is virtually impossible to tell which one is the top of Sill because Sill looks like a very long ridge with no clear summits. Please post partners requests and trip plans in the. Ascending and descending "chute # 1" would have avoided the class 3-4 pitch. His intention was to climb Mount Sill and check out conditions to traverse the ridge to Polemonium to the west with two others, except one had fallen and dislocated his shoulder on the steep ascent to Glacier Notch. The classic route is the 1938 Swiss Arete, which ascends the rib above Glacier Notch.Its summit provides a commanding view of the entire Palisade range and surrounding peaks. The total mileage is almost 11 miles to the base of the mountain. Parent: Mount Sill. I told them about my adventure and they congratulated me with the last remaining beer David had packed. From its top, the L-shaped snowfield that marks the base of Mount Sill can be seen. Sill (Mt. A short jaunt across the foot of the glacier took us back to the tip of the glacier. We meant to go to Mount Sill in the CA Sierra, but came across some unusual conditions. Mount Sill (14,100+; 14,162n) Route 1. Jepson , I scrambled to the summit for a few quick moments of consolation.  It occurred to me that the ridge crossing on Scimitar Pass was more difficult than climbing Mt. Next day it was my intent to climb Mt. Mount Sill (14,154 ft) has arguably the best summit views in the Sierra Nevada, including the Palisade Cirque, Mount Ritter in the north, Mount Whitney in the south, and many imposing peaks of Kings Canyon National Park in the west. From Potluck, we could have contoured left to small campsites near a small stream at 12,500'' for base camp - but not knowing this, following Roper's advice we descended to the right down a ledge (but only 1 ledge) to steep scree and quickly down to easier terrain. Two hours later, I forced myself into my gear and out of my tent to check on the others only to find that they had slept poorly as well. Gayley before retreating because of lack of time.  Descended roped down from Notch to the Palisade Glacier and back to camp just before dark. There wasn't much more I could do to help Fritz get up, but he seemed to have no problem with it. Climbing Mt Sill Via Southwest Slope. North Fork Trail leads up to Sam Mack Meadow, passing First, Second, and Third Lake. However, the hike in is easier than the cross-country South Fork approach. After passing the scary part, My brother traversed right to look into chute # 4 and found that we were level with the notch on the ridge at the top of chute #4 (~13740'). The trail that begins at First Falls in the shade of Jeffrey Pine and Aspen. the standard route on Norman Clyde. It had a little snow in it. Mount Sill (14,154 ft) has arguably the best summit views in the Sierra Nevada, including the Palisade Cirque, Mount Ritter in the north. latest news2019 | latest news2018 | latest news2017 | home | about us | contact us | sierra nevada | jmt access map | jmt planning | 2020equipment | jmt schedules | jmt2016 | jmt 2015 | jmt 2014 | jmt 2013 | jmt 2012 | jmt 2011 | jmt 2010 | jmt 2009 | jmt 2008 | jmt 2007 | jmt 2006 | jmt 2005 | jmt 2004 | jmt 2002 | mt agassiz | mt sill | mt shasta | matterhorn peak | mt egmont | nz 2016 | mt rainier | mt shuksan | mt jefferson | pct sonora nth | pct tm nth | pct wa nth | mt baker | wonder trail | mera peak | mt adams | goat rocks | cascades 2003 | mt whitney | kaibab trail | presidents | antarctica | hoover pct | recesses | highrte2015 | highrte2016 | denali89 | benson lake | videos mp4 |, All images, content and site design copyright ©2018 Peter W. Tremayne, All rights reserved. When I had a good position I hauled up both of our packs and made a careful move around the last obstacle. The first recorded ascent was in 1903 by Joseph LeConte, James Moffitt, James Hutchinson, and Robert Pike, who ascended the Southwest Slope. Of course, the way one experiences a route depends on the particulars of the day, mood, conditions, etc. Aconcagua mountain page is a child of the 'Aconcagua Group' and the 'Seven Summits.' At Sam Mack Meadow, the trail crosses Big Pine Creek and leads up a rocky ramp system to the base of the moraine. Our group discussed other options until our very own Victor Jara was able to speak to a Ranger, confirming our suspicions that Split Mountain should probably be avoided. There was some green lichen on the rocks facing us at the top of chute #4.Going north up the west side of the ridge was not too hard until we got to the notch I think was at the top of chute #2? From camp in Palisade basin we climbed to Potluck Pass. We go back to camp at 6:30pm.People expecting an easy class 2 mountain should know that it's probably not going to be that easy. Children refers to the set of objects that logically fall under a given object. I found the final rock up along the rib to Sill's back side neither exposed nor sustained; there were probably a few 4th class moves, but quite a bit easier than e.g. Approaching the climber, I noticed he was wielding two technical ice axes and wearing a climbing harness; attached was a Trad Rack. Turned around at 3:00 pm and only just made it to the tent before total darkness.  Not an easy last section over boulders. "Distance is everything (elevation is nothing)." Climb a short section of class 4 to reach the west ridge and easy scrambling to the summit. Be prepared for difficult conditions and to assess avalanche potential if you head up in the winter. Gayley Camp (11,900 ft) is located at the base of Mount Gayley and requires crossing large loose talus. After walking a bit further I noticed a hiker coming toward us and yelled, "Guys! The walk in to Third Lake was reasonably easy except for the heavy load I'd been hauling.  As it turns out I should have continued higher, but my plan is to cross Contact Pass tomorrow for an attempt at Mt Sill. Looking down on gullies 3 & 4 from above the top of gully 3, the rock color in #3 seems grayer and #4 seems browner.


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