musnad abu hanifa
AbuYusuf supports Abu Hanifa although both of Due to his immense scrupulousness, belief in the truth and respect for freedom of thought, he asked his students to follow the direction to which the evidence led. Imam Azam is the title of Imam Abu Hanifa (R.A). Then he reports from Ibrahim that if he has intercourse before or after ‘Arafat and before tawaf, he owes a sheep, completes the hajj and must perform hajj again the following year. Fuqaha’ disagree regarding the istihsan which Abu Hanifa and his adherents used. In these texts he would attempt to infer the underlying reason which could then be applied to other cases. The statements transmitted by his companions lack any proofs other than transmitted traditions or reports, reliance on the fatwa of a Companion, or the position of a Tabi‘i. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. He acted by the custom if there was no text in the Book, Sunna or consensus, and there had been no application of analogy based on another ruling or istihsan with all its methods. There is no definitive text by Abu Hanifa making that clear but there are secondary sources which point to a conclusion. For example, Kitab ul Ilm, Kitab ul Nikah, Kitab ul Som etc. When he differs, he produces the method of reasoning involved in his reaching a separate conclusion. The books of ash-Shaybani form the primary source for Abu Hanifa’s fiqh, whether it be what he transmits One is in The Virtues of al-Makki when he says: “Abu Hanifa was tenacious in following what the people in his land agreed upon.” (pt. Malik, likewise, put the consensus of the people of Madina before single traditions. Book Hut © 2014-2018. Then there is an explanation of the hadith for the understanding of general readers. Abu Hanifa accepted his mursal hadiths and those which came from anyone who had a position of equivalent reliability. An illustration of this is found in the Kitab al-Athar by ash-Shaybani where it is reported from Ibn ‘Abbas that if someone on hajj has intercourse after standing at ‘Arafat but before his tawaf, he owes a camel, completes the hajj, and his hajj is complete. As a typical man of piety our hero was very kind to all his acquaintances, whom he visited when ill and inquired about when absent. It is arranged in the order of fiqh and its rulings. Omiyn. He took from ath-Thawri and al-Awza‘i, and travelled to Malik and learned the fiqh of hadith, transmissions and the opinions of Malik, after having learned fiqh of opinion from the Iraqis. This final chapter is the core of our study since Abu Hanifa’s fiqh is the field for which he is famous. If they differ, we use analogy by comparing one ruling with another when they have the same underlying cause so that the meaning is clear.” (al-Mizan, ash-Sha‘rani, p. 52) He also said, “We act first by the Book of Allah, then by the Sunna of the Messenger of Allah and then by the hadiths of Abu Bakr, ‘Umar, ‘Uthman and ‘Ali.” (al-Mizan, ash-Sha‘rani, p. 52). That is why the Hanafi school was an amalgamation and did not purely reflect the positions of Abu Hanifa in the way that the positions of Malik are reflected in the Maliki school and those of ash-Shafi‘i in his school. He used analogy unless doing do would lead to something unseemly and not in keeping with people’s behaviour, in which case he would use istihsan. It is one of the most authentic collections of which all the Muslims scholars have trust and bear it as the precious gift. But I do not disregard their words for the words of anyone else. He was qadi of Basra while Abu Hanifa was alive. The books of ash-Shaybani form the primary source for Abu Hanifa’s fiqh, whether it be what he transmits. The writings of the companions of Abu Hanifa that have been mentioned do not preclude him having recorded his fiqh himself. Ibn ‘Abdu’l-Barr reports in al-Intiqa’: “When he was appointed qadi of Basra Abu Hanifa said to him, ‘You know the enmity, envy and rivalry which exists between us and the Basrans. Create a free website or blog at He would theorise in order to be prepared for circumstances before they occurred so as to be ready to deal with them. Abu Hanifa said that a man with two horses only receives a share for one horse. If we do not find anything then we use analogy since there is silence about the matter.”, (al-Mizan, ash-Sha‘rani) He also said, “We first take the Book, then the Sunna, then the decisions of the Companions, and we do what they agree about. Abu Yusuf wrote many books containing his opinions and those of his shaykh. We look for evidence about the question in the Book, the Sunna and the decisions of the Companions. He clarified the sources of financial revenue for the state and the areas of taxation in great detail, basing himself on the Qur’an, transmission from the Prophet, and the fatwas of the Companions. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. They say only that which God wishes them to say.”, Uthman Ibn Affan (ra) said: “The thought of the spiritual world sheds light on the soul, but the thought of the terrestrial world casts darkness thereon.”. After that he devoted himself to knowledge entirely. How can this be blind imitation of Ibrahim or the people of Kufa? Al-Bazdawi mentioned that this was the view of Abu Hanifa. Musnad al-Shafi'i (Arabic: مسند الشافعي ‎), is one of the famous Hadith book attributed to Imam Abū ʿAbdullāh Muhammad ibn Idrīs Al-Shafi‘i (767–820 CE, 150–204 AH).


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