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I wonder if similar ideas existed among the Mexica, and if the Calendar Stone similarly equates a specific ruler not only with  the sun and with celestial power, but also with a particular calendrical and temporal identity, Nahui Olin.

Aztec Sculptures, Hieroglyphs and History.

At the base of the circle are two date glyphs, 1 Rain and 7 Monkey, the significances of which remain uncertain.

There is a good deal more to say about the identity of the central face. This day-sign shows the same attached eyes and fangs replicated the animated knife-tongue of the central face.

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Early in the twentieth century, Eduard Seler and Hermann Beyer were adamant that the visage at the center of the disc was that of Tonatiuh, or “an image of the sun, no more and no less,” as Seler (1904a:797) once put it. Those who accept the presence of Moteuczoma II’s name on the Calendar Stone generally consider his hieroglyph as designating the tlahtoani (ruler) who commissioned the sculpture in the early sixteenth century, not as something more functional or integral within the larger design of the monument.

In The Aztec Calendar Stone, edited by Villela, Kristaan D. and Mary Ellen Miller, pp.

The notion that time itself could be embodied and personified through a living king or queen seems to have been prelevant in Mesoamerican ideology and theology. La cara central de la piedra del sol: una hipótesis.

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Moreover, I think it also very relevant that one of the hieroglyphs prominently featured in relationship to the central image of the Calendar Stone is 1 Flint (Ce Tecpatl), equally translatable as “1 Knife” (see Figure 4, below). In this essay I would like to add some additional thoughts on this key question, based on epigraphic clues in the surrounding design, suggesting that it may also have a firm historical identity as a deified portrait of the Mexica ruler Moteuczoma II. Surely the original orientation of the Calendar Stone as an upward-facing monument reflects its earth-bound nature, but it was also a reflection of the sun at zenith  (Taube 2000). by David Stuart, The University of Texas at Austin, Note: The following post, a bit off-topic from the world of Maya hieroglyphs, is excerpted from a larger work now in preparation, provisionally titled “The Face of the Cosmos: Further Interpretations of the Aztec Calendar Stone”, After over two centuries of intensive scholarly attention and commentary there would seem little left to say about the symbolism of the so-called Calendar Stone or Piedra del Sol of Tenochtitlan, the single most iconic image of Aztec culture and ancient Mexico (Figure 1). Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

However, it is perhaps significant that the 1 Flint glyph here lacks the square xihuitl cartouche that one customarily finds with year records. 269-340. General History of the Things of New Spain: Florentine Codex. As Klein noted, “since Yohualtecuhtli was a god of the earth, darkness, death and the south a center of the world, his appearance in a context of the world at the center of the earth in the middle of the night is far more logical than would be that of Tonatiuh” (Klein 1976:10). Exactly four days after Thirteen Reed is… Four Movement. However, it seems reasonable to suppose that the careful and intentional positioning of both the ruler’s name and the 1 Flint glyph (also a name) within the inner circle is important to the Calendar Stone’s overall composition and meaning, all worthy of further consideration. ” … on the day 4 Earth [Nahui Ollin], the Fifth Sun, Nahui Ollin [4 Earth], will end, and the coming Sixth Sun of solar-galactic consciousness will dawn …” Verification of the Aztec Sun Stone: 13 Acatl = 13 Skywalker at the apex of the Sun Stone; Nahui (4) Ollin = 4 Earth, the all-embracing center of the Sun Stone. It seems at once integral to the larger design of the solar disc as well as to the Olin day sign that forms the Nahui Olin (“Four Movement”) name of the current sun or era. Maya Decipherment is a weblog devoted to ideas and developments in ancient Maya epigraphy and related fields. These technologies are used for things like: We do this with social media, marketing, and analytics partners (who may have their own information they’ve collected). This entry was posted on July 31, 2012 by cehualli.

(Oh my name might come out different on here, it’s supposed to be Xuchil or a variant.).

Trecena: ce Tecpatl. A case in point is the symbolism of the Aztec Calendar or Sun Stone, in particular the central pattern of the Glyph 4 Movement (Nahui Ollin), which frames the visage of Tonatiuh, the Sun God, and represents the Five Ages or Suns of Aztec cosmology.

Dumbarton Oaks, Washington, D.C. Umberger, Emily. I use Moteuczoma following my former Nahuatl professor, J. Richard Andrews, who long insisted that common spellings such as “Motecuhzoma” or “Moctezuma” don’t accurately reflect the underlying Nahuatl phonology nor the semantic parsing of the name, meaning “One Who Frowns Like a Lord.”. Here I am reminded of the evident symbolism of the day 1 Etznab (equivalent to 1 Flint) among the Classic Maya. Kartunnen, Francis. As Navarrete and Heyden concluded: …nos parece que el rostro esculpido en medio del Calendario Azteca or Piedra del Sol, no es de Tonatiuh sino de Tlaltecuhtli, que irrumpe hacia arriba mirando al cielo, de acuerdo con la verdadera posición del monumento, esculpido y dedicado al Quinto Sol, el Sol de movimiento de Tierra, Nahui Ollin, o 4 Movimiento (Navarrete and Heyden 1976:374). Die fünfte Sonne ImmramaCo.

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Here we should recall that the 1 Flint name glyph visually echoes an obvious feature of the central face, its flint-knife tongue. Stuart, David. And as we can see in Figure 5 above, the very same diadem (in profile view) and the strands of hair visible on other side of the face are the two consistent elements of the king’s name glyphs. Estudios de Cultura Nahuatl, vol. The Problem of the Identification of the Central Image of the Aztec Calendar Stone. The headdress or headband glyph was seen by Seler and Beyer as a symbolic reference to the spirits of deceased warriors and, by extension, to the eastern sky (Seler 1904). Dumbarton Oaks, Washington, D.C. _____________. Townsend furthermore noted, “the idea that the central mask of the Sun Stone represents the face of the earth, and not the face of Tonatiuh, ‘the sun,’ is consistent with the enclosing glyph ollin” (Townsend 1979:69). The torch that illuminates this city has again been lighted and today a mirror has been placed before us, into which we are to look (Durán 1994:391). Hajovsky, Patrick Thomas. As Klein noted (1976:9), the face’s location in the center of the Olin glyph points to it being a graphic elaboration on the central eye motif that appears in nearly all other (simpler) examples of the Olin sign (Figure 3). Pre-Columbian Art Research Institute, San Francisco. Today I want to share something interesting I noted about a couple of important dates in the tonalpohualli, the 260 day sacred calendar of traditional Mesoamerica (as opposed to the 360 day + 5 “dead days” civil calendar, used by the authorities much like the modern 12 month European calendar).


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