national airlines flight 102 cvr transcript
2020 presidential election: Biden pushes closer to victory | LIVE, Live 2020 election results in battleground states still up for grabs, Race between Trump, Biden tightens as Pa. ballot count continues, Fight for No. This means that the B747’s weight and balance manifest was calculated in another airport and was unchanged in Bagram; that the B747 flew from Fort Bastion to Bagram without incident. National Airlines was based until recently at Michigan’s Willow Run Airport, west of Detroit. HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The final words said by crew members on board the doomed Atlas Air flight that crashed this past February into Trinity Bay suggests a loss of control in the aircraft. While the shifting freight may have caused the accident, it wasn’t the cause. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5edad07fedb2e26c On March 10, 2019, at 05:38 UTC, Ethiopian Airlines flight 302, Boeing 737-8(MAX), ET-AVJ, took off from Addis Ababa Bole Int. And to support the theory, the freight on National 102 (an 18-ton armored vehicle) fits the profile of a proper cause, e.g. Finally, the team the NTSB used to investigate the accident had little to no personal air carrier operations experience. This is why sometimes we have to step back, close our eyes to the obvious, e.g. a flash or noise; technically, in the back of the eyewitness’s mind, B747s just don’t fall out of the sky without an explosion or the BOOM-BOOM of an engine compressor stall. This is something the NTSB did not do. No special guidance, strapping diagrams or photos were provided to him. This can’t be happening, can it?! Copyright © 2020 KTRK-TV. Tags: Afghanistan, analysis, crash, national air flight 102 EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is an independent analysis and is in no way an official investigation. a multi-ton vehicle lets loose to bring about an out-of-balance configuration; the vehicle broke through the aft pressure bulkhead, destroying everything beyond and catastrophically upsetting the aircraft’s balance. All Rights Reserved. 1: Katy and Tompkins playing now on Texan Live. The second thing: an air traffic controller observed the take-off, noting that the ‘airplane’s rotation appeared normal’, not aware that, at that moment, the situation would rapidly decay before his/her eyes. air cargo operators, work. In order to understand what is to be investigated, e.g. The DoD were the authority with eyes on site; they should have been in front of National’s loading procedures, especially those procedures that address unusual loads, e.g. I’ve been involved in commercial aviation for 35 years. Cockpit voice recorder transcript of the August 7, 1997 crash of a Fine Air DC-8 (Flight 101) at Miami, FL. The more time between event and interview, the more the story evolves in their memory. Your email address will not be published. • You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. It is my experience that if findings in an investigation are missed, people die. RELATED: Flight recording suggests crashed cargo jet crew lost control an air carrier’s operations, the investigator(s) must be educated and/or experienced in the cultures of how air operators, e.g. The NTSB reported that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was irresponsible in its lack of oversight of National Airlines and their procedures for shipping military equipment. I have learned that there are two unreliable sources of information concerning accidents: a video recording and an expert eyewitness. videos or eyewitness testimony, and use our heads. CVR transcript Fine Air Flight 101 - 07 AUG 1997 Last updated: 16 October 2004 . A video was taken by an airport worker that captured the event, showing the B747 aircraft in an aerodynamic stall; the attitude of the aircraft was so severe that it appears that the aircraft was in an out-of-control, imbalance situation. Even as the B747’s unusual take-off played out, the controller’s brain probably couldn’t comprehend the emergency as it was happening: that on an uneventful day a B747 was in distress; that some ‘hot-dogging’ pilot’s flying skills must explain the unusual angle of climb. Your email address will not be published. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. The US State Department doesn’t allow government employees to go to certain international locations, especially places considered in-conflict, or war zones; Afghanistan is such a war zone. In the process of moving the pallets with the vehicles secured by chains on fork lifts, excessive work-hardening of the pallet material where the chains were attached took place. Aircraft Accidents and Picking Ones Battles, Aircraft Accidents and Lessons Unlearned XLII: TAM Flight 3054, Aircraft Accidents and Unfortunate Responses, Aircraft Accidents and Lessons Unlearned XLI: Atlantic Southeast Flight 529, Aircraft Accidents and Lessons Unlearned XXXVIII: The English Language, Aircraft Accidents and Lessons Unlearned IV: Colgan Air 9446. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) wrote the report based on the fact that the rear-most armored vehicle broke loose – case closed. Airport. This initial presumption corrupted the investigation; the probable cause was determined before the fire was even put out, based on what was seen. The NTSB missed this fact because they did not look into the Fort Bastion ramp’s operating procedures. This ‘minor’ detail, mentioned in the Report’s narrative of the flight’s history, is not minor at all, but a major fact: the time the B747 spent in Bagram, no freight was loaded or unloaded; it was only refueled. “Of course, there was a flash of light. I’m an expert; I know what I saw.”  As an investigator, I would trust the memory of 7-year old Johnny Junior, professional second grader, as opposed to 30-year old John Senior, professional airline pilot; Johnny Junior doesn’t know enough to pad his story with technical stuff. Shortly after takeoff, the Angle of Attack sensor recorded value became erroneous and the left stick shaker activated and remained active until near the end of the flight. The NTSB failed to exploit this important fact. On April 29, 2013, National Airlines flight 102, aircraft N949CA, a Boeing B747-400, crashed on take-off out of Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan (NTSB number DCA13MA081; Accident Report AAR-15/01).


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