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1 Broadcast – Approx. The desperate survivors flee to an unexplored planet where man can start over – if the plague doesn’t sneak along. Not quite dead enough, a Nero Wolfe double mystery., (1944 - 1944) Tolkien of the mystery, Alfred Hitchcock, The Feminization Of American Culture by Ann Douglas, Mary Wollstonecraft, women should marry their friends, poetry is peacock feathers, “dude this will get you chicks”, a valuable skill, not our world, the amazing thing about humans is we’re not as visual as we think we are, we live in the world of words, Lovecraft’s spells, false realities, oral cultures, languages and literary traditions, a bookshelf is case of spellbooks, a certain kind of magic, the primary medium, music, idea based SF vs. cozy based mystery solving, politicize Dick’s works, the worst sin she commits, pure escapism, detached relationships, there’s a wall all the way through it, a big circle, skating along the perimeter, look for the things that aren’t there, children, all adult children, Hallowe’en Party, Mr Jim Moon’s Halloween researches, a wonderful childhood, the money went away, WWI pilot, a little too attractive, he’s too pretty, that famous disappearance, the darkest incident in a person’s life, public crisis, so guarded in her interview, the worst incident in Philip K. Dick’s life, the lowest point of people’s lives, a very very very famous writer, a fulfilling life, a life well led, the adaptations, Japanese mysteries, the audio drama vs. the TV adaptation, really well put together, seeing the mustache, whole mediums come in, Maissa’s audio drama video, a poolside infodump, Big Finish, the modern novel is showing some signs of wear, new technologies, a VR story industry, streamer media, Twitch, what the kids are doing, kind of like podcasting in realtime, celebrities, content creators, Deadmau5, Dr DisRespect, performing and talking, whatever medium in 50 or 60 years they’ll be doing documentaries about these people, not only for children, livestreaming, drawing, a new medium, magazines, what we imagined 2019 would be like, it was not this, the war is barely there in the book, adaptions play up the war, she plays down the war, The Mousetrap is excellent, a great sense of humour, everybody did it. The next American-made Wolfe video production would be two years after Stout’s death. "Not quite dead enough, a Nero Wolfe double mystery." Wolfe was a brilliant and eccentric detective, a super genius. Publisher: DH Audio Isaac Asimov Presents Volume 6 When a gun collector is found dead on the floor of his locked gunroom, the coroner’s verdict is “death by accident.” But the widow has her doubts. In television, he continued to play a variety of roles, appearing often in Dragnet 1967. After this, Nero Wolfe was off the air with the exception of an unauthorized 1961 German production of Wolfe’s stories and a 1969 Italian TV series that Stout only greenlighted because he would never see it, Nero Wolfe returned to the screen in a 1979 with an ABC  TV movie, followed by a 1981 NBC series starring William Conrad as Wolfe, and then a 1982 CBC radio series that adapted Stout’s Nero Wolfe short stories. But someone turns Chip’s dream into a nightmare of danger. Stars: Mavor Moore, Don Francks, Cec Linder, Frank Perry, Alfie Scott Published: January 19, 2009 Stars: Mavor Moore, Don Francks, Cec Linder, Frank Perry, Alfie Scott By Jim Wannamaker (14,299 words) His sentences are chock full of wry humor and quick wit. ISBN: 0792722620 ISBN: 0886469767 1 Broadcast – Approx. Evidence is hard to find, so Archie Goodwin dodges fists and acid while the boss keeps one little secret from the police. A Question Of Courage Harry Bartell (1913-2004): Hary Bartell was one of radio’s most reliable character actors. Stars: Mavor Moore, Don Francks, Cec Linder, Frank Perry, Alfie Scott “Air Raid” John Varley, read by Nannette Savard All were excellent, but this first one is special.” Includes: Nero Wolfe first adventure, “Fer De Lance”  appeared in 1934. Also titled The Queen of Atlantis. Broadcaster: CBC Radio |READ OUR REVIEW|. Nero Wolfe couldn’t care less about baseball, even the World Series final game–until four players are drugged. Publisher: DH Audio From 1951, “A Powerful Novel of Intrigue and Action in the Not-So-Distant Future.” (49,898 words) To that end, we’re got a nice stack of OUT OF PRINT, EXTREMELY HARD TO FIND and UTTERLY AWESOME audiobooks we’d love to give you. Talked about on today’s show: A Spaceship with a woman’s brain is teamed up with a living male partner. An heiress’s uncle returns to life — and then dies at her office! By Ralph Williams; Read by Betsie Bush Space colonies! Cat And Mouse In addition to writing fiction, Stout was a prominent public intellectual for decades. By Murray Leinster Stars: Mavor Moore, Don Francks, Cec Linder, Frank Perry, Alfie Scott A man hires Wolfe to provide evidence if he is murdered — and then he is! We don't believe that you should be charged for listening so download as many as you'd like and enjoy. By J. F. Bone Based on a story by Rex Stout; Adapted by Ron Hartman; Performed by a full cast November 11th, that means it’s the time for our Third Annual SFFaudio Challenge! |author=Digital Collections, The New York Public Library |accessdate=November 6, 2020 |publisher=The New York Public Library, Astor, Lenox, and Tilden Foundations}}, The New York Public Library is a 501(c)(3) | EIN 13-1887440, Click to visit the main New York Public Library Homepage. Based on a story by Rex Stout; Adapted by Ron Hartman; Performed by a full cast Post was not sent - check your email addresses! ||. From 1958! ||, ***CLAIMED BY Sonny on November 18th 2008*** Publisher: DH Audio *This one says its abridged by I believe that is an error. Chip’s been preparing for this situation for a while now. Nero Wolfe is hired to force the FBI to stop wiretapping, tailing and otherwise harassing a woman who gave away 10,000 copies of a book that is critical of the Bureau and its director, J. Edgar Hoover. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Many of his friends are gone, the world is flooded, and the woman he swore to protect has been taken by Grim Hagen to the stars. Podcast feed: The Germans have won the war, and the Third Reich stretches from the Urals to the Atlantic. All but two of the Nero Wolfe Novels by Stout were released on CD. ***CLAIMED BY Dominic Slyfield on December 12th 2008*** In No Score he performs as Chip, a chipper and horny young man, Gregor, a fortyish immigrant from an unnamed Balkan country, and several sexy women in a terrific falsetto. the same 11 rules from the 2nd SFFaudio Challenge,, The SFFaudio Podcast #522 – READALONG: Astounding by Alec Nevala-Lee, The SFFaudio Podcast #585 – READALONG: The King Of The Elves by Philip K. Dick. Music by: Don Gillis, Episode 03 – Counterfeit for Murder Hunters Out of Space Major Briarton. Items Not quite dead enough, a Nero Wolfe double mystery. Publisher: DH Audio 19 Zipped MP3 Files or Podcast – Approx. Stars: Mavor Moore, Don Francks, Cec Linder, Frank Perry, Alfie Scott Edited by Martin H. Greenberg; Read by Rene Auberjonois |MANYBOOKS.NET|, The Outlaws of Mars By Rex Stout; Read by David Elias Music by: Don Gillis, Episode 04 – The Cop Killer 55 Minutes [RADIO DRAMA] By Algis Budrys Special Guest Stars: Lynn Griffin, Neil Monroe, Sandy Webster, August Shellenburg 55 Minutes [RADIO DRAMA] ***CLAIMED BY Damaris Mannering on November 28th 2008*** 1944 - 1944. Your email address will not be published. Broadcast: January 30, 1982 When he did, he created a sensation with his portrayl of Kasper Guttman in the Maltese Falcon. An old woman gives Archie a package — containing lots of counterfeit bucks. When you pair his terrific writing with a capable narrator the results are explosively good. 55 Minutes [RADIO DRAMA] Set in Alaska, and being a most unusual Science Fiction story – it’s about hunting! In 1982 the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation aired a fantastic 13-episode radio series: It stared Mavor Moore (as Nero Wolfe), Don Francks (as Archie Goodwin), Cec Linder (as Inspector Cramer), Frank Perry (as Fritz), and Alfie Scott (as Saul Panzer). Listening to the Nero Wolfe radio dramas again has got me on another Rex Stout kick! The New York Public Library. Broadcaster: CBC Radio 55 Minutes [RADIO DRAMA] It contains links to every Nero Wolfe novel written by Rex Stout and Robert Goldsborough arranged by publication date, as well as all the non-fiction Nero Wolfe books we could find. From 1919, the classic novel of finding the Lost Atlantis, translated by Mary C. Tongue and Mary Ross. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Includes: Wolfe was off the radio for 5 years, but came back in its most famous vintage incarnation with Sidney Greenstreet playing the title role in “The New Adventures of Nero Wolfe” which featured several different actors in the role of Archie Goodwin. Publisher: Chivers Audio Published: 1996, General Research Division, The human race was expanding through the galaxy … and so, they knew, were the Aliens. The Kindle front is far more encouraging as all of Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe books are available on the Kindle (or are scheduled for release this August by Random House including some titles that are really hard to lay your hands on otherwise. Count Hans von Hackelnberg, master of the Reich’s forests, rules his domain with the iron fist of a feudal lord. Martin, read by Richard Rohan Based on a story by Rex Stout; Adapted by Ron Hartman; Performed by a full cast


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