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Thank you (E)quipment (G)rounding (C)onductor, Please contact NFPA. “Too often, the question is not being asked: What can we do to reduce the risk of electrical hazards at a work facility?” Floyd said, adding that the continued emphasis on the Hierarchy of Controls creates a potential for synergy among industry workers. No change to number of on-the-job injuries and illnesses in private sector, BLS says, EPA reverses course, determines TSCA chemical presents ‘unreasonable risk’, DOL OIG releases FY 2021 audit plans for OSHA, MSHA, COVID-19 pandemic: New Jersey governor signs Executive Order aimed at protecting workers, Health care worker unions sue Scalia, OSHA for shelving infectious diseases standard, UK survey explores worker burnout during COVID-19 pandemic, AMA online education aimed at reducing COVID-related ‘psychological injury’ among physicians, FACEValue: Pipefitter killed by pressurized PVC pipe, Reduce crushing injuries involving presses. © National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 2020, © National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 2020, National Fire Codes® Subscription Service, The value of Standards Development Organizations, Alternative Fuel Vehicles Safety Training, Spanish-language seminars in Latin America and Spain, Safety in living and entertainment spaces, Free online access to the NEC® and other electrical standards, How the NEC® works with other NFPA standards, NFPA 70B, Recommended Practice for Electrical Equipment Maintenance, NFPA 70E, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace, NFPA 110, Standard for Emergency and Standby Power Systems, NFPA 111, Standard on Stored Electrical Energy Emergency and Standby Power Systems, NFPA 1078, Standard for Electrical Inspector Professional Qualifications, Certified Electrical Safety Compliance Professional, Certified Emergency Power Systems Specialist for Facility Managers, Certified Emergency Power Systems Specialist for Health Care Facility Managers. Other human performance tools include pre-job briefing, jobsite review, post-job review, procedure use and adherence, self-check with verbalization, three-way communication, and stop when unsure. Because construction workers often face exposure to overhead power lines, Floyd suggests reassessing construction site planning methods before beginning work. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), NFPA 70-2017: National Electrical Code, 2017 edition (Quincy: NFPA, 2016), 45-6.3. We focus on eliminating the leading causes of preventable injuries and deaths. “The objective of human performance is to identify and address human error and its negative consequences on people, programs, processes, work environment, equipment or an organization.”. The original Code document was developed in 1897 as a result of the united efforts of various An example of a minor change is the definition for cable routing assembly from the Article 100: Definitions section of Chapter 1, which appears as: Alternatively, a more substantial change to the NEC is the arc-flash hazard warning marking, for which the revision calls for additional information to be provided. What’s rhabdomyolysis, and how can you reduce the risk? The revised NFPA 70E prominently highlights the Hierarchy of Controls within the standard, emphasizing the acts of risk identification and mitigation before the job begins. The revision adds a quick reference guide for arc flash personal protective equipment. For incident energy exposures of 1.2 cal/cm2 to 12 cal/cm2, the standard requires the use of hard hats, hearing protection and leather footwear, as well as one item from each of these groups: Arc-rated outerwear – such as jackets, parkas, rainwear and hard hat liners – can be used as needed. The NEC is purposed with the practical safeguarding of persons and property from hazards arising from the installation of electrical components, and it is not intended as a design specification or an instruction manual on the practices that can coexist with those hazards.

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), NFPA 70-2017: National Electrical Code, 2017 edition (Quincy: NFPA, 2016), 34.2. Easy online ordering for the ones who get it done along with 24/7 customer service, free technical support & more. NFPA 70 National Electric Code (NEC) The following are general wiring guidelines for the installation of Fire Alarm Systems including all circuits controlled and powered by the Fire Alarm System. An email address is required but will not be included with your comment.). “Safety professionals should be careful not to confuse human performance theory and tools with the behavior-based safety approach,” Roberts said. “So, you might have a great idea, you go to the NFPA website, you submit your idea through their public input portal and then the technical input committee considers it. NFPA 70-2017, like its predecessors, is the National Electrical Code (NEC) of the United States, striving for the ultimate goal of facilitating the safe installation of electrical wiring and equipment. e-Hazard, The table also stipulates that employers are not required to provide workers with arc flash protection for exposures below 1.2 cal/cm2 because “the expected injury from an incident will be survivable and nonpermanent.”. We reserve the right to determine which comments violate our comment policy. The 2018 edition of NFPA 70E went into effect in August. What would be really nice is if more safety professionals got involved.


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