novak djokovic strengths and weaknesses
That's a very good thing to have. In addition, Djokovic has the better balance in forehand and backhand. I don’t know Novak or what’s going on with him personally. Obviously this is all an oversimplification. This answer is a complicated one but it is something that we have come to expect from the Serb as he thinks very differently. Newcomers in the top100, new ATP Profiles! Exclusive: Roger Federer & Novak Djokovic weakness revealed by maths professor. It was definitely interesting to get a taste of Novak’s insights and hear how he thinks. Peak Novak's "biggest" weakness was probably his first serve, it was always a means to starting the point where he'd transition into rallying and beating you from the baseline. Answer Save. That was jaw-dropping already, but Djokovic did a stunning repeat act a year later; in the 2011 US Open semifinal, again against Federer, he again saved 2 match points before going on to win. On a given day anybody can beat anybody, to be honest, because it became so competitive and players became more professional physically. He tried to tweak his serve to compete with Nadal/Fed better, but it backfired. Djokovic was born in Belgrade. Djokovic's footwork and speed are also among the best in the world. Novak Djokovic is a complete player in every aspect. Strengths: Great at tennis. “My greatest weakness and my greatest strength at the same time is my ability or inability to comprehend things on a deeper level. In a recent interview, Djokovic answered this question: 'My game is based on a baseline from the back of the court. And whatever is happening outside, I can solve it inside" - the 17 time Grand Slam champion said. Weaknesses: Serve, mental stability. A dominant player like Novak Djokovic must combine a wide variety of effective shots with excellent shot selection. Playing close to the baseline with pace, Novak Djokovic is one of the best (if not the best) Tempo player in the world. Favorite Answer. It seems like if one thing in his life is going wrong, then everything is going wrong on the court. Essentially Sports © 2020 | All Rights Reserved, NBA Legend Pau Gasol Pays Tribute to Rafael Nadal’s 1000th Match Win. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Djokovic is widely considered to be the most perfectly balanced player in the world. Djokovic is the same as Nadal, thanks to plenty of spin on the protection; they give the superior balance in the attack and mistake. He has won at least 2 Slams in 4 separate years during this time, more than any other player, and has ended as the year-end No. However, he already has quite a few unique records to his name, which can be summarized as follows: - One of only 2 players (along with Rod Laver) in the Open Era to have held all the 4 Slams at the same time, - Only player to have held all the 4 Slams at the same time on 3 different surfaces, - Only player to have won all the 9 ATP Masters 1000 titles, - Only player to have won 6 or more ATP Masters 1000 titles in a single year (2015), - Highest winning percentage on hardcourts of all time (84%), - One of only 2 players to have defeated Rafael Nadal at the French Open (2015), - Only player to have defeated Rafael Nadal at all 3 claycourt Masters (Monte Carlo, Madrid and Rome). Djokovic's younger brothers Marko and Djordje also play tennis, but so far they haven't achieved anywhere as much success as him. The winner of 14 Grand Slams, Djokovic is currently ranked No. Novak Djokovic recently had a talk with Graham Bensinger where they talked about many things. He will be able to do that once the ATP Tour returns from suspension in August. Novak Djokovic recently had a talk with Graham Bensinger where they talked about many things. Get to know the Canadian rising star Leylah Fernandez with numbers! In short, fewer unnecessary mistakes! He improved along the years, especially in 2015 to early 2016. Asian Players <3 Nishikori | Chung | Osaka. Strengths: 1. consistently powerful serve that can't be … Ties spirituality to tennis. He said, On 4th November, Spanish superstar Rafael Nadal got his 1000th career match win in the…, “Vulnerability is a beautiful thing cause when you are vulnerable you are emotional, you are freed, you are kind and you are loving. He has snatched victory from the jaws of defeat numerous times, most memorably in the 2010 US Open semifinal against Federer where he saved 2 match points before going on to win. Some observers, tennis players and coaches describe Djokovic as the greatest of all time because he won the trophies with victories against the top players and the biggest rivals in one of the strongest eras of tennis. Strength at peak:every part of his game and his impersonations lol. However, from 2011 onwards he has dramatically overturned the dynamics, and now boasts of an upper hand in the head-to-head count against both. But over the years he has improved even in this aspect, for which a large part of the credit is attributed to Boris Becker's coaching. He tried to tweak his serve to compete with Nadal/Fed better, but it backfired. His backhand, however, is his more celebrated wing. Some may agree with it, some may not, but this is his way of thinking and it has worked very well for him. The Serb is younger than both Federer and Nadal, and in his early career he had lopsided losing records against both of them. That makes him a very effective baseliner. 3 in the world. Currently, Djokovic leads the head-to-head record against all members of the Big Four and he has highest number of Slams won beating Big Four member en route. 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His stint with Becker was the most productive phase of his career, as he won 6 out of a possible 12 Slams in that 3-year period. Novak Djokovic's first serve effectiveness stands in the average of the ATP players and he only takes a very small edge with the Serve against his rivals. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Novak Djokovic has experienced many unforgettable moments in his career. But what are the main 14-time Grand Slam winner's strengths? There is not much difference, really, from the top players than maybe some other guys lower‑ranked. That's where I feel most comfortable. This is because the quality of his Retrieve is just outstanding. Djokovic is younger than Federer and Nadal so he still has a bit of time to catch up to them in most stats. One of those things was Novak’s greatest weakness.


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