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Girls Thermals or Girls’ Thermals. one lass’s hat, two lasses’ hats, Posted on Wednesday, November 1, 2006, at 9:09 pm. Sorry to be so late to acknowledge your response – I’ve been away a while. It is usually clearer to give the apostrophe to the principal noun in this way rather than to the description –. I came across a book title today that just doesn’t feel right: Chris’ Or Chris’s? Do you worry you are going to make grammatical mistakes that will tarnish your image? I finally now understand what we were being drilled about at school! Jones’ house is the one at the end of the street. What is the correct form of showing possession for the word “accused”? House was provided by bosss friend. During the 60’s, many young people protested the Vietnam War. What is the actual and correct use of an apostrophe for the following statement: The branch managers meeting will be held on Thursday? Since you are referring to more than one girl participating, write “the girls’ day out” or “girls’ day out.”. Or does she need one at all? How do you distinguish between ownership and a contraction. Would you write Jack read the minutes from the deacons meeting or We gratefully appreciate your knowledge and look forward to hearing back from you shortly. Boy’s Locker Room or Boys’ Locker Room (A locker room for a class or group of boys)    because of its routine appearance on price tags, often with an exclamation mark thrown in for good measure: Fresh Carrot’s!, Price’s slashed! I know that if we were to replace “manager” with a pronoun, we’d say “his” or “hers” (Most of my job responsibilities coincide with those of his). Mrs. Lees’s books (name is Lees). She’s got a brand new car. If you wish to respond to another reader's question or comment, please click its corresponding "REPLY" button. (handcuffs of Karen). families    Both families‘ houses were burglarized. The Burtons’ house is nice. An appositive is a noun or noun phrase that defines or characterises another. “Signing off WhatsApp, See you all post 20th November 2015” is this correct statement? Currently you have JavaScript disabled. See our post Apostrophes and False Possessives for more information. The boys’ clothes looked ragged and filthy. This short quiz will help you sharpen your writing skills.    general The possessive pronoun “its” implies singular. one man’s jacket, two men’s jackets Now I’ve come to know about another difference I didn’t have any idea about between British and American English. Our Rule 4a of Apostrophes says, “If two people possess the same item, put the apostrophe + s after the second name only.”. Since the basketball team consists of more than one girl, you need to show plural possession. Neither example provides information as to how many boys or customers there are. A simple plural does not need an apostrophe. Therefore, make the noun plural first, then use the apostrophe: women’s and children’s. Louis Louis ‘ car is in the garage. In American English periods are used in the abbreviations Mr. and Mrs. Baselayer or base layer…. (See clippings. If it listed fish, it would be a fish list, not a fish’s list. See our posts Apostrophes and False Possessives and Confusing Possessives for more information. A few years back, I was invited to a “writing” seminar.       what’re –what are When two nouns joined by and take shared possession, the apostrophe s comes after the second noun only –, William and Mary’s reign (not William’s and Mary’s reign), Both nouns take an apostrophe s only when possession is unshared.    don’t want to hear any if’s and but’s, rather than ifs and buts. Girls’ Locker Room The singular possessive “the woman’s shoe” is correct. of another noun. As is often pointed out, it is a useful device for distinguishing the meanings of such expressions as a picture of my father and a picture of my    hyphenated compounds Also, here is a link to a quiz on apostrophes. that corner bar’s fine wines. ), the apostrophe is now best omitted in such circumstances: Oxford, 1998). Win a ladies’ watch! Strictly speaking we are making the letters plural, suggesting that apostrophes shouldn’t be used, but leaving them out looks wrong – e.g. Children’s Conferences, When referring to one of the individual conferences in the series, would it be correct to call it a: woman   I heard a woman’s voice on the phone, but I couldn’t identify it. Thank you for this page on the misuse of the apostrophe. family   The family’s celebration was interrupted by a loud bang. b.) Your writing “Sam and Rosco’s Restaurant” would be correct following this rule. But note that use of the double possessive is confined to people. We list multiple manufactures that a customer can utilize. guys where can i find a wirksheet of this. Would it change if it is from “us”? We are not sure what your question has to do with apostrophes. No, not “many sheeps’ wool” because there is no such word as sheeps. 1. Both men and women take each others responses the wrong way creating a communication breakdown. When writing our company instructions, Ive always written the word “manufactures” without an apostrophe. Which is correct in the following company name? On the face of it, the tautology should proclaim the usage to be incorrect, but the double possessive has long been accepted in English idioms. The women’s dresses matched their shoes. woman’s dress (one woman who owns a dress) The extremely common misuse of apostrophes on electronic media reminds me of what I was taught about how people spelled things how they felt like in Shakespeare’s time, followed subsequently by the dictionary makers taking the most commonly used spellings, and making those official. But with noun phrases, it is often clearer still to use the of-possessive –, The discography of Canadian jazz pianist, Oscar Peterson, The Canadian jazz pianist Oscar Peterson’s discography. What are the rules for apostrophes when speaking of boards and committees? (Correct, but seems like the person writing is scared of the correct use of punctuation? As noted above, however, care should be taken not to confuse singular and plural: When more than two nouns share possession, the, Some town and city councils are among the culprits, too, with such ungrammatical street names as Bishops Gardens, Cobblers Lane, Martins, An appositive is a noun or noun phrase that defines or characterises another. Can you say teacher perceptions vs teachers’ perceptions? (more than one woman, each with matching shoes), Notice that women’s was not an exception. Mike Worley told me that the Johnson’s often have loud parties at their home. So question in this sentence does it need to read owners, owner’s, or owners? demo; but bus rather than omnibus, piano rather than pianoforte. I hate to disagree with you on that one point that the usage of ‘has got’ is incorrect, when used in a contraction. Your email address will not be published. Look at the car. If its’ existed, it would be indicating plural possession. Writing the term “Airport Division” as an adjective phrase describing the word “facilities” is grammatically correct. & I am excited and looking forward to working for John, Beth and their manager’s. sound, the option is available of using an apostrophe without an additional, But the traditional practice is to retain the additional. But as we’re sending this out on a label to 200+ people, I’d prefer it to be correct. This means the official spellings that would be used would use such words as “alot” (The Macquarie is already allowing this! Is sheep singular or plural? If necessary, use the "Search" box on the right side of the page to find a post closely related to your question or comment.Your email address will not be published. Since the name is likely a shortened form of “Our hats are off,” the word hats is a simple plural, and an apostrophe would be incorrect. So a sheep’s wool is the same as many sheep’s wool. Remembering Jane Straus | May 18, 1954—February 25, 2011. Our Rule 4b of Apostrophes says, “In cases of separate rather than joint possession, use the possessive form for both.” If two people possess the same item, the ‘s goes after the second name only. Our hat’s off to you. This book is Peter's. or with the meaning of ‘necessity/obligation’: Apostrophes are always placed after the last letter of a word or name. Just straight up choose the correct answer. I have to admit even at twenty two, I still have some bad habits. You’re right that “it’s” is also a contraction for “it has.” However, we wouldn’t recommend the first example you give of “It’s got a broken windshield.” So write “It has a broken windshield.” Your second example is just fine. It has got to be finished by Friday. Write “mothers of dragons.”. What about if it was a sheep eg: the sheeps field, the sheep’ field or the sheep field, Since you wrote “a sheep,” we assume you meant one sheep. Thank you for this valuable information. However in the discussion with Engee above you stated that “has got” is not correct usage. I am still confused Manufacturer’s needs or Manufacturers needs or Manufacturers’ needs. Join Date: Oct 2006; Posts: 19,398 #3 12-Jan-2007, 19:02. Only your first two sentences are correct. This would mean that I am now the illiterate one and need to correct my spelling. The sentence was Her’s was a . Regarding “Boys locker room” vs “Boys’ locker room,” boys’ is certainly the correct plural possessive, but are we sure we want a possessive at all? In this context, Therefore, write ladies’. Your sentences are correct. Member Info. Could you please let us know if we spell “she’s” with an apostrophe or “shes” without. We had one in the office today: ‘A winners list will be published…’ After discussion around the rules of apostrophes, in which we are well-versed, we decided it was a list OF winners rather than a list OWNED by winners. Florida is seeing a decline in its population. ask us about this month’s specials, Our Rule 1a of Apostrophes says, “Use the apostrophe to show possession. There are also six more that you can purchase at our online store. contraction, Possession need not imply literal ownership; it can simply mean of –, Martin’s past was a mystery to his friends. We are very pleased to hear we have been helpful. The dog's dinner looks disgusting. Please stay out of the boy’s locker room c. Please stay out of the boys’ locker room. : Underline?    times in inimical. Singular Possessive Plural Possessive


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