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The “flipped prestige markers” point here is fascinating. I'm passionate about helping you to sound great!

And the role of Katharine Hepburn, whose “Locust Valley Lockjaw” accent was a cousin of announcer-speak: I was just discussing this not a week ago with a friend who has done voice work in film and television, and can adopt this accent in an instant to evoke that period, much to my amusement.

If you were making a speech in a large hall, or speaking on the radio, you needed to enunciate very clearly and use a lot of emphases to be sure your audience could understand what you were saying.

Listen to Caruso singing or Bix Beiderbecke playing his cornet  to hear how muffled was the recording of those sounds. We’ve got a few good items listed for you in the Relateds below. I received many notes like this one: The variety of English you are referring to has a name in linguistics:  "Mid-Atlantic English". In it Van Voorhis has the formal delivery that would have seemed familiar to many mid-century listeners but which in retrospect we know was on the way out.

The first effect is ‘Old Time Radio’ and the second is the ‘On Hold EQ’ effect with a little vinyl crackle, hiss and pop for extra authenticity!

How to find out, and whether you should care. Orson Welles notably spoke in a mid-Atlantic accent in the 1941 film Citizen Kane, as did many of his co-stars, such as Joseph Cotten. To support Open Culture’s continued operation, please consider making a donation. (Did Eisenhower speak the newsreel style? If  you listen to Grossman (who is originally from Boston) starting about 15 seconds into the clip below, you’ll see that he uses a split-the-difference UK/US hybrid that is literally “mid-Atlantic,” in the sense of combining accents from both countries, but is different from the newsreel announcer voice: You should talk to William Labov [JF: I will try] , pioneering sociolinguist, whose landmark study into New York City speech led him to ask the same question you have. If you automated the settings, you could get that real nasty distorted off tune radio effect.

©2006-2020 Open Culture, LLC. making thousands of educational training films for American corporations, schools and the US armed forces. By providing your details you agree to receive emails from us. Jean Harlow, one of my favorites, is all over the map with this, sometimes sounding like a tough streetwalker, other times like a society matron, and, oddly, slipping in and out of both dialects in the same role, or even in one sentence.
It’s a shot from a YouTube video that itself is a fascinating time-capsule portrait of language change. We’re hoping to rely on our loyal readers rather than erratic ads. And similarly on the role of ridicule in speeding the move away from this accent: This is only partly facetious, but I think I know who was the American to speak "Announcer." The point of the flipped prestige markers is that generally the fewer the Rs, the fancier the person.

Labov suspected that WWII had something to do about it.

One thinks of the glorious character actress, Kathleen Freeman, as the voice coach Phoebe Dinsmore in “Singing in the Rain”: “Round tones, Miss Lamont.”  In Woody Allen’s “Radio Days”, Mia Farrow has an impossibly thick Brooklyn accent until she takes voice lessons and becomes a successful radio purveyor of celebrity gossip.

His high Boston accent might have been heard as an influential transitional hybrid, and it’s interesting how prominent parodies of the speech of Brando, Dean, and Kennedy were at the time: seems a sign that we were noticing a marked change. We want to hear what you think about this article. After the technology improved the need to speak so histrionically went away, and so did "announcer English.". Or. Except at parties.

http://www.freesound.org/people/dayvonjersen/sounds/156340/, The Best Podcast Hosting Services Compared. participating in the 1904 and 1924 Olympics (quite a feat if you think about the gap in time), and 2.) Interesting that the two competitors for his anchor chair were both fully vernacular speakers from the South and West: Mudd and Rather. It was then that the majority of audiences first heard Hollywood actors speaking predominantly in Mid-Atlantic English…, British expatriates John Houseman, Henry Daniell, Anthony Hopkins, Camilla Luddington, and Angela Cartwright exemplified the accent, as did [a long list of North Americans, from Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly to Richard Chamberlain and Christopher Plummer]. The Wikipedia entry for it is quite detailed. A guru of cinematic advertising, he shot films for General Motors, DuPont, Chevrolet, Coca-Cola and U.S. Steel, from the 1930s through the 1960s. The settings allow you to really degrade the sound. NYC speech in the sixties, in some ways, flipped prestige markers. and get a daily dose of Open Culture in your inbox. But if Back of the Mike gives you a hankering to listen to old time radio plays, then you’ve come to the right place. TheAtlantic.com Copyright (c) 2020 by The Atlantic Monthly Group. The fake English announcer voice lingered on sporadically until the end of the Johnson administration in newsreels, which themselves ceased production around the same time, but Rod Serling’s decision sounded the death knell for that accent.

But he has never employed that voice professionally, and certainly does not speak that way in “real life”. After running the pilot, Rod Serling realized the narration needed a less pompous sounding and more natural voice – himself. Thanks for the scores of replies that have arrived in the past day, in response to my post asking why the stentorian, phony-British Announcer Voice that dominated newsreel narration, stage and movie acting, and public discourse in the United States during the first half of the 20th century had completely disappeared.

The picture at the top of this post is of the same Westbrook Van Voorhis who epitomized FDR-era announcer-speak but didn’t fit the sensibility of the early-cool-cat-era Twilight Zone. Even the manliest actors, such as Humphrey Bogart and Clark Gable sometimes slipped into this voice-coach mode. Here’s a sampling for today, with more planned in the days ahead.

A heuristic approximation! Royalty free and instant download. They spoke in this manner, and it seemed perfectly natural, evocative of a background spent among the gentry of the northeast. (This is not to belittle Lowell Thomas, but to recognize the artifice that served him so well in his career). See below!) Would you like to support the mission of Open Culture? Please consider, sharing intelligent media with your friends. If the film makes you want to buy a Chevy, we can’t help you there.

Is your language rhotic?

The primary reason [for the accent] was primitive microphone technology: "natural" voices simply did not get picked up well by the microphones of the time, and people were instructed to and learned to speak in such a way that their words could be best transmitted through the microphone to the radio waves or to recording media. Like other films in this genre, this piece of cinematic advertising offers us an entertaining, if not educational, look at how old-time radio shows created their sound effects–all while helping market a product, the Chevrolet that helps the good guys win in the end. Who Was the Last American to Speak This Way, Our Towns: A 100,000-Mile Journey Into the Heart of America. A little before my time, but Kennedy certainly didn’t, even if his vernacular was more formal than Brando’s. Required fields are marked *. Unsubscribe at any time. This speech pattern might be common among US expatriates in the UK, of which Grossman would seem to represent just the most ostentatious example. A similar phenomenon can be noted in the use, well into the 1980s, of the recorded sound of teletype machines in the background of newscasts, a sound still faintly evoked by the bip-bip-bip patterns of music that often introduces news broadcasts, even though teletype machines are long gone… The subconscious association of this pattern of sound with news is fading fast with the passing of the years and will undoubtedly disappear entirely in the coming decade as surely as the over-enunciated style of radio speech of the 30s disappeared within a generation of its no longer being needed.
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Just listen to very early recordings from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, back even before microphones, when singers had to yell directly into a large cone and over-enunciate so that their voices would be recorded into something intelligible on a spinning wax cylinder or disk.

But for now, just one more category: 3) Changing technology, changing voices. Several readers wrote in with specimens of Americans who had gone to England and ended up speaking in this mid-Atlantic way.

How the Sound Effects on 1930s Radio Shows Were Made: An Inside Look.

Founder and Creative Director at Music Radio Creative.

As such, it was popular in the theatre and other forms of elite culture in that region…. With such a useful explanation, why do I gripe about the name?

I’ll try to give a representative range, and I am grateful for the care and thought that have gone into these responses.

The presentation was called Freedom of the American Road and was made 60 years ago, in 1955, as part of the campaign to build support for the new Interstate Highway system. For instance: Mid-Atlantic English was the dominant dialect among the Northeastern American upper class through the first half of the 20th century.

Harris trained himself as a young man to lose his native Bronx accent - to the point that he was asked if he were British. Here’s a quick tutorial using two great presets in Adobe Audition to create that vintage voice over sound. We’ll have a lot more to say about Buckley and Vidal — for now the leaders in the race for Last American to Talk This Way (with George Plimpton in third)—in the next installment.

#1 was “Who Was the Last American to Speak This Way,” #3 is “Class-War Edition”, and #4 is “The Origin Story.”. We all just had our own regional accent—or non accent, like the flat midwest speak. Above you can watch Back of the Mike, a film shot for Chevrolet in 1938. The Wikipedia entry is indeed delightful. Join 30,000+ active members of the Music Radio Creative community.


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