oriental shorthair rescue

Please check the news page for where you can find us next, or feel free to drop us an email at info@practicalcats.ca. Initially the breed was only a short-haired variety, but further crossbreeding in the United States led to both the Oriental Shorthair and Oriental Longhair breed varieties.

You should also considering open your home to an Oriental from a cat rescue. Orientals love their humans, and since I was never blessed with children, the fit was perfect.

They usually bond with one person and become extremely devoted to and dependent upon their chosen human. The Oriental is a svelte cat with long, tapering lines, very lithe but muscular. The result was non-pointed kittens that were eventually bred back to Siamese cats. The Siamese breed, however, is only one of several varieties native to the area.

This, again, is a story of an ailing breeder who is no longer able to care for her kitties.

Purebreds stepped forward to help and to our surprise, we were asked to take all 14 of this breeder’s cats and kittens. Rescue Me, RescueMe.Org, and the paw logo are registered trademarks of WO. Strikingly large, pointed, wide at the base, continuing the lines of the wedge.

Initially the breed was only a short-haired variety, but further crossbreeding in the United States led to both the Oriental Shorthair and Oriental … Are you allergic to cats but still love them?

Unlike many other catteries, we started with studs and work to allow our males to live free in the household as pets for as long as possible. They have a real need for play, and retain that need well into adulthood.

The breed grew in popularity, appealing to cat lovers who want the elegant body type and personality of the Siamese, the wash-and-wear hairdo of the Balinese, and the myriad colors and patterns of the Oriental Shorthair. As the photos show, they really are beautiful cats, and in much better shape than when they came to us.

Why buy an Oriental kitten for sale if you can adopt and save a life? Welcome to Winterfrost – a small Michigan Oriental Shorthair cattery, and very occasionally Colorpoint Shorthairs and Siamese. BESTCATS CATTERY  =====  The wonderful cattery in Hamburg, Germany, who made our 4 German cats.

Don’t let their vocal nature sweet talk you into too many treats! SIAM JEWELS CATTERY  =====  Our good friend and sister cattery, responsible for many of our foundation cats. We show extensively in several organizations and are always happy to talk to interested people at any of the local cat shows. Hair is longest on the tail.

To simplify things, all non-pointed kittens became known as Orientals.

A Trusworthy Veterinarian, Knowledgeable In Reproductive Medicine, Is The Best Friend For A Cat Breeder. Female is registered Russian import Oriental Father is medium hair tabby. Those subsequent crosses produced Siamese-pointed kittens that would carry on the breed, along with unique and elegant color combinations that became the foundation for the breed we know as the Oriental.

A distinctive combination of fine bones and firm muscles. The Oriental craves attention; this breed needs quality time with their preferred persons.

Neck long and slender. The Oriental was introduced to the United States in the 1970’s and quickly gained championship status from the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) in 1977.

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Choosing a male was unusual for me, as my preference has always been female animals. They also have an incredible vertical and often enjoy perching themselves on high spots (like the top of a refrigerator or cabinets) to keep an eye on activity down below. Many Oriental owners report that their cat often greets them at the door when they return home and will begin to vocalize with various meows and chirps.

And if you become interested in one of our available kittens or older cats, whether as a pet or a breeder, we will want to get to know you and for you to get to know us. We have spent ~$5300 to date and expect it to top out at ~$6000.

Toes five in front and four behind. The Oriental Black and Blue . You make this all possible!

You can opt-out at any time. Orientals thrive under human attention and want to be involved in whatever their people are doing.

They are excellent at jumping, and all sorts of other acrobatics.

So we do need your help. They have fantastic Siamese-type personalities, chatty and often mischievous, and love to be with people. This breed is very intelligent and resourceful.

Hips are not typically wider than shoulders.

In the past, so the story goes, blue-eyed, pointed pattern cats were owned by royalty and were kept in the Royal Palace of Siam.

These are the images of cats that guide us. These cats are considered to be very interactive and enjoy playing with human family members or other cats or even dogs.

CHATTERIE BENGALLYS  =====  If you ever want a Bengal, you should get a Bengallys. However, in the 1920s, the blue-eyed pointed pattern cat became the Siamese norm in Britain, and interest in the other varieties dwindled. American Cat Fancier’s Association Breeder Listing.

My first oriental was a male, Joshua. These cats often express excitement, interest, despair, or other emotions with a wide range of vocal sounds. Look at pictures of Oriental kittens who need a home. Neither protruding nor recessed. They are Oriental Shorthairs and two are a rare breed called Peterbalds. Check out this variety of hypoallergenic cat breeds including a Devon Rex and Siberian.

For the best experience, we recommend you upgrade to the latest version of Chrome or Safari. Because of our interests, we have done extensive research into the scientific knowledge available on the physical and psychological well being of animal companions.

Part of the Siamese family of cat breeds (which also includes the Siamese, Balinese, and Oriental Longhair), these cats are intelligent, athletic, and vocal. An Oriental Black with a really good short glossy coat will …

Read on to meet the many breeds that can have black coloring. Since the first time we met the Oriental Shorthair breed we fell in love, not just with their beauty but especially with their remarkably interactive personalities, and we'll always be working to do best by these wonderful creatures. However, like their Siamese relatives, they are never at a loss for words on any subject. Longhair Division: tail hair spreads out like a plume.

Orientals are graceful and elegant. Oriental Longhairs are also known as Angoras. We are a small CCA, CFA and TICA registered cattery, located just south of Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

The Oriental shouldn’t be left alone for long periods and need other cats as playmates and company for those times you can’t be with them.

The first cats brought to England from Thailand were often solid brown or solid blue, or black-and-white bicolor, as well as colorpointed. These cats can be taught tricks, are often adept at walking on a harness when trained at an early age and may even enjoy playing fetch. All rights reserved. You’ve heard black cat breeds are the subjects of myths and legends, but do you know their cultural impact around the world?

Meow! In the late 1960s American breeders, fascinated by the British Orientals, took up the torch and crossed Siamese, domestic shorthairs, and Abyssinians to create a new look. Dr. David Kirkham and the entire staff at Cheltenham Veterinary Centre are a vital part of our cattery.

The Oriental is sometimes referred to as the “rainbow cat” for its colorful coat. Tip of chin lines up with tip of nose in the same vertical plane. One literally had green pee! However, as we evaluated each cat, we found that we had taken in undernourished cats, some with ailments and/or some just very skinny.

Since then, the Oriental Shorthair rapidly increased in popularity, and has speedily become one of the most popular shorthaired breeds.

We have had them for about six weeks now. Eyes clear. They are gregarious by nature, and unlike many other breeds of cat, can become withdrawn when left alone for extended periods. CANUCK CAT CLUB  =====  The only fully Canadian TICA club in Ontario, which we helped found and which we are a part of. If you can take a minute and help us with these cats we would feel blessed and so very grateful. Purebreds stepped forward to help and to our surprise, we were asked to take all 14 of this breeder’s cats and kittens. Because we are a multi-species household, kittens are raised with cat-friendly dogs and used to seeing parrots around.Alex simply believes that cats are overlords by nature and should be served.

A continuation of the forehead with no break. Keep an eye on these charming felines and their folks.

We may be open to stud services to other catteries, on premises of friendship and established trust. They still need some work but very soon they will be ready for their new homes.

With a genetic history closely intertwined with the Siamese, Oriental Shorthairs are predisposed to the same health problems as their pointed relatives. It’s wise to have lots of toys for your Oriental, or they will create their own, sometimes out of household items you’d rather they didn’t.

HEMLOCK CATTERY  =====  The cattery in Wales who breeds the most amazing spotted tabbies, including our Spotlock. The Oriental Shorthair is a svelte cat with elegant features and a coat that comes in a rainbow of colors, with up to 300 color combinations possible.

This is not the breed for you if you work all day and have an active night life. Oriental Rescue Information: An Oriental is a cat breed with a Siamese body type. Shoulders and hips continue the same sleek lines of tubular body. The Oriental Longhair was developed in the late 1970s by mixing the Oriental Shorthair with the Balinese. We could not do this without them, and highly recommend them to all new kitten owners.


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